Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fink Noise: Connection Confirmed Between Pat Murphy and Snitching on "Rival" Pirate Radio Operator

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by Graves Anonymous Voices of Greaves-us Dissent

Karma is a funny thing.  And it's one of the Lagomurph's favorite and most often abused words - which the poor addled feller conflates with revenge and vendetta driven by his own delusional paranoia.  Understandable given his genetic Virginny hillbilly predisposition toward fussin' and a' feudin'. Combine those inbred vulnerabilities with a knock on his noggin from falling off his two-wheeler about 10 years ago and, as Hank Hill often lamented of son Bobby, that boy ain't right.

But karma is the closest thing we humans get to hipster cosmic irony.  It's the inevitable but wholly natural restoration of balance through events that seem spookily coincidental and fuck your shit up just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

So imagine our surprise to find the existence of - mere hours after a Wednesday WBNY blog blurt purporting to expose the identity and location of yet another pirate op on the bunnyman's extensive enemies list - written confirmation that former broadcast radio personality and FRN administrator Pat Murphy (aka "Commander Bunny", aka "The Lagomurph", aka a dozen aliases and sockpuppets documented here before) had, indeed, snitched out Doc John of Northern Relay Service and Radio Yellowknife to Canadian authorities.

This, via the infamouse "" persona documented at tedious length in our very own RP yellow journal last year.  (See: "House of Games: 'Bob Smith' con's-piracy")  Copies of those emails were reproduced here, along with definitive IP links tracing back to the Lagomurph's home turf of Hampton Roads, Virginny, as well as to his replies on a genealogy site (known to be one of Murphy's hobbies) and his "Bouncer" alias on Usenet when he posted arrest records for a DXer several years ago during one of Murphy's many vendettas.

Now, friends, that "Bob Smith ratted out Doc John" rumor had circulated 'round the nether parts of the ether for nigh unto a year plus a blue moon plus a coupla fortnights.  And RP has documented before the pathetically inept attempts by the bunnyman to con Doc John, which the crafty Canuck flipped around into one of the internet's all time most hilarious counter-trolls ever.

"We have learned through the high frequency underground that email evidence is in hand linking Pat Murphy to snitching out a pirate radio station operator."

What we lacked was a copy of the actual email proving "" did indeed file a complaint against Northern Relay Service in an attempt to silence a rival pirate radio operator.  Well, dear readers, we have learned through the HF underground that email evidence is in hand which incontrovertibly links Pat Murphy to snitching out a pirate radio station operator, an action generally regarded as an unpardonable sin amongst the community - according to Murphy himself in many online rants under his own name and his various radio aliases and online sockpuppets.

Reliable sources tell us the email will be published soon, with a Wikipedia entry cross-linking the evidence.  When that becomes available we'll reproduce it here.  But we've seen the email and it confirms not only the rumors circulated last year, but is even worse in terms of the Lagomurph's desperation to silence a free radio operator whose only offense was to dare to offer an alternative to the WBNY 8 watt "International Relay Service", and to broadcast a clever parody of the bunnyman's paranoia, the "Paranoia News North".

In retaliation for this unpardonable offense to the Lagomurph's delicate ego and withered huevos, Murphy abused his access to the FRN via numerous sockpuppets, his WBNY programs and WBNY blog (hosted on Ragnar Daneskjold's domain), and Facebook page to publicly slander another free radio operator as a "pedophile".  (Recall that this is not the first time the Lagomurph has resorted to this tactic.  Apparently he sees pedophiles under the straw in his hutch in the same way Jerry Sandusky saw them in the mirror.)

Nevertheless, the former administrator of the FRN (one-time Free Radio Network, later the For Rabbit Nuthuggers only site, now the Forgotten Radio Nothing tumbleweeds and dust bunnies site) remains as an occasional poster - usually logging his own WBNY broadcasts.  He also heads the board of the North American Shortwave Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, where he can exert some spin on whatever remains of the rotting remains of his legacy.

Pat Murphy. Respected broadcast radio professional. Creative free radio programmer.
Lavish gifter of elaborate QSL packages.
Blog blurting bunnyman.
Leader of the Rat Fink Revolution & Host of Fink Noise on WBNY.
Petty, vindictive, paranoid multiple-fursonality myxomatosis-infected snitch.
Everything that makes pirate radio the most fun you can have with your
pants around your ankles and your brain on the floor.

Funniest of all, he continues using his WBNY platform and Commander Bunny persona to hawk his "real" QSL packages.  No doubt, those QSL packages are lavish and enticing pogey bait (you ex-Marines like Murphy will recognize the significance of that term**).  Just keep in mind he uses those QSL packages to harvest personal information about you - your names, addresses - and history shows he will not hesitate to abuse that information in his on-air and cyberbullying vendettas.

And while we once were inclined to give John T. Arthur - operator of the longtime Belfast, NY, mail drop - the benefit of the doubt, JTA's comments in April this year defending Murphy's reprehensible actions show, unfortunately, that it's probably unwise to trust the Belfast mail drop (see: "Analysis of an FCC Visit" from April 14, 2012).  Also, frankly, JTA's comments read like they were scripted by the bunnyman himself - doesn't really sound like anything the normally levelheaded JTA has said before.  We're hoping he was held hostage at carrot-point and forced to write that to offset another of the Lagomurph's bouts of myxomatosis rage.  BE WARNED.  ALL UR DOX R BELONG TO CRAZY OLD COOT.

If you have any doubts about respect for privacy, just peruse his WBNY blog blurts (hosted on the domain owned by pirate radio observer Ragnar Daneskjold, who might oughta reconsider providing safe hutch-haven for the loose-lipped lunatic Lagomurph - why not kick the critter to the curb and tell him to get his own domain rather than stinking up your house?).  Over the past year, hiding behind his bunnyman mask of sooper sekrit invisibility, Murphy has repeatedly slandered and exposed names and locations of at least a dozen different pirate radio operators, listeners and even some innocent bystanders who had absolutely zippo, nada, bupkis, to do with any pirate radio fracas - notably respected radio journalist Gayle Van Horn, to whom Murphy owes a sincere and very public apology.  And we're confident that will happen... as soon as Murphy grows a pair.  And we don't mean Easter eggs.

On the other hand, if you're a veteran of the U.S. shortwave pirate radio scene and friendly with these folks, by all means, take advantage of those extravagant WBNY QSL packages.  Guise Faux tells me he received his this year, courtesy of an intermediary mail relay, and treasures it in the same way he treasures his reliquary that features Hitler's missing testicle, a braid of Blackbeard's chin whiskers tangled with a bit of slow match, Sarah Palin's ventriloquist dummy (curiously nicknamed "Kracker"), the late Jay Smilkstein's homunculus (also curiously named Kracker),  and the desiccated husk of Murphy's integrity.  However, Guise reports he's puzzled by the appearance of a saliva encrusted oxycontin and anti-dementia medication stuck to the WBNY t-shirt.  Presumably the Lagomurph drooled a bit while packaging up the pogey bait.

Related background info for new readers:

**We received a couple of questions about the term "pogey bait". Brown Nose the Pirate chipped in this clarification, courtesy of SSgt M., whom Brownie described as "the sole survivor of an ambush that wiped out his squad. During PT he'd yell 'Pain is beautiful, bud!' He was hard as gravel, twitchy from PTSD and had a big heart. Last time I saw him he was in psych eval after going zombie during night exercises when some blanks and firecrackers were set off to scare the recruits."

     "According to SSgt M., whom I trained with in '75 just after he got back from his final tour in Vietnam, it's not geedunk - sweets or treats used to create goodwill with the locals. It's more than mere geedunk. Back then, pogey bait had an underlying implication of something seamy, unsavory, even sexual in nature. It may be contraband, black market goods, booze or drugs used to curry favor with prostitutes or sex with minors and boys - specifically, pogues. Pogue was one of those words with multiple nuanced meanings. Nowadays it mostly refers to the admin and support guys away from the fighting. The original connotations have been lost. It meant trash fish to fishermen. Pogue was fresh girly-boy meat to older guys cruising for a BJ. It was bait to lure the pogues.
     "And sometimes the pogues were used as pogey bait to lure the Marines. And sometimes the naive young Marines on guard duty fell for the pogey bait, got sloppy, let their guard down... and people got hurt. They got caught in embarrassing situations and coerced into relaxing security or revealing confidential information.
     "So, take my advice," said SSgt M., "be wary of older men pretending to be your friend and trying to soften you up with pogey bait. They're gonna want something in return, and it probably involves a reach around."


  1. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 19, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    It's a sad day for the Greaves. I'm so sorry we harbored this traitor in our midst.

    Do with him what you will. The family has washed it's hands of him.

  2. Great work!

    I wonder how Murphy sock-bunny would interpret the 'karma' of the timing of this?

    It might even fit his interpretation of 'karma' as 'revenge'--- because 'karma' has just dropped a house on him!

    Thanks for the tipoff about 'pogey bait', I had to look it up:

    Pogey bait

    1. The Marines in China before WW II were issued candy (Baby Ruths, Tootsie Rolls, etc.) as part of their their ration supplements. At the time, sugar and other assorted sweets were rare commodities in China and much in demand by the Chinese, so the troops found the candy useful for barter in town.

    The Chinese word for prostitute, roughly translated, is "pogey". Thus, Marines being Marines, candy became "Pogey Bait".

    I myself look forward to helping drop another house on him-- but not before the community has some time to digest this one.

  3. A pig in a bunny suitJuly 19, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    My poo don't stink, to me or my FCC buds.

  4. Speaking of "veteran's of the U.S. pirate radio scene", how about a show of hands (or posts) on what it took to become a member of the FRN. This veteran remembers Murph asking personal information questions in order to get an account. This was, of course, done to keep out the spammers, wannabees, know-it-all hams, and destroyers of pirate radio.

    All the pieces finally fall into place.

    Too bad Pat - you could've been the sentimental favorite elder statesman of the hobby.

  5. .....but instead you are now the new Radio Bob!

    Burn this fucker to the ground!

  6. "We're gonna have roast rabbit!
    We're gonna have Roast Rabbit!
    We're gonna have ROAST RABBIT!"

  7. "I'm just baffled by how anyone could think someone who ratted out pirates on a wholesale basis, could be considered for the Pirate Hall of Fame."
    ~"Lovemyradios", now firmly identified as a Murphbunny sockpuppet

    Why not, Pat? After all, YOU'RE in it TWICE.

    If you REALLY want your Pirate Radio Hall-of-Fame to have any credibility whatsoever in the future, you ought to resign from the chair, and any future involvement with it. Otherwise, it'll inevitably be covered up in your stench.

    Why not do the right thing? For ONCE?

    What's in it for you, chief? What are you getting from Jerry that negates your responsibility to the pirate community?

    Did you wake up one morning and just decide "it's probably OK" to keep hosting the guy who is shutting down pirates?

    You're NEXT motherf%!@#er!

  9. As I've pointed out earlier--- Ragnar may himself be in a ticklesh position over that, as Murphy undoubtedly has all of HIS personal information as well. He's sent him enough stuff in the mail...

    I am not defending the further hosting of that SOB's blog on his site-- but in fairness, only noting that the solution to that problem may not be as simple just pulling the plug on him.

    Furthermore, I don't find him deserving of reading those kinds of threats here-- there's only ONE guy I know of who could deserve that. Ragnar may eventually have to deal with enough of them coming from the guy he's been hosting under his own roof.

  10. Regardless of what information Pat has on him, by allowing the WBNY blog to be hosted on his site, Ragnar is enabling CB. Ragnar's best bet may be to just take down his site. "Ooops, computer glitch" It happens all the time.

  11. Just a reminder, folks...

    We try to give free rein to comments, but please do note #2 on our guidelines regarding threats.

    Venting anger and frustration is okay (humor and rabbit recipes are even better). Let's do so without the threats, implied or overt.


  12. Furthermore, I don't find him deserving of reading those kinds of threats here

    I agree Poet. Ragnar's a good guy and has done a lot for the hobby.

    He's got nuthin' to worry about anyway - he's a hunter and has guns ;)

  13. I wonder which courses the Commander will offer at his online university? I have a few suggestions:

    "Sock Puppet- How To Be Your Own Best Friend with the Help of Cotton"

    "Snitching-Pretending Pirate Radio is Your Personal Playground"

    "Weblogging- How to Hate the Only Activity in Your Capacity"

    "Finger Pointing- How to Blame Others for Your Bad Karma to Deflect from Your Own Culpability"

    "CosPlay-Embracing Your Inner Rodent to Ignore Your Own Self-Loathing"

    "Projection-The Ability to Attribute Your Flaws To Others'

  14. Maybe he should just call it Snitch University

  15. you ever stop to think that maybe Ragnar is afraid he is going to get the knock when bunny gets upset with him

  16. sonofabitch shoulda known it was a reach around situation

  17. Bunnyman got his Dicktorate of Sickology from the mail-in campuses of Felching Greens Bunniversity.

  18. Uh-oh, cheese it, guise. Looks like the Lagomurph has figured out who we are:


    Say nothing about, you know... thingie.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Oh no, the Sock Puppet Master is accusing others of his sin. One word, Geriatric Michael Graves...Projection!

  21. Update coming after midnight, including the smoking gun email.

  22. Commander-Radio-Bob-Murphy,

    You're an IDIOT, but thanks for the compliment!

    I only wish I was a writer for Radio Paranoia.

    However, I'll take credit for tipping Guise off about your snitching against Doc John. I was responsible for sending Doc to Guise to tell the whole tale... If I hadn't, the whole story might not yet be known.

    So, you're welcome for that!

  23. Blogger Guise Faux said...

    Update coming after midnight, including the smoking gun email.

    July 20, 2012 7:40 PM

    you trying to make to old geezer stroke out from staying up all night

  24. Heaven forbid. No, we're just busy at the moment making rabbit stew in its own juices. Delicious!

  25. i suggest a bottle of green tabasco for that stew it gets rid of the bland taste you get from old stuff

  26. 05:25 utc
    sounds like rabbit squealing on 6925

  27. Holy Moly, I've had my nose to the grindstone last month or two over a new career project, but I come up for air, I think to myself - "Gosh it's July - shouldn't there be some kind of instigation from the Bunny Cabal?" and right on time, Bunny blatherings commence! Of course, followed by 15 'yanked' posts.

    It must be Summer Pirate War Season!

    However If the recent 'Aurora' posts made it as far as google cache, that bunny's gonna get looked at for all the wrong reasons.

    Dude, what were you thinking?

  28. Chief Interbutt AdminJuly 21, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    It is my job to tell the writing team of TRP when enough is enough.
    It ain't gonna be today.

  29. Thanks, CIA. The mind control implants are working well now. Only the slightest occasional twitches.


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