Monday, July 30, 2012

JTA Puts Final Nail in FRN Coffin

"A culture jamming war would do no one any good.
 The information overload online is already
 overwhelming and confusing enough."

"Fnord 'em if they can't take a joke.  Or not."
--The Chao of Poo

Special to Tales of Radio Paranoia
by General Shun, DXing Professional
illustrations by Lauren Sheng

For reference by future generations of pirate radio fans and historians, the FRN died in July 2012.

The corpse may continue to show occasional spasms and zombie-like animations, between the annual domain lapses, but the FRN you once knew is defunct.  It has ceased to be.  It has shuffled off this mortal coil.  It ain't pinin' for the fjords.  It is an ex-parrot.  What you see now is an open grave, a cheap casket with few mourners, and a tombstone etched with a pitiable epitaph: "Herein Lies... lies."
The onetime "Free Radio Network" had been on life support since the late 2010-early 2011 mass exodus toward safer sanctuary on the HFU and FRC.  In April 2012 John T. Arthur took the FRN off life support but the brain-dead body clung to a vegetative state of meager existence until July 23, 2012 when JTA put a knife through its heart... from behind its back, of course.

Recently JTA, longtime Belfast, NY mail drop operator and erstwhile FRN cat herder, advocated exposing the identities and locations of shortwave pirate radio operators who'd been "dumb enough to be busted" by the FCC.

In so doing, JTA surprised some of us who, perhaps naively, had once regarded him as a somewhat uncommon voice of reason and sanity in an undeniably quirky hobby.  There was a time, on rare occasions, JTA dared to counter the increasingly insane abuses of Pat Murphy's numerous sockpuppets.  That time is no more.

Specifically he joined "Commander Bunny" of WBNY in repeatedly naming the operator of The Crystal Ship, and, by logical inference, advocating exposing the identities of other pirates who'd met with similar misfortune.  By this same logic, any op who'd gotten The Knock, a NOUO, warning or other FCC enforcement action can expect to see their names, addresses and personal information repeatedly posted on the FRN, the WBNY blog and Facebook pages and everywhere the Virginia Bunnyman pauses to munch a load of his own night poops. This should alarm not only every station operator who has been the subject of any FCC action, but also every active station operator who still uses the Belfast mail drop.

"Why are we still referring to him by his sock puppet name "John Poet"?  If he was dumb enough to get busted, he doesn't deserve to be called anything but Greg."
--John T. Arthur, operator of Belfast, NY, mail drop. "6925 AM Music and Crying" thread, FRN, July 23, 2012

Aside from willful ignorance of the difference between an alias or pseudonym and a sockpuppet, JTA also demonstrated to countless free/pirate radio operators and listeners, who have entrusted him with their names and addresses, that respect for personal privacy is subject to whim.  Those posts underscore the disease of hypocrisy and hubris that quickly decimated the FRN after the 2008 "pirate war" led to Pat Murphy (aka, Jerry Michael Graves) resigning his position as site administrator taking his toys and stomping off in a huff... or a minute and a huff.  Thence he donned full time the bunny garb of Lagomurph & His Sock Puppet Crew of Beans, Mosby, Thumper, Bouncer, et al.  This myxomatosis infection spread to full butthurt level by late 2009, by which time his delusional, paranoid hostility, slanderous accusations of enemies as pedophiles and generally questionable closeted aspirations had metamurphosed the FRN into his personal vanity site resulting in a mass exodus to friendlier radio hobbyist websites.

A few of the faithful cling to the corpse, like flies on shit pitiable mourners who can't bring themselves to face reality and bury the body.  They're misled pagans and wannabe druids worshiping at the ruins of a Stonehenge, not realizing the structure never was what they'd been led to believe.  They thought the FRN was a supportive community for pirate fans to exchange info and tips on neutral ground.  Instead it was a temple occupied by an increasingly paranoid, delusional cult leader, his sock drawer acolytes, a minuscule remnant of actual minions and his ever faithful homunculus goon bred from the Lagomurph's sperm and ample supply of bullshit.

Reviewing the old FRN threads chronologically reveals how the site began dying from Murphy's slow poison.  The illness progressed rapidly around 2005 when the toxic effect of his pet homunculus interjected itself.  The Lagomurph's sockpuppetry finally choked the spirit of a once lively and generally gregarious site.  JTA's comments this year merely nailed the coffin shut on a rotting corpse.  All that remains now is to bury or burn the thing.

Cryptically and somewhat ironically, a reply to JTA's April 2012 thread, seemed to hint - wittingly or not - at the rotten core of the bond between the mail drop operator and the Lagomurph:

"Want a list of a lot of the folk involved in pirate radio and their addresses? Put a station on the air and offer QSL's."

At this point it is difficult to tell whether JTA's recent comments were mere recklessness born of frustration over seeing the once proud FRN deteriorate to the level of a bad joke, or carefully contrived to reassert pirate radio as being only for a select group of bad boys.  Either way, he's pandering to the mentality of Murphy and Kracker in advocating an abrasive style that makes the FRN inhospitable to most people who prefer their personal privacy be respected - ops and listeners alike.

Perhaps most humiliating of all for the Lagomurph and his puny FRN coterie, nobody is intimidated any longer.  The Felching Rabbit Nuthuggers have become at best irrelevant and at worst a laughingstock.  Several new stations have emerged with solid signals that reach across the continent and even the world, unlike the WBNY signal that entertains only the varmints in his backyard hutch.  (I will confess to once having heard an authentic WBNY broadcast via my carradio while I was driving near his hutch.)  The hobby continues to draw new listeners.

The loss of trust in the Belfast mail drop is also a loss to traditional DXers who enjoyed receiving QSL cards.  But time marches on and somehow we manage to adapt, even without the Lagomurph's Trojan Bunny gifts festooned with increasingly bizarre symbols that seem to belie a latent obsession with nude men and suicide, even in preference to his former passion for monkey boys.

For what it's worth, many of us who received QSLs courtesy of JTA's mail drop are - or were - grateful for his efforts.  But everything has its limits.  A few postcards and postage stamps don't buy the right to slander fans of a niche hobby or abuse access to personal information.

A comment on Poet's TCS blog last year seems more appropriate now than ever:

"The fact is CB is only a part of a cancer that has existed in SW Free Radio for many years.

It's very telling seeing which individuals who like poor magicians attempt sleight of hand deception tricks with their words and deeds in an attempt to make excuses or suggest doubt about the events that are now known by the public. It's the same crap that certain career politicians in Washington use every day. Just say something over and over and maybe it will trump the actual facts. Maybe people will believe it if one repeats something enough times. Or maybe people will just forget in time what happen.

Until the remaining cancer is exposed to the public for what it is, the community will continue to suffer. The worst part of the cancer is JTA. And Zeller is no better. They will cover for each other and watch each other's backs regardless of the unethical behavior perpetrated by their core individuals. They smile to your face, but watch out what happens behind your back!

These individuals will continue to look the other way when wrongs are done by their friends just as they have countless times in the past.

Their lack of ethics bonds their members in common cause simply by association. The result is that no matter what the collective group does as a result of its aggregate ignorance, loyalty to one another will always and forever outweigh any evil actions that may be undertaken. Simply put, for these individuals, truth by association trumps morality.

Pirate operators should be wary! And be careful!

Snakes cannot be trained!"

See Poet's follow up and additional information on this topic.


  1. The Wizard of WellsvilleJuly 30, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    But,but,but,but.... I'm the Godfather of Pirate Radio. I'm 12 feet tall and made of fire. I transmit a mega-watt every time I take a dump!

    Woe unto thee Guise Faux! Woe!!!

  2. How crazy that a group of hobbyist supporting the idea of free speech in defiance of the FCC would eventually witness the irony of a select group within attempting to seize control of the hobby in order to determine who could participate.

    Isn't that the FCC's job to begin with?

    As sad as it is to see how ugly the reality of the FRN has become, it's also promising to see the hobby doing just fine and keeping the original spirit alive at other venues.

  3. Pat accuses others of "destroying pirate radio" but in the end, he, JTA, and a few minions (including Kracker and Cosmik) only ended up destroying the FRN. How ironic.

  4. Pat accuses others of "destroying pirate radio" but in the end, he, JTA, and a few minions (including Kracker and Cosmik) only ended up destroying the FRN. How ironic.

  5. But---but--- Guise, aren't you being a little hard on the JTA?

    After all, he assured me, via private Email exchange, that my old address, from which I moved out four years ago without giving JTA a new address, will "remain confidential"!

    Later, he repeated Murphy's lie to me, that the FCC had 'outed' my address, which of course they never published... It's a sad day when JTA seems comfortable repeating Murph-Bunny's lies, and taking his marching orders from him...

    Great work, Guise, as usual. As I told JTA after being accused of being you, "I can only wish that I was a writer for Radio Paranoia" but thanked him for the misplaced compliment.

  6. How long do think that the Lagoderp and the usual gang of meat puppets will cry, whine and finger point about this post?
    After all, the Snitch Puppet King hates bloggers, so add self-loathing to his list of character flaws.

  7. I do believe someone threatened to kill me on the "Alex Brains" site?

    You fella's make a note of that and spread it around the interwebs? I want the whole world to know what was said and who said it.


  8. AMEN
    Cousin Pigmeat

  9. John has got the "Knock" in the past.

    I wonder if his Fatwa against busted pirates includes himself?

  10. Even more interesting, did JTA snitch on himself?

    Mebbe so, even if only to be able to blame it on Radio Bob.

  11. Hmmmmm..... it looks like I'm supposed to have broken the heart of a childhood sweetheart according to the Bunny? That's a tough one to figure as they were all glad to see me go?

    Stabbed one in the back? Nope.

    I did have one that damned near cut off three fingers on my left hand with a butcher knife when I was 14. Not one of those "chef's knives",an honest to God,1920's vintage,butcher knife with a nice heavy blade. I've still got the scar to prove it.

    (She had a thing for cutlery. She stabbed one of her husband's with a carving fork. She was very expressive young lady.)

    As for the other stuff he posted about me,apparently I'm a regular Osama bin Laden,Benedict Arnold, Machiavelli, and Brutus all rolled into one? (Take that Fansome! I'm more evil than you are!) Am I Smolinski material? That remains to be seen.

    The Radio Animal and I are friends? Well,knock me over with a spoon! Yup,we're friends. I was exchanging emails with him the other day.

    As for the rest of it,well it seems to be rantings of a guy that's outted me three times on public forums as of yesterday? (Twice yesterday,the onery lil' feller!) Why he's the same fella that ratted out Dr.John to the Canadian authorities. Yep,the Cotton Hill of pirate radio,Commander Bunny!

    I think I'll Mosby on over to the "Alex Brains" blog to see what whoppers and death threats he's posted today.

  12. Pigmeat (or am I?)July 31, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    Nothin' but a cut and paste of the WBNY thing. He was using my name though?!?

    Does this mean....noooooo..... I'm Pigmeat Mosby,sockpuppet!

    Save me,Al Fansome!

  13. "Mosby on over"


    The Lagomurph seems determined to alienate the last three people still logging on the FRN. Can anyone figure out why Murphy is using his WBNY blog to slag syfr and canswl? Both of those fellows have been neutral throughout this whole silliness.

    It's getting tougher to tell the difference between the Buttmunch Bunnyman/Barfing Leeg and the 14313 USB hamster cannibals. Well, except the 20m hamsters have better signals and audio and funnier remixes of each others QSOs. Have you heard the "Karol the Bathhouse Spongeboy" Xmas ode to Karol Madera? It's hilarious.

    1. Murphy probably slammed syfr and canswl because they've had the audacity to post on sites other than the FRN.

  14. Guise,it's been revealed to me that the Alex Brains site may be run by my ol' pal Kracker?

    A convicted felon allowing death threats on a blog that can be traced to him? How interesting.

    He had his chance back in '09,when he promised to "kick my head in" if I showed up for the 4th of July meeting? I did,he didn't do any kicking,ass,heads,football's,or otherwise.

    In fact,after he laid eyes on me,he wanted to be my best pal? Plied me with weed and beer he did. A good time was had by one and all. Obviously it couldn't be him.

    I bet he doesn't know what's going on with his blog? Especially being a guy on thin ice with the law. I've got to protect my dawg's,yo?

    Pigmeat Mosby

  15. Kracker somehow manages to give white middle-aged midget leprechaun internet tuff guys a bad name. I suppose that's some sort of accomplishment. Eris says a balanced universe needs the exact opposite of Chuck Norris.

  16. I think the Kracker leprechaun image looks like Dexter Holland from The Offspring.

    I'm finding the WBNY blogs get more and more amusing. I suppose it is only matter of time before CB accuses Phil Muzik of being Lorelei Easterly or something even more outrageous.

    How long until CB sends out another set of postcards to everybody accusing somebody he dislikes of being the founder of Nambla?

  17. I don't know why everyone keeps making fun of CB's signal strength; I find that he sends out a very wide signal. In fact, I think it's safe to say that CB takes a very wide stance on the airwaves.

  18. Ah, Pigmeat, welcome to the largest growing group of radio enthusiast in North America, that list of DX'ers who Bunny and his Cabal thinks they can intimidate.

    I wouldn't sweat the Bunny whingings, he's burnt just abut every last bridge to anyone who was ever kind to him, all for the attention.

  19. He's been trying to intimidate me since he came up with the sockpuppet,Mosby,roughly ten years ago.

    He had it in his head that Mosby was my mother's maiden name? He got the names mixed up when we were playing that game we have down here called,"Who are you related to"?

    Turns out his father was from West Virginia,about 40 miles as the crow flies from where I grew up. (Maybe that's why he has a thing about people from WV? He is one of us.)

    Mosby showed up on the FRN around late 2002/03,after I dared to reveal I was the guy behind the Bunny code? Weird,huh?

    When I would call someone from our clique,The Belfast Boys,if you like,out for BS on the FRN,or befriend someone who might not be popular,up would pop ol' Mosby with a little slip about where I was,or my operating procedures? Sometimes the post would disappear,sometimes they wouldn't.

    I emailed one of the mod's there about it,and said that I knew who it was. Gee,those posts went out the window and Mosby kind of moved on.

    About that time Beans enters the picture,doing the same stuff as Mosby. I let the then admin of the FRN know that I knew who Beans was. Again,Beans leaves me alone.

    In '06 I have some medical issues and leave the scene.

    I caoe back to an FRN that was being run by a Mosby/Beans Hydra that had sprouted many more heads and gathered a few new syncophants? They were absolutely slandering Chris Smolinski and his wife.(Along with Al Fansome,who is my friend.)

    As I can't stand a man who publicly slanders a woman,I stepped up and called 'em on it.

    That's when Kracker started making threats and demanding that I tell him and the Hydra who Al Fansome was?

    I wasn't going to give my friend Fansome up,so I had a helluva good time leading those two up and down blind alleys that spring and summer.

    Finally Kracker blows,telling me he's going to "Kick my head in." if I showed up at the 4th of July pirate gathering. Well,that sealed the deal,I was going. You know what happened there,nada.

    I leave thinking,"He's a little impulsive,has a bit of temper,but he's not a bad guy."

    I was willing to let him slide in this all this recent business as figured the Hydra was playing him for a fall guy for when everything hit the fan?

    Then I was outted on his blog twice in a day,along with a death threat yesterday.

    As I said,I think he's being used as a patsy by the Hydra-Bunny. It's hard to tell what that guy is feeding him?

    When it comes to the Hydra-Bunny,I have first hand knowledge of at least five people he accused of being NAMBLA members. He'd send me emails bragging about it. Classy guy. Some were mass emails,so I'm sure more than a few of you saw them,too.

    That's when I started to wise up.

    When Mosby showed up shortly afterwards,I knew what the game was. I didn't know then he was a snitch,but I knew he was one manipulative SOB that was not to be trusted.

  20. And you guys are only now realizing this? Commander Bunny's just a distraction.

    Anyone who was there in the 90s can tell you how JTA organized the posse to go after John Woish in 91 and Kirk Trummel in 95. Many of the lieutenants are still around, like good ol' AJ Michaels. Ask 'em about JTA's Summer sleepovers where the Fake Radio USA tradition began. How about the Hope Radio/Voice of Oz/WLAR bust? Jamie and Bill were both told by the FCC agents that they were snitched on. JTA was the only person that knew all 3 pirate ops. Coincidence?

  21. Interesting. There was a fake Radio Pigmeat International broadcast made by someone after I left that Sunday night.

    Seeing that I never broadcast in USB or sent my stuff out for relays.....

  22. The anecdotes about JTA are starting to pile up...

    ... and when someone told me JTA was "Evil #1", I didn't believe him...

  23. John is more of a trickster than anything else.

    The summer the Bunny and Kracker were looking for the real name of Al Fansome,John knew it all along.

    He'd told me who Al was when I was doing Radio Al Fansome years before.

    Al started sending out QSL's for the WRAF broadcasts before I could make any up. I called John one day and asked,"Who's the guy QSL'ing my broadcasts?"

    As John mailed out the print ACE in those days,he said,"Let me check the records." He then gave me Al's real name and street addy.

    I bet ol' John was smilin' like a possum watching Kracker and the Bunny run around for months looking for the identity of the elusive Al?

    John is a character and a half.

  24. Does anyone remember the good ol' days on IRC, when kracker was a regular there? That's right, a regular, and so desperate for attention that it made you want to vomit. He'd pester anyone who came into the room trying to tell them just how big and important he was in the field of Mixed Martial Arts show production.

    The pathetic MMA bragging came to an abrupt end when he and his brother, neither of them the sharpest tools in the shed, got fleeced by their friend Skip. And, ol' Paul finally got banned from #pirateradio for being stupid and boring. This was arguably the beginning of the pirate radio war.

    So, if you see your buddy kracker, give him a friendly wave and a shoutout, "Hey Paul! Hows the MMA business going, and how are you and your friend Skip getting along?". He'll thank you for it, for sure.

  25. That dumb bunny.

    There aren't any Black people in Nitro. Why do you think the locals call it "Whitro"?

    Someone call Meals on Wheels for the old feller? They'll take him to the Senior Center,where he can be examined and treated for what is obviously the first signs of senile dementia.

    Funny he mentions Nitro?I had a run in with the FCC near there after calling his pal Murphy to let Murph know I'd be transmitting back in '03. Odd the Bunny would know that little ol' town existed?

    Do you think? Nah..... not Murphy.

  26. Colorful imaginations you all have for sure. Thank you for the entertainment, you all appear quite perplexed. It's a thing of beauty! Again thank you.

  27. So,back to the FCC story.

    I hadn't been broadcasting that much in the summer of '03. I decided to do an extended broadcast for the 4th of July on a bluff above a lake near the town of Nitro. I hadn't used the site in over a year,in fact the only time I had used the site was to broadcast the first run of the Bunny Code?

    Anyhow,I call Pat and tell him I'd be tx'ing and would he check the audio and signal at his place. I told him it was the Bunny code site,and I expected to get a nice bounce due to the terrain.

    My plan was to do a three hour block,as I had two 45 minute prerecorded cassettes.

    I set up and start. About 35-40 minutes in,there's this odd looking beige SUV with a fake roof cruising the road across the lake.

    I remember thinking "Damn,that's the ugliest SUV I've ever seen." But as it's popular place for teenagers to hang out and families to picnic,I didn't think anything of it.

    Well,the SUV kept cruising around and finally turned on the road immediately below me. Fake roof over the back 2/3's of the SUV and heavily tinted windows. I noticed that it had front plates,which in WV means it an out of state vehicle.

    I figure it's a bunch of kids in Dad's SUV. I slap another cassette in and keep transmitting.

    The whole time the SUV keeps coming and going. Towards the end of the second cassette the transmitter starts running hot,so I decide to shut down.

    I pack up and start walking to the far back lot. The SUV makes another pass as I'm coming up the creek. The SUV turns around at what they think is the end of the road and heads out.

    Now there's a gate at the end of the park road,but the old road extends a couple of miles up the hollow. I'm parked about 100 yards out the old road,around a little bend.

    I start my drive out. When I'm crossing the dam, there's the SUV. It has Federal plates.I figure I'm busted

    The SUV pulls to the side of the road and rolls down the window. I figure this is it.

    About that time,a fuy in a truck opens up with a cb and linear amp. It's all over my car radio,and I can see the guy in the front seat saying talking to someone in the back? They wave me past and head for the poor guy in the truck.

    I get home and call JTA. He wants a description of the vehicle and the numbers on the plate. I give him the info and he say's he'll call a friend. 10 minutes later he calls back confirming it was the FCC.

    At this time,I'm thinking more about hiding my stuff,but I was perplexed about how they got on me so quick?

    I decide to investigate over the next few weeks. There's a crazy preacher about 40-45 miles away running an FM pirate. He's had couple of NAL's and about three weeks after my incident,he's on the news due to being popped?

    I figure the Laurel office df'ed me and sent them up my way. I wanted to forget about it but that time thing kept nagging at me?

    I've got relatives near the preacher's place and know it's a solid hour's drive away? There's no way they could get from there to where I was tx'ing in 30-40 minutes?

    I knew then who'd fingered me. Strangely that was about the time ol' Mosby showed up on the FRN throwing lil' tidbits out about me?

    That's my story.

    Bunny Boy needs to be careful posting stuff on that blog. Playing with Nitro can blow you all to Hell.

  28. Keys to identity surface in 1 or
    2 different ways.
    Don't expect perfect results.
    Very often you'll be unsuccessful.
    So keep trying and you'll get it.

  29. So Pat isn't just a snitch--

    --he's a Serial Snitch?

    Beginning to look like he's been involved in the same kind of behavior, going back many years.

    No wonder 'Bill O. Rights' was always fixated on whether people would 'make calls to the FCC'...

    I guess it's true--

    "Snakes can't be trained."

  30. Pigmeat -

    Reminds me of a very similar story involving Jerry-Rigged Radio; I was actually listening to his broadcast when the white van came by his location and he had to shut down. Of course, he was Canadian, and I have no evidence that Murphy was involved, but...

  31. If you noticed,Billo disappeared on air for a long time after the Radio Bob battle. He thought Bob was going to sic the FCC on him.

    As matter of fact,he claimed he got an FCC visit because of Bob in this period. I thought it was plausible then. Now I think it was pure horsesh!t.

    Billo and John are still waiting for the "Revenge of Radio Bob" even though it's been 11 years. That kind of paranoia isn't healthy. They need to let it go.

    It's been the cause of much of the stuff that's gone on over the past decade.

    I'd wondered what happened to Jerry Rigged Radio? I hate to hear that.

  32. How in the heck a pasty ol' white guy can claim an affiliation to Mara Salvatrucha clique and expect people to believe him is beyond me?

    I was pretty sure Brownyard wrote that, but it was somebody else.

  33. >Implying a leprechaun with a shamrock tattoo on his hand wouldn't make a useful mascot for any gang.

  34. PMLOL 32 @ August 1, 2012 7:57 PM
    little Smegma man

  35. It was I who said that.

    The lil' feller sent me a stern email earlier. He ain't askeered of me,no sir. He spared me,he says.

    Yup,and Salma Hayek has asked me to be her boy-toy.

    Eat your heart out,Fansome.

  36. Damn. I knew that *itch was lyin' to me.

  37. Sounds like the li'l feller has a mancrush on you, Pigmeat.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. Unless the Bunnyman gets jelly.

    Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has a serious mancrush on Nikola Tesla. But in a totally cool not-stalking-you-at-all kinda way.

  38. The men the people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth

  39. Stalkers are the price of fame.

    What those two can't figure out is I'm retired from pirating? What are the going to do, out me as former pirate?

    Everyone and their brother around here knows I was a radio pirate.

    I'm sure the FCC is going to come looking for a guy who hasn't broadcast in three years due to the complaints of a couple of nuts?

    Now they may go investigate the nuts to see what they're about?

    The threats? Who cares? As I told Kracker in reply to his email,"Thanks for the evidence."

  40. No matter how scarce the truth is, the supply always exceeds the demand. - Fortune cookie

  41. Taliaferro GreavesAugust 2, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    It looks like ol' Peckerwood has gone off again.

    He's dangerous man I tell you. Ask any stockmen around Moneta. You'll have a pasture full of healthy cattle at night,in the morning they'll all be stump-broke for his deviant needs.

    Pigmeat,picking on the mentally challenged is mean. As relative of Peckerwood's,I beseech you to stop.

    I thank you.

    Taliaferro Greaves

  42. From the Alex Brainbust site:

    [i]Joe Black said...

    Have any of you asshats thought about the fact that Murphy is a Viet Nam vet with terminal cancer, and has nothing to lose? Really, you're going to piss this crazy fucker off? Do you really think that is wise?

    Personally I's stay as far away from someone who knows how to kill people, has cancer, AND NOTHING TO LOSE before he dies.

    Stupid, stupid people.

    They're going to find all of you with your necks slit, bled out to death from stomach wounds and horrified expressions on your faces. You people really aren't using your noggins on this one.
    August 2, 2012 5:27 AM

    Joe Black said...[/i]

    [b]This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.[/b]
    [i]August 2, 2012 5:27 AM[/i]

    Nice try Mike, but the judges are only giving you a score of 1.2 for the effort.

  43. fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
    ego stroking fap fap fap fap fap
    From the Alex Brainbust site:

    [i]Joe Black said...

    Have any of you asshats thought about the fact that Murphy is a Viet Nam vet with terminal cancer, and has nothing to lose? Really, you're going to piss this crazy fucker off? Do you really think that is wise?

    Personally I's stay as far away from someone who knows how to kill people, has cancer, AND NOTHING TO LOSE before he dies.

    Stupid, stupid people.

    They're going to find all of you with your necks slit, bled out to death from stomach wounds and horrified expressions on your faces. You people really aren't using your noggins on this one.
    August 2, 2012 5:27 AM

    aint skeeeered !

  44. Yeah, skeered is the word. Of a pudgy, old blowhard who can't hardly get out of the house anymore. A guy who likes to talk about being in the Marines, serving in Viet Nam, when he was just a flunky on the newspaper staff, flitting from story to story.

    He covered such important events as what the lunch menu was at the officers' club today, and what color dress the base CO's wife wore to last Saturday's tea party.

    Don't get me wrong; he was darn good at his job, which suited his talents and temperament perfectly, but he really wasn't the Ninja he makes himself out to be.

    I don't think we have a lot to worry about.

  45. Sorry Mike, you're not even a contender for the podium with the new spew threat blog. Go home old man.

  46. Commander Bunny | August 2, 2012
    Some people should start thinking about what the repercussions could be for telling lies and starting false rumors and making senseless online attacks. It could be FATAL!

    I'll leave a light on for you and
    i don't lock my doors dickwad

  47. Well, we see the Lagomurph is adding names to his enemies list again. Pretty soon we'll need one of those national debt clock type counters to keep track as he pulls names out of his little bunny book and flings them online to see if anything sticks.

  48. Yeah, well, Pat better watch out; after all, I've got Balls of Steel, and I could beat him with one testicle tied behind my back.

  49. Sounds kinky.

    We see the Lagomurph has hacked up three blarg hareballs today. Probably should stop sticking his paws down his throat like that.

  50. It's not obvious that "paws" are what's going down his throat, and whether they are his...

  51. Cotton Hill on the rag again?

  52. Come VOTE in our FIRST POLL on Free Radio Cafe:

    Have you ever peed on an electric fence?

    It's a burning question... and just testing out the poll option...

  53. No,but I used to dare my city dwelling cousins to touch the wire with their tongues. They'd get a pretty decent jolt and jump around a lot,but no serious injuries.

    Electric fence systems back then didn't supply the voltage they do now. These new power supplies can pack a real punch.

    I recommend daring your city dwelling friends to run at a button buck deer during the rut. That's fun for one and all and your friend won't get hurt.....much.

    Don't send them running towards a buck with a rack,or they could well be your late friend.

    Cow tipping used to be fun,but the damned internet let the secret out.

    A real shame,too,as a drunken,18 year old macho jock,in a pasture late at night,running headlong into 1300 lbs. of cow,is one of nature's most beautiful sights.

  54. It looks he's exploded on the Alex Brains blog? The old guy walked right into his past misdeeds when he mentioned Nitro. Looks like it exploded in his face?

    Hell,I wasn't going to bring the incident up,until he threw the place where it happened out there? Stepped right into it and can't pull himself out.

    He keeps mentioning "Vicki". He's got to know that screwing with her is going to bring the law down on Kracker as he hails from neighboring Missouri?

    Smells like another set-up of one of his "friends" to me. Billo has always got to have a fall guy.

    Yeah,the Bunny takes good care of his friends.

    BTW,thanks for posting more evidence,Billo. Your help has been very useful in this confusing time. Please keep it coming.

  55. The only "gutting" that's likely to happen is if Jerry tries to change his own catheter. And you don't need to worry about kracker's threats, unless you are mortally vulnerable to shin damage.

  56. Don't belittle Jerry Mike's service. He was a consultant for "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C."

    He taught Jim Nabors the Marine Way and Jim taught Jerry some ways of his own.

    When they bunked together during show prep,Jim was always up top and Jerry on the bottom. They were inseparable.

    The producers and Jerry's C.O. had a hard time getting them to part company when it was time for Jerry to go overseas. One of the cameramen who witnessed it said,"They practically had to pull them apart."

  57. From the Murphy/Bowling League Hump-Box:

    "Come on now B****, gotta keep your lies striaght. Murphy still thought you were friends back in 2003. He had no idea you were talking shit behind his back, taking the knife and sticking it in his back, back then. Doesn't make sense he'd send the FCC to your town if he thought you were still friends, now does it? Of course it doesn't. Just like Vicki told you, GOTTA KEEP THEM LIES STRAIGHT or people will know what a two-faced, piece of human waste you are. Murphy had no idea you were stabbing him in the back with Smolinski until recently when you posted that lie on HF Underpants and made Greg cream in his jeans."

    That seems like a tacit admission that he would send the FCC after you if he thought you weren't still friends, doesn't it?

    Nice work, guys!
    I guess it's hard to argue against all that IP address evidence. That's why they aren't even trying.

  58. Pigmeat has done as much or more for the pirate radio hobby as anyone around; he ranks up there with Smolinski and Fansome. The idiots from the decrepit FRN should just acknowledge it and move on.

  59. You boys take over. I'm going fishing for a few days. I might go over to de Nile to see Billo needs some help dealing with it's depths?

  60. While I find most of your posts to be humorous and heartily agree that the FRN is an untrustworthy site, I feel that the article could have done without this: "They're misled pagans and wannabe druids worshiping at the ruins of a Stonehenge."
    Our program is relatively new and we hope no one associates it with any of the issues surrounding the traitorous actions against fellow operators because of this post.

    Shortwave Druid
    Stone Circles Radio

  61. Poor ol' Mike,his eyes have gone. If he could see to read, he would have known it was JTA who told me it was the FCC after calling "a friend".

    Do you really want the rest of the story, Mikey? Here we go!

    I called someone at town hall later that day,a life-long friend,asking if the FCC had been sniffing around about my station.

    He said "Yep,they said they had a tip you'd be broadcasting that morning." He then said,"They asked about you by name." I go,"Did anyone say anything?" He says,"Are you kidding? We told them you were an upstanding citizen,well liked and well known." He then said,"I told them someone must be yanking their chain." We had a little chuckle about that one.

    He said they shuffled off after hearing that.

    Now,who knew I was broadcasting that morning? Just one guy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist such as the Great Al Fansome to figure out who that was?

    Now here's an interesting little factoid. Ol' Mikey Graves had been trying to get me to broadcast from my then house for over a year before my FCC run in.

    I kept telling him I can't as "I live two blocks from the the studios of a regional FM station." He kept pestering me,I kept saying no,and finally he gave up.

    When talking smack about Poet's bust he must have had a brain fart, as he said Poet was busted because he was transmitting from "Just two blocks away from the studios of FM broadcaster." I wonder where he picked that line up?

    Spin until it comes out your ears, Mike,no one is buying what you're selling anymore. You've been caught red-handed.

    Enjoy your retirement,Mike. I know I will.

    Seeeee Yaa!!!

  62. Dear Shortwave Druid,

    Yours was not the first letter calling our guest commentators General Shun and Lauren Sheng to task for that hyperbolic analogy. Yours was, however, the most cordial.

    The other letters - from Eris, Bean Bunny, Abraham Lincoln, Gumby, Mr. Hankey, Winnie the Pooh (who was doubly offended by Mr. Hankey) and Eddie Izzard - were indecipherable, unprintable or smelled very bad.

    We humbly apologize to any and all who were offended by any references to any henges of any sort, including Applehenge, Muppethenge, Loghenge, Clayhenge, Poohenge, Hundred Acre Woodhenge and Metahumourhenge.

  63. Give me cake or give me death!

  64. Alas, the cake is a lie. Sorry for any inconvenience. We do have lots of savory death, though, with a lovely crisp crust and chewy center. Tastes of rabbit.

  65. We're gonna run out of cake at this rate

  66. Do Mike Graves and his alter-egos ever make you think of Mr. Garrison and companion Mr.Hat?

    Both have problems dealing with their sexuality and tend to express their real feelings through puppets.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone must have studied him well. If I were Mike I'd sue 'em.

  67. Didn't someone say Kracker was involved in some sort of MMA activities with a partner named Skippy? Here's an interesting video tutorial for Mixed Masculine Arts that might appeal to them next time they get together.

  68. Yeah, kacker was the cue-card guy for the announcers at the MMA productions. They let him pen the cards, and then hold them up and flip them for the ring announcers. It was a tough job, but he usually got through it without too many errors.

  69. Kracker and I have called a truce. I'm not going to slag the guy after I told him I wouldn't.

  70. If you don't dig what we do, that's fine. If you want to make fun of us, that's ok too, we can take it. Just don't try to tie us in to whatever is happening at the FRN. We have nothing to do with any of it and would like to be left out of any pissing contest you and the nasty rabbit are having. Might I suggest a hobby, Pirate Radio perhaps, I hear it can be relaxing.

    Shortwave Druid

    1. Shortwave Druid:

      Run your station, there are SW listeners out here who are tired of the self-referential feuding and want to hear some innovative pirate radio. Do your thing.

      A. Listener

  71. I've never heard you, so I can't say if I like it or not. I wish you luck, though.

    Did I tell you folks the Mike Gaukin story? It begins with Mike Graves thinking Poet is the return of Radio Bob when TCS reemerges in 2004. I would get calls from M.G. asking,"Do you think that's Radio Bob? I think it's Radio Bob."

    As Poet had announced on air that he was Michigan,"He says he's in Michigan,Pat. Listen to his accent,he's not from Georgia."

    This calmed him down for awhile.

    Then Mike Gaukin shows up. Another call,"Do you think Gaukin is Poet,I do" I say,"I don't know Pat,all those Midwesterners sound the same to me." Just after that Gaukin got NAMBLA'd.

    Finally,after months of the Gaukin witch hunt,Pat decides that Gaukin isn't Poet,he's Radio Bob. (Luckily he'd found someone else to call about Bob,Poet,Gaukin etc....) Off goes another Gaukin hunt,in which Pat slanders the guy all over the web and airwaves.

    Where and under what disguise is Radio Bob under today? I don't know. But as JTA and Pat have both emphatically told me,"Bob's out there!"

    1. Could you perhaps explain the whole Mike Gaukin NAMBLA and Radio Bob stories? Thanks.

  72. Shortwave Druid
    it is relaxing for the most part and fun too until you end up being the target of the assholes who are responsible for the bullshit laid out before you on this blog and the TCS blog it is all part of the history of pirate radio in north america
    not that the recording of it will do any good there will always be assholes like the rabbit-kracker and the bullshit on the frn

    but we can always hope


  74. A couple of notes:

    1. We've updated the comments section to allow replies to specific comments. This may help alleviate some confusion about who is replying to whom. Please let us know if this format change causes any technical problems with various browsers and/or devices.

    2. Re: Shortwave Druid - We were completely unaware of your station. General Shun assures us the article's Stonehenge reference was in no way intended to be a veiled or overt reference to or dig at any one particular station. We see now from recent logs others have heard you and enjoyed Stone Circles Radio - we look forward to hearing you as well!


    1. Testing, testes, testicles... don't mind us, just checking browser and JavaScript compatibility. Looks like script must be permitted to access threaded reply option.

    2. yeah it works

  75. @ Guise Fox: Thank you for your understanding in this matter, we were confused about the reference and wish to distance ourselves from anyone or any site who would turn in other pirate ops. There is a code (or was one) among pirates that the location or identity of any op should never be revealed,especially for petty and vengeful reasons.

    Shortwave Druid

  76. Phillip,it all begins with an argument over JTA and Radio Bob over whether a certain type of antenna was balanced or unbalanced?

    It escalated from there,and took off after the '98 busts. Bob thought JTA had informed on the busted op's.

    Now at this time JTA was taking care of his invalid and dying mother. Bob's on air vendetta had started with him going after JTA. JTA's mother became a target. Bob set a new bar for bad taste.

    The whole thing spilled over to the FRN,where Bob was the acting admin. It got so bad,that John Cruzan,owner of the board intervened,and laid down the law.

    Around this time Graves claims that Radio Bob had sent the FCC to his house. As Graves lived just down the road from an FCC field office,and broadcast from home,the cause of the visit, and if it actually happened, is still in dispute?

    Due to Bob's on air behavior,people bought it,including myself.

    A few months later,word starts to spread behind the scenes that Bob belonged to NAMBLA,an association of pedophiles.

    I get an email from Graves,who says he dug up the info using an online PI. He then tells me when Bob sold his house they found kiddie porn under the floorboards?

    This is starts sounding too wild for me,so I ask Graves for a copy of the report? He mails it to me,not a word about Bob being a NAMBLA member?

    In fact the person Graves was accusing of being Radio Bob wasn't Bob. He was a guy who was related to Bob by marriage. I know JTA and Pat justified hounding the guy because he was "Radio Bob's brother-in-law!". They still do.

    The guy wasn't the kind to take crap. He fired back threatening legal action. The frenzy against him slowed to a trickle.

    Graves later found out who Radio Bob actually was through a bit of social engineering on a lady who worked at the Lula,GA. P.O. where Bob had his maildrop. Another online PI search ensued.

    Bob had some quirky beliefs regarding something called "The Urantia Book",but other than that,nada.

    Graves asked me to look into the Urantia thing,which I did. I was furious at Bob for going after JTA's dying Mom. Graves and JTA didn't want to get their hands dirty,so I put together a radio show called,"Radio Urantia". I made a copy for myself and sent another to JTA.

    I broadcast the show a couple of times,but at 14 watts it wasn't heard well? JTA sent it out to be relayed by ops with much more power than my Grenade. It was heard from coast to coast. Bob soon dropped out of the scene.

    I later realized I'd been had big-time. Bob,if you're out there,I apologize profusely.

    That's when the specter of Bob began to arise in JTA and Graves minds.

    I found their paranoia kind of weird. If anyone had reason to worry about Radio Bob,it was me. I never heard a peep out of him.

    The NAMBLA card started appearing more frequently,being played against suspected "Bob's" at first,then against anyone Graves saw as an enemy?

    The second time I got an email with a "NAMBLA" warning from Graves involving Mike Gaukin,it was apparent that it was the same as the "Bob" one. The only things that had changed were the name and location.

    The "NAMBLA" slur,however,was being used as late as his recent attacks against the op of NRS.

    Gaukin? I don't know why he was selected, other than Graves thought Gaukin was Poet and Poet was Radio Bob? It was very odd.

    To the Anon wondering why I called a truce w/ Kracker. My business is with Graves. Kracker and I were fighting with each other,over a matter between me and Graves. He agreed to lay off and so did I.

    The guy who currently does most of the posting on that Alex Brains blog is Graves.

    That's about it.

    BTW,I like the new comments format, Guise. Much easier to read and respond to.

    Remember folks,Radio Bob is out there!

    1. I can tell you why I believe Gaukin was targeted so heavily-- because he figured out that
      Pat, or at least 'one of the FRN admins', was Commander Bunny, and probably posted as much
      on the FRN. So he had to be discredited at all costs. Gaukin made this post about it on his
      little-noticed blog:
      'what really happened' I only happened to run across this in the past year because Google and I have become such close friends!

      What happened is this: Late in 2005, either deliberately, or through error, Pat edited some
      of Gaukin's posts (and possibly others, I don't recall exactly)-- but when he did this, he
      did it through his 'Commander Bunny' username, leaving the note "This post edited by Commander Bunny". Until recently I thought this was just a silly mistake on his part-- not checking to see what username was in his browser-- but,
      since some of the comments evidently were modified to include a bunch of references to
      homosexuality-- it might have been a deliberate choice. However, when you edit a post on
      the FRN, it always notes "this post edited by (username)" even when the editor is different
      from the initial poster. There was a small uproar on the FRN when this was seen by a few of
      us, and of course whole threads ended up being removed. I had a rather heated exchange with
      Pat over it via Email. It was obvious to me at the time, that only an Admin would have been
      able to edit another user's posts, through moderator tools or a special cookie, and Pat was the most likely culprit-- thus Pat Murphy = Commander Bunny. (After that, Pat no longer tried to edit anyone's post, but would just delete it if there was an issue--- I presumed, to avoid making the same kind of mistake again.)

      I already had suspicions that this was the case, only months after having joined
      the FRN, as it became quite clear that "Commander Bunny" and anything he posted was under the "special protection" of Pat Murphy, while any negative comments about CB tended to "disappear", and Pat would deny having deleted them in a lame sort of "the dog ate my
      homework" kind of way: he blamed it on a "software glitch" which coincidentally, only seemed to eat posts that were negative on CB. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it all out...

    2. I forgot about the Wanted Poster! Pat was pissed about that. That's exactly what kicked off the final phase of the Gaukin Witchhunt.

      I doubt if Gaukin speculating Pat was Commander Bunny ticked Pat off that much? It was an open secret to op's and dx'ers alike. (As was the fact he was Bill O. Rights.) It probably put him on Pat's radar,though?

      When he sent the poster info to Kracker,that may have been the worst case of timing in Gaukin's life?
      Kracker had recently turned up on the FRN. Kracker and Pat were in the process of becoming good friends,when Gaukin revealed he'd made the posters.

      You may have still been feeling your way around the landscape in '04-'05,Poet? I remember you coming back into the scene in that period.

      Pat was convinced for the longest time that Gaukin was you,Poet,and you were actually Radio Bob?

      Pat was on some heavy meds from bad motorcycle wreck. I really think that had a lot to do with his odd behavior in that period?

      I remember getting phone calls from Pat in that period asking me about which new guys on the FRN might be Radio Bob? They went on months. They suddenly stopped during the Gaukin Witchhunt.

      Yup,the wanted poster. I think Old Man Fansome was blamed for it for a short time,too?

    3. I shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
      Mike Gaukin PSALM 91:5-8
      Posted on July 20, 2006

  77. So, Pigmeat, since you've retired as a pirate, why don't you donate that Grenade to a worthy cause, namely, me?

    1. LOL!!!

      There's a Radio and TV Museum nearby that overlooks the old Proctorville Ferry landing,where legendary pirate,Dave Thomas,started his career in radio piracy running a semi-bootleg radio station for the ferries and other shipping in the area.

      As there's none of the actual WUMS equipment known to exist,I thought I'd donate my transmitter,set up in broadcast mode,to the Museum as part of a possible Pirate Radio exhibit. I think it would be cool to honor Dave and the entire history of Free Broadcasting within sight of where it started.

  78. Thanks for helping to shed light on this whole crazy ordeal Pigmeat, thank you.

    Anyone notice that JTA's comments have been pulled from the FRN FAQ section?

    1. does that surprise you it shouldn't all you had to do was pay attention and read

    2. No matter, we have screencaps of the threads - we'll upload them and provide links later. And those threads will remain available via Google cache for a few days.

  79. The Associated Press Sat, Aug 4, 2012 (7:52 a.m.)

    A child pornography investigation that began in Massachusetts has led to the arrests of 43 men in seven countries and identified more than 140 child victims.

    Those arrested include a children's puppeteer in Florida, a hotel manager in Massachusetts and a day care worker in the Netherlands.

    A stuffed toy bunny helped investigators crack the case.

    The bunny had been seen in a photo of a distraught 18-month-old boy. Investigators have discovered that the bunny was a character in a children's book popular in the Netherlands.

    From there, they zeroed in on Robert Mikelsons of Amsterdam. He has confessed to molesting more than 80 children.

  80. Fansome can finally go back to his job as President of the North American Marlon Brando Look A-likes,now,without being stigmatized.

    1. hey thats great
      but what about you

    2. "And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead."

  81. Oh good. There's a new post on the WBNY website. It took CB a whole two days to find more monkey pictures? I guess obsessing over Alex Vranes an Corq is very time consuming.

  82. Silly Rabbit,there's no Chik-Fil-A in Nitro.

    Annie,I'm currently "Apocalypse Now" Brando. It took years of training and diet to get there from the "Streetcar Named Desire" Brando I started out as.

  83. Taliaferro GreavesAugust 5, 2012 at 4:06 PM

    Cousin Jerry Mike claims to be "Reflections In A Golden Eye" Brando.

    Have you seen him at the meetings, Pigmeat?

  84. Oh yeah,all the time. We have to keep him away from the busboy's,but other than that,he's fairly well behaved.

  85. Hope you took along a crowbar!

  86. I think the new format has its advatages, but it does make it hard to find new posts if they are in reply to a post that isn't very recent. In that case you have to search through all the old posts to find the most recent, rather than just going to the end of the comment list.

    1. Good point, especially when comments hit triple digits. This threaded comment view would work better on a discussion forum that includes tools to indicate new posts since a visitor's last view. Blogger isn't really set up to be a discussion forum.

      We'll ponder this before deciding whether to keep the threaded view or go back to the original comment style.

  87. Pat Murphy discovers vanity stamps. Yeah, I know, big surprise.

  88. Pat you need to disguise yourself better on the "Alex Brains" blog. Using "Anonymous" and calling yourself "just a listener" just makes people want to laugh at your stupidity.

    1. It is stinkingly obvious, isn't it?

  89. Is Mike still frothing at the mouth? Rabies has been bad over there this summer.

  90. I'm done here. I heard from a reliable mutual friend that Billo does indeed have terminal cancer.

    I'm not going to dog a guy on his way to the grave,regardless of how I feel about him personally. Especially a one time friend. This is over.

    If you folks have any decency,you'll do the same.

    1. I empathize, as I would with anyone suffering health problems.

      Perhaps at this point the best thing for Mr. Graves to do is refrain from further attempts to expose and slander perceived enemies. Or, if that proves too difficult, step away from the keyboard altogether.

      Rather than blogging, perhaps he could concentrate on his memoirs about his varied and colorful radio experiences.

    2. we all have a terminal disease there isn't a expiration date on the bottom of your feet so you never know when you are going to go to meet maker for your reward or your punishment !
      (quote Pigmeat__If you folks have any decency,you'll do the same.) he doesn't deserve a hint of decency nothing in this hobby was susposed to be personal he made it that way through abuse of others personal info from the frn
      so punishment time is near for the old bastard

      he deserves nothing less

    3. wow thats deep shit man

      H H H

  91. There seems little left that really needs to be said about the guy. I had a few more shots left to fire, but, the hell with it.

    I've about had my fill of this fight, and given it far too much attention. I intend to move on, just ignore him if possible, and get back to contributing to pirate radio in a more positive way-- primarily through development work on the Free Radio Cafe which has been on the back burner for far too long.

    If he wants to go on wallowing in the mire, well, that's his affair, but he'll have to do it without me. If it's true that he hasn't a lot of time, he's free to choose how he wants to spend the remainder of it.

  92. To be honest I've been hearing the 'Pat has terminal cancer' rumor well for well over 5 years.

    Bitterness and antagonism is not likely part of the cancer therapy, and yet his vitriol is going strong.

    This is simply another variation of "You'll be Sorry When I'm Gone!" strategy from his FRN days, when anyone would be less-than-worshipful of ol' Pat.

    I'm calling B.S. (Not of Pigmeat), but I'm sure Jerry can tell a sad tale to an empathetic soul, and have it gain traction.

    Think about this: everyone has a friend who'd fall for a sad tale like this, and believe it like the gospel.

    I've just heard it far too long, it's a tale meant to cause detractors to reproach themselves for ever opposing the narcissist.

    Indeed, (Anonymous of August 6, 2012 7:36 PM) said it best: Life is a Terminal Disease, the clock starts ticking when we're born.

    Jerry's "terminal" Cancer in a long line of *myriad* tales.

    So let's use Occam's Razor here:

    Cancer, at Pat's age? Highly probable.

    Fatal? Not likely, based on the last 5 years of observation.

    He's full of vigor, or somethin'.

    Unless trolling all of pirate radio is his actual wish to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, this folklore has gone on far too long.

    Take a moment and think about this, all.

    Just Sayin'.

    -- Auntie Corq

  93. what's to think about ?

    corq said it plain as day it's a tale meant to cause detractors to reproach themselves for ever opposing the narcissist
    it doesn't change a thing he has done does it his evil deeds have been done and will continue
    a little wah wah boo hoo and you throw in the towel
    wow should have seen that coming

  94. I agree with both Poet & Corq

    Mike has been exposed for what he is and what he’s done over the years, but if he and others decide to continue their games and bullshit we have every right to call them out on it. Does Silence = Defeat sound familiar?

    The community had enough which is why people took action in the first place

  95. I understand that the word terminal in relation to cancer is under three months to live?

    If he's above ground come October and still up to the same old crap,he's fair game.

    1. The word "terminal" may be somewhat misleading when applied to prostate cancer, which is supposedly what he had (has?).

      Yes it may be "terminal" in the sense that it can eventually kill you, but in many cases it is so slow-moving that it may take many years to do so.

    2. I'm not a doctor - unless Dr. Evil counts - but I'm fairly certain the symptoms of terminal cancer do not include obsessively publishing names from the "Big Bunny's Book of People Who Done Me Wrong", or repeatedly posting the names and locations of free/pirate radio operators he considers rivals.

      Those are symptoms of terminal Lagomurphia, from which he has suffered for well over a decade. Very different disease, and apparently incurable.

    3. Guise
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

  96. There is a rather odd statement about Doctor John's supposed IP's in the WBNY blog release for the day.

    Something about Dr. John being stupid re; his run-in with Candian Authorities for "logging into the website" with those ips "as they were easy to spot".

    It sound's like he's either talking about the FRN or one of his blogs? That would seem to be a tacit confession there's an informer with administrator privilege's at one or all three places.

  97. Can somebody please tell CB that the plural of "pussy" is not "pussy's" ??

  98. Now, now, chaps, the Buttmunch Bunny is doing well to manipulate his keyboard at all without short-circuiting something from his incessant drooling.

    1. all of you pirates and listeners are the victims
      stop now and you remain the victim's
      don't be a bunch of pussies ride that bunny to the end

  99. Look for answers in Providence where the Evil One extinguished the spark.

  100. Commander Bunny,

    The question isn't "why would he?"

    The question is, "Why did you?"

  101. He did fake his death once before,ask his HS girlfriend.

  102. Very interesting post on this mornings WBNY blog.

    A man who hasn't had a real job in over a decade is giving someone in economically reeling Michigan flak over having a tough time finding a job?

    My guess is not all of us are hucksters like Mike Graves? His last great venture was to get people to invest in a radio station that he then promptly ran into the ground.

    By the way,how does Graves find the strength to post from his death bed? Very odd things happening in the world of Mike Graves,Super DJ and trained killer.

    1. He's still singing the same song he was singing almost a year ago, and I answered him back then:

      He claims to believe I'm unemployed because I'm not gullible enough to list my job on my Facebook page, and his online detective-dox service didn't give him anything-- but the fact is, this isn't the first time I've run into cyber-stalking types like Murphy who sought to take advantage of employment information-- the first time was over ten years ago, so-- I decided back then that there were certain things that people on the internet had no need to know about me, and I've obscured those details ever since-- and now it seems like a very wise decision!

  103. Murphy's behavior is probably due to being constipated from all the opiates.

    Perhaps some Kellog's Shredded Wheat would help? Surely Juanita could hook him up.

    1. The Lagomurph just needs to eat his cecotropes instead of wallowing in his night poops. Plenty of fiber.

  104. 666khz? The sign of the Poet!
    listen closer rabbit that is not poet on 666khz
    what you trying to do ruin medium wave pirate broadcasting

  105. If 666 kHz is the Sign of The Poet, then surely 670 kHz or 1310 kHz is the Sign of The Bunny (at least in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News Arbitron market).

    1. The Sign of the Bunny is 500 kHz. In distress, station sinking. He's going down with the ship, dragging JTA, Ragnar, and anyone else foolish enough to stick around, down with him.

  106. Actually, the Sign of the Bunny is equal to the Tangent of the bunny times the Cosign of the bunny. After months of intensive computation, it has been discovered that the Number of the bunny is actually the Arctangent of −0.01764439.

    1. Number of the Bunny? Imaginary numbers are surely involved.

  107. It takes two rabbits to feed a family of four. Two is the number of the Bunny.

  108. Today's winning number for the Daily 3 Lottery, is

    666 !

  109. you sure the number of The Poet isn't 999

  110. 999 was a decent band.

    Has Mike The Bunny died yet?

    1. Ah, those lazy, hazy, crazy daze of summer. Pirate radio, booze, blarging and trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

  111. Should we start a death pool on Mike? The winner gets Harold Frodge's truss.

    1. First prize is a pallet of WBNY QSL packages.

      Second prize is two pallets.

  112. Out of the blue, someone contacted me to ask my opinion about possible "Pat Murphy" sock-puppet activity on a non-pirate radio site, out of Washington D.C. So I did a little searching through their "mailbag" and "rants" sections, and ran into a few gems.

    Here's one, posted only yesterday, by "Pat":

    "I'm sure "The Real AHHHHHH" would appreciate seeing how a real broadcast professional handled his career. ...
    DCRTV has a large number of them (real Broadcast Professionals). Johnny Dark, Tom Gauger, Paul Bicknell, Skip McLoskey, Sean Hall, etc........
    Instead of sitting around, (probably in his Momma's basement) hammering out insults and invectives on a keyboard to a media blog, he could be working in Radio or TV and building a legacy. Doubtful he ever got past the "empty the trash can" phase of his broadcast career. How sad, all he can do is hide behind a sock-puppet name and pretend he's a media critic. Pathetic little man! No one's going to remember "The Real AHHHHHHH" past this post." Pat Murphy - still not dead, VA (8/11/12)

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

    And, with only about a half-hours worth of skimming, a likely Pat Murphy sockpuppet on that site jumps out of the woodwork:

    Allen Prell, Pat Murphy and Joel A. Spivak. Clever, insightful, civic-minded, always funny, always pertinent, and missed every day by me. No lie. Every day. –Jamesonian (1/12/10)

    Pat Murphy! Pat Murphy! Please come to my house and wake me up in the morning by ranting about the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors! I miss the old days.... You and Prell at WEEL saved my childhood. I still need to sell a set of tars. – Jamesonian (1/11/10)

    Have I ever mentioned that Pat Murphy is a RADIO GOD?!? Just curious... and I still have a set of tars for sale that fit a '67 Plymouth, so if anyone can pass that info on to Prell I'd appreciate it. –Jamesonian (1/12/10)

    "Pat Murphy is a Radio God"-- who just said that?

    He has this troubling habit of repeating himself wherever he goes-- and a limited number of "catch-phrases" to use...

    Others may want to amuse themselves by searching through this:

    (Hint to speed up searches: Go to the page, then View>Source, then use Edit>Find and 'Find Next' to search for "Pat Murphy" or whomever you want, and you can avoid trying to read through the whole archive, but find all the real interesting parts quickly!)

    So... not only does Pat have the strength to keep posting those "Commander Bunny" blarg-rants-- he's also busy ranting on this and possibly other sites local to the Virginia/DC media markets at the same time... and spiritedly noting that he's "not dead yet".

    That's good to know, Pat, good to know!
    If you were, WTF would we do for entertainment of this stature?

    1. Gregory, you're spending way too much time stalking Pat Murphy. So much for your lies about going back to focusing on your crappy message board instead of fooling around with all this bullshit.

    2. Is that you crying again, "mike"/"pat"?

      I never said I was going to refrain from all commenting anywhere about you-- especially when something as entertaining as this just falls in my lap, as it did. I only meant that some long-planned blog articles on would probably not end up going to publication.

      Thank you for your concern about the things are moving along nicely, although most of it won't be viewable by most people until I choose to unveil it.

      Here, have a tissue.

  113. Pat Murphy (Jerry Michael Graves) has socked up the DCRTV mailbag column for years. We were alerted to his shenanigans back in 2008 by another Washington DC area media guy. At the time the Lagomurph mainly confined himself to spamming the mailbag with his "Commander Bunny for President" self-pimping.

    Looks like the Lagomurph went full retard by late 2009, adding more sockpuppets and his very limited bag of rhetorical tricks. Note the appearance of our old pal "Bob Smith" in the post by "Robert W. Smith" on 11/24/09.

    At the current rate of mental decline, Murphy will soon need a drool-to-text converter to interpret and post for him. Fortunately an old Commodore 64 or Timex/Sinclair would suffice to hold the database and random phrase generator needed to create a typical Pat Murphy rant.

    1. (Quote from Guise link)
      PLB: My pleasure to "bitch slap" Tony in Vienna". When I see the DC legends of broadcasting, posting here, it is a pleasure to read. You, Graham, Sean Hall, Holliday,Tom Gauger, Pat Murphy, the real deals, make this forum worth reading. However, when I see the little cry-baby punks, who've done nothing, have nothing to show to back up their "opinions", it detracts from the level of discussion and serves only one purpose, give the little venom spewing whiner, a forum for his crap. Its a shame. The real pro's have forgotten more than "Tony in Vienna" will ever know about broadcasting. It wouldn't bother me in the least to see Dave register the posters and filter out the cowardly anonymous rock throwers who hide behind made up handles so they can attack someone, that they will never equal in life. The never ending attacks on Don Geronimo being a prime example. While I enjoy DCRTV, it would be nice to see Dave take the garbage out and leave the nasty no-nothings like Tony in Vienna off the forum. People (and I'm being kind) like this have nothing constructive to offer in a professional broadcasting forum. They can only detract and bring the level of discussion down to his level. I would suggest, that the next time "Tony in Vienna" wants to match wits on DCRTV, he come better than half prepared!
      Robert W. Smith - Washington, D.C. (11/24/09)

      Guess that's 'BobSmith' in 'formal wear'!

      With the 'treasure trove' of obvious Murphy sock-puppeting that's probably on this site, I can see how I "struck a nerve" with ole "JTA" above.

  114. You should have seen him go off the deep end on the forum regarding digital television a couple of years back. He made such a fool out of himself,he didn't show again for months.

    Hey Murphy,there are new ideas running wild across your spectrum. Better call the cops.

  115. From the Blowing League Mongoloid Club site:

    John Galt said...

    All joking aside, the premise is haunting. What better way to cause the pirate radio community to collapse from within, than to attack from the inside (or appearing that way) and attack its most prominent and popular figure. The guy leading the attack claims to be a liberal, but what better cover? He was away from pirate radio for close to two decades, then suddenly he's back. Government plant? Makes more sense than any other idea I've heard to date. What better cover than to claim you are exactly opposite of what you in fact are? Plus the numerous covers Brown has established would be hilarious if he weren't accusing someone else of doing the exact same thing. Anyone reading the gag inducing Guise can see the same writing styles and syntax as Brown uses. Plus Brown got a "letter" not a visit. If the government was out to "get him" as he rants, they would have shut him down. Instead they provided him with what I'm sure is a well coordinated cover letter, to continue his destructive smear campaign against Pat Murphy, or if we are to believe Brown, Commander Bunny.

    Personally I find it hilarious that anyone would spend the amount of time Brown has to rant against a fictional character, Commander Bunny. Only someone on the government payroll could spend that much time, pursuing something so pointless.

    Nice post, really got me to thinking.

    August 12, 2012 5:58 PM


    Two things

    First to think clearly you can't have dementia

    Second add John Galt to Murphy's Suck Puppet list

    It's old Mike and it's over. The harder you try to keep the illusion going the more obvious it is to everyone what you're doing.

    Since we know you're just yanking our chains we're just playing along too.

    1. Ludicrous!

      lu·di·crous [loo-di-kruhs]

      causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable.

    2. I guess John Galt would be a different kind of sock puppet as his posts at the bottom all say "Chuck Rippel". Chuck is a real live DXer type in Chesapeake VA (conveniently close to CB's HQ I guess).

    3. Just a few notes:

      1. As with Tales of Radio Paranoia, everything on the alexbrains blog should be regarded as works of fiction until proven otherwise.

      2. Every name used on the alexbrains blog should be regarded as identity spoofing until proven otherwise. Guise Faux has never posted on the alexbrains blog and never will. (You should also regard that assertion as a lie until proven otherwise.)

      3. The "John Galt" alias used on the FRN belongs to a fellow who also uses his real name and location - an incredibly foolhardy risk, in our opinion, but some people thrive on the ragged edge of danger in exchange for a postcard and package of brown M&Ms. He's only a bystander here so we won't use his real name here. The appearance of the alias "John Galt" on the alexbrains blog is not evidence that it's the fellow who uses that alias on the FRN. He may be - and probably is - an acquaintance or supporter of Pat Murphy and may even agree with the longtime abuses perpetrated by the FRN cabal, but we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until we see incontrovertible evidence from him.

      4. If Guise Faux really is just Poet in disguise, would someone please remind me/him where I/he hid the transmitters? I can't speak for Poet but I'd very much like to get on the air again. Unfortunately I can't recall which sock drawer I buried the transmitters under.

  116. It's sad to see people I once respected and admired throwing away their reputations by cavorting with a known traitor on the frn.

    Makes you wonder how many of the "old school" knew what was going on all along.

  117. I was one of the "old school" FRN members, at least until I was booted with no explanation a while back. We ALL knew what Mike was doing, but most of us went along with it because A) Most of the time the CDR Bunny schtick seemed to be mostly bluster and entertainment, and B) For the most part he wasn't engaging in the personal vendettas that became the hallmark of the FRN and his sock puppets, and C) there were still a lot of good people posting there, about real pirate radio.

    After Mike buddied up with the dimwitted felon kracker, though, things went downhill fast. Soon none of A, B, or C were true, and the decent people left the FRN in droves as they came to understand this. I noticed just today that the discussion board on the FRN had been idle for two weeks, before Mike , in desperation, tried to start up a lame topic on QSL collections. Very sad.

    1. If by "very sad" you mean "hilarious to watch Pat Murphy masturbating in public to gain attention - any kind of attention - on the FRN", yes, it's very sad.

      Also, Bunnyman, please remember to cover up your webcam while you're browsing Stickam for beastiality pr0n. Even walruses are grossed out by your flapping jowls.

    2. Moo moo bunny-roo.

    3. You sound like a fella I used to know. He got the boot from the FRN for no reason. By his supposed friends, no less.

      A lot of folks are still pissed about the way he was treated and that's been a decade ago.

      Now if that fella was to start talking about what he knows...... Why Great Fansome's Ghost, that would blow the Bowling League and most of it's admins into orbit!


  118. do tell pigmeat do tell

  119. If the fella wants to talk,he will.

    There may not be much to talk about. I looked at that Alex Brains blog,Mike's gone way around the bend and is heading for a crash.

    Mike seems to have forgotten that Chris Smolinski started HF Underground as a temporary logging site for the pirate radio community, after Mike initially crashed the FRN for about a week,around '05.

    Mike thanked Chris profusely and publically on both that occassion and others in the following years when Mike ran the FRN into a technical ditch.

    Chris then retired the site,until the FRN shutdowns became a regular occurrence circa '08,when he brought HF Underground back to fill the void. Who wants to go to site that's down roughly a quarter of the time,as the FRN has been from '08 to the current time period?

    Yep Mike,Chris created the concept of IRC channels just to get you. He did it one Christmas Eve while Fansome and I watched Santa Claus do the rumba on my roof.

  120. Here ya go, Pigmeat-- just happened to have these screencaps sitting around on my pc, with "the Two Faces of Murphy" on them:

    A) Murphy praising Smolinski, (and his "chat involvement"!)

    B) Murphy damning Smolinski

    You'll notice his new version of events is, all these people were first banned from the FRN, and THEN went off and started their own websites-- which of course is not true in the case of Chris and HFU, or my Free Radio Cafe, either


      BULLSHIT ! thats a lie !!

    2. Let's not overlook the Orwellian Memory Hole and Newspeak effect on the FRN under Pat Murphy's junta.

      In Commander Buttmunch Newspeak lingo, "Safe haven for pirates" translates to "Safe place for Pat Murphy to masturbate to pix of himself dressed in his Supermurph trapdoor pyjamas."

  121. Will be interesting to see how Mike tries to spin this.

    Great job guys keep it coming!

  122. The Lagomurph forgets that he uses the same worn out Commander Bunny rants and attention whoring phrases for his many sockpuppets. Note this gem from our old pal "Bob Smith" aka "Robert W. Smith" on the DCRTV mailbag in 2009.

    Ain't he cute in his Supermurph feetie pyjamas?

    1. Sounds an awful lot like 'Lovemyradios' gushing over CB's QSL package

  123. He does seem to have a fixation with the the politics of "Animal Farm" as a model for his games on the internet. (Sometimes he throws in "Lord Of The Flies" as well.) Either way, it's easy to spot and always good for a laugh.

    Thanks for the screenshots,Poet. He'll drive himself into a frenzy trying to spin his own words. Perhaps we should refer to him as "Rumpelstiltskin" from here on?

    BTW,where did Fansome get off to with Santa Claus?

  124. You better be careful,Poet. An elderly, terminally ill, trained killer is on your trail.

    I had a great-Uncle die after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in his mid-60's. It moved incredibly fast and likely would have killed him if hadn't died of a stroke at 98.

    Beware of crazed coots in Hoverrounds knocking at your door.

  125. I understand I made Mike cry on his blog? I hope he doesn't call his Uncle Charlie.

    Nah,that won't work,I'm retired from the game.

    I guess I better keep an eye out for those Rascal Scooters cruising my neighborhood,too? LOL!

  126. Jesus, Pat, how many of your already-exposed pirate radio sock-puppets are you going to use over on

    Now he's pulling up "Henry Van Andel" to defend "Pat", complaining about "slander" while using a bunch of foul language. Most of you probably don't recognize that name, but I sure do-- his Email address is "".
    Pat used him to try to get TCS schedule info out of me when he wasn't sure if I'd been busted yet-- and seemed to have forgotten sundry other emails we'd had. Here he claims to be in Leesburg, VA-- but in an Email exchange last year, he claimed to live in Florida.

    Maybe some of us should clue those poor folks in. I haven't bothered yet, but I did stop over there for a little "light reading". I guess all you have to do to get on there, is "Send posts to Put "MAILBAG" on the subject line".

    1. Oh yeah, and complaining about "liars and cowards who slander people from the safety of anonymity", no less!!

      Knowing that I'm now reading that site, he's either got a lot of nerve or he's a total friggin idiot. Seeing as he's precisely one of those "cowards" of which he speaks,I'm presuming he's an idiot.

      BTW, Pat-- you probably shouldn't have posted about that 3-boob thing right after reading it in the mailbag. It tends to blow that whole "I'm not Commander Bunny" thing all to pieces.

    2. Implying it isn't hilarious to watch the Buttmunch Bunnyman's sockpuppet train wreck in fabulous 3D slo-mo.

    3. C'mon guys. Ease up on the blogger who hate bloggers, known as The Snitch Puppet King. After all, he was probably fired from Burger King and needs to spread his lies (with or without his cottony friends) to build up his diminished ego.
      Commander Murphy's reputation has fallen harder than the woman in the Life Alert commercial and his reputation can't get up. At this point, like Marie Prevost, the dog is snacking on what's left of his "integrity".

  127. Heaven forfend. He's not talking bad about me on the internet again is he? How will I go on from here?

    Leesburg is just up the road from Arlington where Mike grew up. Like all snakes,he doesn't range far from his den.

    Great-Grandpa Powhatan should have killed 'em all when he had the chance.

  128. Well,I went to see it for myself. 45 posts consisting of whining a jilted thirteen year old girl would be proud of.

    I sometimes wonder if he's actually a grown man? He doesn't act like one.

    I don't see a reason to treat him as a man. He's a loudmouthed kid in an old skin that doesn't deserve the attention he's seeking.

    He's beginning to bore me. Where's Fansome?

  129. Nice full sock drawer here I see. Stinky Sox.

    1. you are a suckpuppet
      suck it
      suck it good

  130. Hot diggity! Mike says he's coming to visit me this weekend.

    I'll be at the Bike rally in Ironton,tonight and tomorrow. Sunday should be good,though.

  131. He's not only a close quarters combat expert,now he's a sniper,too.

    Listen Mike,I just spent the day with a relative,who actually does have terminal cancer. I sit with him regularly,it ain't much fun.

    What I want to know from you,is what kind of lowlife you are,pretending to be in that same condition to manipulate and troll?

    Grow up and dry up,you piss-ant.

    1. If by "sniper rifle" the Lagomurph means "straw through which I shall spit my foul cecotropes in your general direction".

      Which we're pretty darned sure he does.

      By the by, we do have new RP blargs ready to roll. We're just waiting for comments on this blarg article to reach 200 before we post an update. That will exceed the total number of valid, non-sockpuppet posts to the FRN for the entire year.

    2. im not a sockpuppet are you

    3. looks like a M14 308 cal rifle in the picture
      not the best choice for a sniper rifle
      guess he couldn't find a better picture to try and scare you with

    4. He should be holding a muzzle loader. Judging from the Lagomurph's "Robert W. Smith" farts on the DCRTV mailbag, he's so old he remembers when Benjamin Franklin was the best DJ in Washington DC, under the moniker Davy Jones.

  132. A Doughboy with a 1903 Springfield would have got my attention. Soldiers in elite U.S. Army rifle companies in WWI had to be able to make kill shots at 600 yards with iron sights to qualify.

    The M-14 has a bit too much recoil,making an accurate second quick shot tough,but it's got a nice reach for a hybrid weapon.

    I still like the Springfield,though. I've use one for deer hunting since I was a kid.

  133. The question remains - why does Ragnar allow death threats on a website he owns? By allowing them, he implicitly condones them.

    1. Looks less like a threat and more like a desperate adolescent plea for negative attention from a fellow who believes the best way out of a hole is to dig himself deeper. Typical rodent mentality.

  134. Perhaps Homeland Security or the FBI should be informed of this site. Considering the amount of gun-related mayhem in the news in the past few months, they might want to have a friendly talk with Jerry. Someone should drop a dime.

  135. He'll eventually take down the entire Stateside SW pirate scene with his threats and rants. The FCC has been lurking around another blog involving this subject for a few weeks now.

    If the FCC reports the threats to local or federal authorities,those agencies are going to do some serious investigating and interrogating of all parties involved,including who posted what on these blogs and boards. It won't be fun.

    The FCC will be granted a gratis search of the premises under the warrant issued by the local authorities. Say goodbye to all your good stuff if that happens.

    If it does,we can thank Mike Graves,the Hafez al Assad of Pirate Radio.

  136. Everyone involved in this scene is suspect. It is a well known and established fact that the FRN is a front for the FCC.

    This blog is at serious risk, as is the Free Radio Cafe. The HF Underground was long ago identified as an FCC front.

    I feel sorry for all the ops who have posted there because the op of that site is an agent and now the government has all your personal info, IP addresses, etc.

    All persons mentioning HF pirate radio have probably now been identified by the authorities and have had their files passed to the FBI for future action.

    It is too late now, Mike Graves has caused all of us to be subjected to warrants, arrest, confiscation of property, and prosecution.

  137. Anyone notice that all posts mentioning Pat Murphy have been deleted from's mailbag? The bunny sure has that site's op twisted up in his conspiracy. Look for to be shut down by the FCC soon.

  138. Someone needs to send Pigmeat some Thorazine.

  139. Did you know that George Zeller was a pirate radio operator until Pat Murphy turned him in to the FCC? Yes, it's true, I saw it, those who know could vouch for me but they were all also turned in by Mike Graves and are serving long prison terms for various crimes. Zeller got away because he has connections with the Ohio government, he is some kind of an academic or some shit like that. Oh, and we were all really wasted on reefers at the time.

  140. Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

    1. It's like Tom Cruise, in the movie "Taps," when he goes bananas with the machine gun.

    2. pink green or blue hair trolls?


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