Monday, October 24, 2011

WBNY Changes Format From Misanthropy To Misogyny, Stalking. Commander Bunny Declares "The Fun Is Back!"

"You aren't too smart, are you?
I like that in a man."

--Matty, Body Heat

by Pheme Ossa

In a move carefully calculated to alienate every last shortwave radio listener in a way that only a crafty radio veteran who'd finally gone batshit insane could dream of, Commander Bunny announced he's changing the format of pirate radio station WBNY from mildly misanthropic to full blown misogynistic.

"My instincts never fail me," asserted the bunnyman, munching on cecotropes, his favourite snack. "My supporters sockpuppets assure me this is the right move for this time, the twilight phase of my career."

"Besides," he confided with a leer, "my statistically significant sockpuppet surveys tell me the bitches are asking for it."

Commander Bunny kicked off the format change on Thursday, October 20th with a major weekend campaign via his WBNY blog by first accusing veteran shortwave radio columnist Gayle Van Horn of being behind the "in-bred-Brasstown-Mafia" who were using the blog Tales of Radio Paranoia to spread "outright LIES to slander and defame" Commander Bunny and his personal diaper changer and drool bucket cleaner Kracker.

The wily Virginia Bunnyman showed no indications of ironic self awareness during this announcement. "That's a good indication of encroaching autorectal agnosia," according to a veterinary psychiatrist, "a complete and irreversible lack of awareness of being a consummate asshole."

The blogging bunny - who is better known as an internet sensation than pirate radio operator, as most WBNY logs were actually posted by the Commander himself using multiple sockpuppets - enjoyed a huge increase in negative attention in the wake of this totally unsubstantiated accusation.

"Hey, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about," said the harebrain. "I read that somewhere... maybe on Guise Faux's blog."

However by Friday, the lepus jackassus was backpedaling frantically as his accusations were refuted.

After three similar Official Press Pus Releases and numerous panicky revisions to cover his cotton tail and avoid a lawsuit for libel, the Lagomurph declared "Ha-ha, only kidding! Seriously, just joking, Gayle and Larry, you know me, big kidder, umm... sooo... how's the weather there in, umm... and Bob Groves, he's, uhh... great guy... hey, guys, no need for lawyers, right? Satire, fair use, you know, just my 'shtick', doing my 'thing'. Okay, gotta go... got another press release to publish. You know me, so little time, so many people to alienate from a dying hobby."

Satisfied that he was onto a good thing with the format change, the veteran micro-broadcaster of dozens of quality programs heard by dozens of feral cats in his back yard had yet another surprise for fans.

"...okay, so, I was wrong about Gayle but, umm... I MEANT TO BE WRONG! Yeah, that's the ticket," claimed master of disguise, Commander (aka, 'Guise Faux') Bunny.

On Friday, Oct. 21, the rascally rabbit declared "Ha-ha, umm... me again... okay, so, I was wrong about Gayle but, umm... I MEANT TO BE WRONG! Yeah, that's the ticket. I knew all along it wasn't Gayle. It was all part of my master plan. And by 'master plan' I mean I'm desperately searching for someone else to blame and I have no idea what I'm doing dear god help me somebody please take away my computer before I blog again..."

After dart-gun injections of Haredol and Rabbilify, Commander Bunny was fit for duty and churned out another press release, this one blaming a woman shortwave listener in Florida for masterminding Guise Faux. Describing the woman as "a little-rich-girl-trust-fund-computer-bitch" and accusing her of "hate-induced-hysteria-and-angry-paranoia!", the delusional bunnyman deftly demonstrated both myxomatosis induced dementia and record setting abuse of hyphens.

Commander Bunny also confirmed his complicity in stalking mildly amusing a woman, by specifying the location where a WBNY sticker was posted near the woman's home, and defacing Florida public property in an aptly ironic way so that street signs now read "STOP COMMANDER BUNNY". Gangsta wannabe Kracker hinted at his own complicity by describing the grade-school level stunt as "tagged". Later in a grocery store while shopping for the bunnyman's Depends, the tuff-guy poser was beaten senseless by an eight ounce container of Mexican strawberries, which scampered away singing "Who's 'tagged' now, bitch!" Florida authorities declined to prosecute the vandalism, saying the Lagomurph's "obvious dementia, inability to grasp concepts more complex than 'Take three times a day for paranoia', and obsession with dirty socks should be punishment enough."

Asked whether the weekend's publicity campaign was a success, the hare declared "Without a doubt! I devoted a decade to generalized misanthropy and tepid monkey-oriented insult humor, and a run as a 10 watt international relay station, but that era of the WBNY legend fizzled out long before this solar cycle did. Now I feel reinvigorated by this new mission to bully, harass, intimidate and cyber-stalk women.

"There are relatively few women interested in the radio hobby in general, and fewer still who participate in the shortwave pirate radio scene. But I'm determined to earn the first pirate radio "WAS" award (Women All Stalked) from NASWA and to clinch my place in the organization I pioneered to glorify myself - The North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame - as the all time greatest at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With my knack for interviewing myself and your knack for fabricating quotes I never gave, I'm confident my utter ignominy is assured."

Update 10/31/11
See corq's response to the recent cyber-harassment by Pat Murphy (aka, Commander Bunny of WBNY):

Final thoughts on the WBNY [manufactured] Controversy


  1. I'm flattered to be in the same class as the very awesome Van Horns. Monitoring Times and the Van Horns have long been an inspiration to me in my dx'ing hobbies.

    However, it seems rather ill-advised for Bunny to trifle with a true hobbyist publication, who may or may not keep attorneys on retainer that know a thing or two about libel or defamation.

    Just an observation...

  2. Wait a second. I thought Commander Chicken was Guise. Then, it was John Poet. Then, Guise was Ms. Van Horn and now Guise is Corq. Come on, Murphy, make up my mind for me!

  3. Excellent work.

    But I don't think they're going to put up with that kind of behavior at Burger King, do you?

  4. I think it's time to make it official:

    Mr. FURBAL, you are hereby declared the new ‘Boob 2’ as you have now out ranked your nemesis Radio Bob in all aspects of attempting to poison the hobby with your mongoloid narcissistic stupidity.

    How ironic it is that you took such pleasure in destroying Radio Bob’s reputation and claiming he was pure trash and yet....wait for have become the very trash that you despised, but even more so than anything Radio Bob could pull off!

    Bravo Boob 2, bravo!!

  5. Made something of an interesting observation earlier that I thought I'd share with the rest of the class.

    For those who remember the Great North American Pirate War of 2008, you'll probably recall how it culminated in Pat Murphy's ragequit from administering the FRN. The specific thread is here; notice how he keeps talking about 'fun' in relation to pirate radio throughout that thread. You know, in a manner completely unrelated in any way, shape, or form to any recent WBNY blog posts.

    No, wait. Scratch that. They're damn near exactly the same.

    You know, Pat, when you ragequit back in '08, one of the comments you made was that, "[you] always told [your]self, "when it stops being fun, I'll quit". Well, its stopped being fun." If you could just go ahead and keep that promise, that'd be great. We'll even sweeten the deal by letting you take Krackwhore with you!

  6. Funny he should be linking Poet to Burger King. Didn't Commander Bunny's maildrop operator work there at one time? Or was that just a rumor?

  7. Before continuing to act as a maildrop for Commander Pat Murphy, JTA may wish to consider reading the US Code, in particular:

    TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 41, § 876
    TITLE 18 , PART I, CHAPTER 47, § 1038

    Just a thought.

  8. Oh, lawlz... on his follow-up post, the Lagomurph sputters:

    "(Stalking is) what Greogory and his girlfriend-side-kick-Corq have been doing to Commander Bunny for the past 3 years now!"

    Technically, in CB's case, it's called "shopping for dinner."

    "They’ve manufactured emails, made false accusations, allegedly "outed" pirates..."

    Oh, you funny bunny. You told a Whopper. Another Burger King reference. (Golf clap.)

  9. I notice in that rantthread from 2008 that sockpuppet Beans manages to hint at the ID of the alleged perpetrator ("black cats"), before Kracker comes right out and claims it is Smolinski. What exactly has Chris allegedly done (aside from run the HF Underground board)?

  10. "...that rantthread from 2008..."

    An awesome blast from pirate wars past. So far only one side of the 2008 summer pirate war has been told, on the Bowling League's PMLOL wiki.

    There's no way to summarize it briefly here. But after a computer voice broadcast on July 4, 2008, accusing Pat Murphy of rampant sockpuppetry and other abuses, accusations flew like monkey poo for the rest of the year.

    Kracker and Pat, through his various aliases, alternately accused several people of various and sundry offences. As usual they were completely wrong. But why should they let facts stand in the way of a good Tale of Radio Paranoia? Here at ToRP, we never do.

    Over the years Pat's primary grudge against the HFU and, more recently, the FRC, is that he can no longer indulge his penchant for socks to troll, flame or manipulate the shortwave pirate radio scene. Since he couldn't stop those sites his only remaining weapon was ad hominem attacks against the site owners and participants on rival sites.

    Even after Pat's 2008 pledge to step away from administrating the FRN, it was obvious that he continued to manipulate and dominate the site through at least half a dozen primary aliases and sockpuppets.

    He was Putin to Cosmikdebris' Medvedev. One got the sense that Cosmikdebris and JTA tried to maintain some equilibrium but it was a lost cause. The FRN was then, and continued to be, Murphy's personal vanity site.

  11. This feud between us only started six months ago (in April). Now all of a sudden it's "three years"?

    He's going to pull a muscle, with all these heavy historical revisions...

  12. Nice golden apple. Hail Eris!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Looks like someone ran Pat's rants through a bad translator three or four times... or maybe that's just a copy-paste?

  15. Looks like natoma/g0pher found the blog!

  16. The 10/25/11 08:04 AM comment was bot spam. I've seen it a lot on sites with unmoderated comment sections. It harvests text from the page to mimic legitimate content, then embeds the spam link. This morning's bot either forgot the spam link or Blogger's auto-zapper caught it.

    I'm surprised we've had relatively few such problems so far. Whatever Google/Blogger are doing behind the scenes, it seems to filter out most spam fairly well.

  17. "Pat Murphy" is Bot Spam.


    Luckily, most of it seems to be getting caught in the "spam filter" these days.

  19. from Jerry Bunny on the frn:

    "If you want gossip, rumors and pirate locations and ID's you won't find it on the FRN."

    Again, Jerry is trying to dramtically rewrite history for the stupid/ignorant.

    Who needs "facts" when you have "beliefs". Praise the bunny and pass the bullshit.

  20. Hey Jerry.

    Want this all to end?
    Wanna get back to the fun?

    Then realize that every RP column that's taken a shot at you has been a direct result of something you've done previously. Whether it was the early crap you pulled on the FRN or the continuing neurotic responses to recent postings.

    You can end this if you want to. The fight has gone on for a long time and it's clear you're on the ropes.

    Guise would probably like the diversion of writing some satire about the rest of of the hobby.

    Do us all a favor. OK?

    take your own advice

  22. from Jerry Bunny on the frn:

    "If you want gossip, rumors and pirate locations and ID's you won't find it on the FRN."

    Not unless you've got admin tools, like PAT MURPHY.

  23. Looks like Pat's latest blog entry is showing signs that the TCS relays by NRS can no longer be classified as No Received Signal, LOL!

  24. i love this blog!!

  25. Bunny ain't a Poet. Gawd, that's painful to even try to read; and when you get there, what the hell was he trying to say?

  26. Speaking of NRS, when is CB going to start ranting about him again? Will he start sending out "NRS is a member of NAMBLA" fridge magnets and keychains?

  27. come on little fella you can do it
    pull the trigger

  28. Shortwave America fans and followers will be pleased to know that you can now purchase memberships to Shortwave America that provide different levels of privileges for our fans, listeners, and readers. Memberships come in Bronze 1.00, Silver 5.00, Gold 15.00, Platinum 20.00, and Premiere 50.00 levels.

  29. I see Pat brought back his Bill O Rights sockpuppet on the FRN. Can Beans and Mosby be far behind?

  30. Jesus, it's a sock-puppet circus over there.

  31. And the lastest WBNY posting triumphs the Bill O. Rights sockpuppet posting on the FRN.

  32. So it seems I have my very own personal Pet Troll on the interwebs. Do I I have to get him rabies shots and what not, or is it too late?

    He seems awful frothy, and he writhes dramatically.

    Anyway, I'm off to the store for some Purina Troll Chow, have a great Halloween Weekend, Fellas!


    "Suicide Is Painless"

  34. In reference to this hour's latest WBNY blog (that is closed to commenting)..... How does Commander Bunny know that Rome as "FUN" before the Vandals invaded it in 400 A.D.? Has he been around that long?

    Did they have sock puppets in Gaul?

    If I go to my local AMC to see the new "Rabbit Test" movie (directed by Commander Bunny according to one of his October 25 blogs), will there be a preview of "Mosby The Barbarian" in the 'coming attractions'?

  35. Congratulations, Murphy Bunny!

    You've transformed 'Bill-O-Rights' from 'alternate identity' to 'full-on-SOCKPUPPET' with One Post!

    Hope you're enjoying the latest TCS Shortwave Relay Network transmission! So much for "no received signal", eh? LMAO!

  36. The only "no received signal" lately seems to be WBNY. I guess Pat, err Michael, err Bill err whatever sock he wants to use today is too afraid of getting The Knock in Newport News, VA. So he's reduced to using his social security check to have fridge magnets made, and send them to the dozen or so SWLs who won't throw them away, or back in the mailbox marked RETURN TO SENDER.

    Pat Murphy no longer able to control the pirate radio scene? The FUN truly is back in PIRATE RADIO.

    Seeeee Ya!

  37. Marlon from up the river.October 31, 2011 at 7:38 AM

    We members of the North American Marlon Brando Lookalike Association,NAMBLA,are discussing an Occupy Winterfest campaign.

    As an "Apocalypse Now" Marlon,I encourage all MBLA's to participate in the event. "We're here,we're weird,and our transmitter is better than yours!"

    Dennis Hopper's ghost is tenatively scheduled to appear if plans progress.

  38. "As an "Apocalypse Now" Marlon..."

    The horror...

    Since you've claimed one of the best Brandos, I'll go as the weirdest Brando: Robert E. Lee Clayton from The Missouri Breaks.

    "Well, you're about the last of your kind, old man. If I was a better businessman than I am a man hunter, I'd put you in the circus."



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