Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fink Noise Part 2: The "Bob Smith" email

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by Guise Faux,
aka The *Real* Commander Bunny

As Pat Murphy plays another of his endless supply of ass-in-the-hole cards, we see he rewrote his act baleeted his self-incriminating shitpost this week. Now it's even unfunnier. Great success!

On Wednesday he posted a WBNY blarg aimed at Doc John of Northern Relay Service, in which the Lagomurph again attempted to expose the identity and location of a "rival" free radio operator.  Friday, apparently in a panic, he disappeared the incriminating post.*

Murphy has suffered from dumped girlfriend syndrome ever since late 2010 when several programmers sensibly opted for Northern Relay Service in addition to - or instead of - the mighty 8 watt WBNY "International Relay Service."  Since the two stations had entirely different coverage areas there was no overlap and no reason to consider it competition.  But that's in the real world.  In the Lagomurph's paranoid delusional bunniverse, everything revolves around him.  (Hint: Those are just cecotropes revolving around you, bunnyman.  NOM-NOM-NOM!!!)

Throughout 2009-2010, Murphy morphed the FRN into the For Rabbit Nuthuggers site through relentless pimping of the WBNY relay service, with many hilarious jealous tantrums and self-loggings when other stations were logged more often than his own.  Even Andrew Yoder's log of Northern Relay Service on the FRN was disappeared in early 2011.  Since then the jilted hare-terror has indulged in a relentless stalking campaign, apparently inspired by Glenn Close's performance in Fatal Attraction, and Sean Young In Real Life.

Coincidentally on Wednesday this week, we learned of the existence of an email confirming Murphy snitched out the Canadian shortwave pirate radio station last year.  (See: Fink Noise: Connection Confirmed Between Pat Murphy and Snitching on "Rival" Pirate Radio Operator)  The email echoes some of the same information repeated in Wednesday's WBNY blog rant, strengthening the connection between "" and Murphy.  In his frenzy of endless vendettas, Murphy apparently forgot he'd used the same email address numerous times under various aliases online - including Usenet and a genealogy site - leaving a trace of IP headers tracing back to the same Newport News, VA, IP connected with his ebay vendor, as well as a listing of her Newport News address in connection with Murphy's regional political activity in Virginia.

Here is the "Bob Smith" email complaint about Northern Relay Service, to Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society, dated February 8, 2011 (redacted for privacy).  Note that the next day "Bob Smith" emailed Doc John in a faux-friendly gesture, urging him to go on-air (See: "House of Games: 'Bob Smith' con's-piracy").

(7/21/12, 2325 UTC update note: Minor format revisions to clarify separations between emails from YARS and Bob Smith.  Unfortunately the Blogger platform doesn't easily accommodate multiple nested indents, so horizontal rules have been inserted to clarify separations.  Note that Bob Smith appears to be quoting to YARS an email he had *already* sent to the Industry Canada office in Saskatoon, implying that Murphy had indeed already complained about Northern Relay Service to both YARS - an amateur radio club - and to Industry Canada, the Canadian regulatory enforcement agency.  Recall that last year Doc John also said he got a call about this from a CBC reporter, indicating that Murphy had also complained to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  When further documentation is available it will be published here. --GF)

From: Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society (email address redacted)
To: (redacted)
Sent: Wed, Jul 18, 2012 5:16 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: Pirate Radio Yellowknife inquiry

Hi (name redacted),

Yes, we got a complaint from “Bob Smith” – see below:

From: Bob Smith (
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 5:07 PM
To: (Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society)
Subject: Need help catching pirate radio operator

I have sent this to the Saskatoon office but you should be aware of this violator in Ft. Smith. He is disrupting Radio, TV and computers in the Ft. Smith area. Please, PLEASE take action to stop this outlaw.

(Note: Here, "Bob Smith" appears to be quoting a copy of the email he'd already sent to Industry Canada. --GF)

I wish to report a Pirate radio station in Ft. Smith in the Northwest Territory. It is located near (address redacted) street, right by the Aurora College Campus. He is identifying himself as "Radio Yellowknife" and "Northern Relay Service" and coming in on TV's Radios and computer speakers at the college campus and nearby houses. He is transmitting on 6930 and 6940khz in the shortwave band. He is, I am told by a Ham Radio friend, "running some big power" to be coming in on tv's, Radio's and computer speakers many blocks away.

My weekends are a nightmare as this "pirate" is running his big powerful transmitter non-stop for many, many hours.

You would be doing the good people of Ft. Smith a great service to stop this illegal operation and abuse of the broadcast spectrum.

Any help you can provide in helping to stop this pirate broadcaster would be appreciated. He is transmitting anti-Canadian programs and making fun of people in the Northwest Territories.

He is on the air Friday nights, Saturdays, Saturday nights and Sundays and Sunday nights. he's on like clockwork.

He comes on usually around 6PM local time and goes off sometimes after midnight, local time. He plays rock and roll music, talks about his love of "pot" and has many anti- Canada statements. He one program, called "Radio Yellowknife" comes on weekly, and then he also has what he calls, "Northern Relay Service" whatever that is.

many thanks, hope you catch this scalliwag.

Bob Smith
Ft. Smith

Here is additional information so you can "google earth" this pirates location.
IP address:(redacted)
country: Canada
IP Address state:Northwest Territories
IP Address city:Fort Smith
IP latitude:(redacted) longitude:(redacted)
:NorthwestelHost: (redacted)

Other than that, I don’t have much information on this.  His name didn’t come up much,  and personally I never heard him on the air.


(YARS, name redacted)

The Lagomurph testifies about unsavory radio practices.

Did the phrase "the good people of Ft. Smith" ring any bells?  If you've read enough of Murphy's rants under his various aliases and sockpuppets, you'll recognize one of his "tells": the dualistic thinking of expressing everything as good vs nasty.  In Murphy's cosmology, you're either with him or you're with the terrorists.  Pretty much like George W. Bush, only Bush never nom-nom-nom'd his own night poops.  While he's not alone in using the term, phrases such as "good pirates" are most often associated with his rants on the FRN.
"IRC the destruction of Pirate Radio"
"Mother of Mercy! is this the End of Kracker et al?"

Another classic Murphy "tell": psychological projection or foisting off his offenses onto others.  It was actually Murphy, under his "Bob Smith" pseudonym, who introduced the topic of dope humor in his Feb. 9, 2011 emails to NRS, when "Bob" wrote "I may have to take a huge bong hit, and go over to the Mormon Temple and zone out!"  It was also Murphy who introduced any "anti-Canadian" issues with his sarcasm toward Mormons in Lethbridge, Industry Canada, etc.  Doc John didn't take the bait and, instead, set the bait for Murphy to trap himself by sneaking in a few jabs at Commander Bunny.

*NOTE: That WBNY shitpost was deleted on Friday.  Apparently the Lagomurph realized it echoed too closely the details of his email last year.  So in typical rabbit fashion, he ate his own poop.  Here's a screencap of that blog entry.  Note the specific location references between the February 8, 2011 email and July 18, 2012 WBNY blarg.  Murphy has a history of abusing access to IPs of FRN posters to harass his many enemies.  And as he does here, he also has a history of being hilariously WRONG in identifying the names and locations of perceived enemies.  Well, maybe not so hilarious if you're among the many people he's misidentified and slandered.  Fortunately for his lawyers, liability insurance company and psychiatrist, he can always fall back on the myxomatosis-influenced brain damage defense.

Mind the cecotropes, kids - wash your paws after reading:


  1. 05:25 utc
    sounds like rabbit squealing on 6925

    seems to have stopped about 05:40

  2. You give a Bunny enough rope.....

  3. Well, according to this post and the back story with The Crystal Ship, the best thing the Geriatric Bunny is at is the authorities.
    Squealing and projection. Those are two parts of the Snitch Puppet King's modus operandi.
    With all due respect, Guise, Geriatric reminds me more of the Glenn Close character in "Fatal Attraction". Makes me wonder, if he will throw himself in the poton the stove.
    After all, martyrdom is also part of the Snitch Puppet King's modus operandi.

  4. anybody can fake an email. been there, done that.


  5. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 21, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    Guise,I was perusing your list of blog sites,and saw a new one,to me anyway. It's called "Alex Brains". It's a silly place,full of the juvenile insults
    Cousin Jerry and cretinous colleagues find so entertaining?

    I suspect they created the blog to defame the defenseless and deflect the truth about our Peckerwood Pat?

    That it went unnoticed from March until now,shows the innate talent of Peckerwood and his "Brain Trust" for garnering attention.

    I wonder if I should contact Peckerwood's children to see about having a mental evaluation done on the old boy? He doesn't seem to be in control of his facilities.

    Now that the truth is out,Peckerwood should be a man admit what he did, apologize,and fade further into the obscurity he so deserves. If he stays on the road he's following,I see jail and financial ruin in his near future.

    I thank you.

    Taliaferro Greaves

  6. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 21, 2012 at 8:12 AM

    The Lagomorph? Peckerwood is that you?

    I just put a call in to the girls to see if the were for the evaluation? They'd like you to come to Florida to have it performed.

    They feel it would be better to have you there so they can keep an eye on you.

    Good luck,Peckerwood. I'm rooting for you.

  7. Great work Guise!

    Pat & Radio Bob, one of the same ilk in Pirate Radio History for all to see.

    Congrats Mike, you've earned it!

  8. Only this email isn't fake, Lagomorph.

    Maybe you're confusing the authenticity of the Email itself, with the fact that it was full of false complaints! I can see how that would be confusing for you.

    Submitting false complaints of interference is a felony in the United States.... I'm guess it's probably a crime in Canada, too.

  9. Anytime you mislead law authorities purposefully for your own gain is for sure something you do not want to be charged with.Usually comes with a hefty fine to cover the expenses of the public employees time and wages.

    Doc John

  10. The alexbrains blog appears to be a Bowling League project. But we don't cherry pick here, so if something amuses or interests us, we'll link to it.

    Some of the entries are damnably clever, subtly ironic with subversive humor.

    The rest read like Kracker wrote them.

  11. guise
    did you expect milk and cookies

    instead they shit in your bowl and they call it pudding

  12. "Nita,lovely Juanita..... the Belle of the Outer Banks....."

  13. Seems she got tired of all the rabbit hare

  14. Hmmmm..... the Commander wants me to throw myself under a train? Say's I can't because I don't live near the tracks?

    Hell,the railroad runs by my house. I could throw myself under a train anytime I want.

    Take that!

  15. LMAO
    good one Pigmeat that'll learn em

  16. uncle Pigmeat
    you know you not to go by the tracks

  17. bunnyman always attacking the pirates and listeners
    and Destroying Pirate Radio

  18. "After all, martyrdom is also part of the Snitch Puppet King's modus operandi."

    We're speculating this will play out one (or more) of a few different ways:

    1. Murphy will snitch himself out to the FCC. After getting The Knock he'll blame Poet, GF and/or The Usual Suspects from his dozens of enemies.

    2. He can't refute being a snitch any longer. So he'll engage in misdirection, dipping into his list of names and addresses, with increasing attacks and slanders against uninvolved or peripherally involved people.

    3. Eventually someone will sue him for defamation because he refuses to acknowledge the differences between public figures and private persons, despite knowing better from his career in professional broadcast media.

    4. He'll lose the hutch and Grenade in a lawsuit and wander the streets begging for carrots, ranting into a karaoke microphone about the impending harepocalypse.

    5. He'll change aliases and station formats and return to doing good ol' pirate radio, sans melodrama and ego wankery. Eventually he'll join the ranks of other once-ridiculed celebrities who experienced a late life revival and regained some respect, like William Shatner, George Foreman, Pete Rose, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Robert Blake, Darth Vader...

    ...oh, shit, what am I saying...

    ...okay, #5 will never happen.

  19. Bacon,Norfolk-Western has forgiven to me for putting Uncle Fred's outhouse on the tracks. I'm allowed on the right of way now.

    You wouldn't believe what I found growing out there along the tracks.

    Guise,the Bunny,like the poor,will always be with us.

    Hell,I was Commander Bunny for a few broadcasts back in the early '00's. Anyone remember Radio Al Fansome? ;)

  20. Hey, I remember Radio Al Fansome. Ol' Al really knew how to put together a radio program; you could learn a thing or two from him, Pigmeat. He had great QSLs, too. In fact, Al is probably just about the greatest guy in the pirate universe!

  21. As predicted, Buttmunch Bunny is trying to change the topic.

    Buttmunch Bunnyman: Nobody cares whether you're giving t-shirts away, selling them, or weaving them from your own nose and ear hair. It ain't the issue and nobody is distracted by your pogie bait or paw-pointing blame game at your long list of enemies.

  22. speaking of Tshirts
    anybody got balls enough to go to next winterfest and burn some wbny shit on video then post it to youtube

  23. Reverend BellzabubbaJuly 23, 2012 at 1:08 AM

    to unfunny bunny
    "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent."Revelation 2:5

  24. "A dictator enjoys unrestrained power over the people. The legislative and judicial branches voluntarily cede this power or it’s taken by force. Most of the time, it’s given up easily, out of fear in time of war and civil disturbances, and with the support from the people, although the dictator will also accumulate more power with the use of force."

  25. Winston ChurchillJuly 23, 2012 at 1:33 AM

    "The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences."

  26. "Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
    Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked." - Psalm 82:3-4

  27. "At its core, then, political correctness is nothing more nor less than the unjust intimidation of others into thinking and speaking a certain way. As such, it is pure totalitarian mind control."

  28. "I keep picturing a stranger from outer space. He lands on my farm and wants me to tell him about our world. I try to put the best face on things that I can, but he keeps going back to Commander Bunny-WBNY: 'Why do he ruin pirate radio?'
    how would you explain it to him ?

  29. String Bean? The great clawhammer banjo player? How are things in the Great Beyond? Have you seen ol' Fansome wandering around near Purgatory?

    Speaking of Fansome,as an above "Anon" did,Fansome and that damned Rabbit have been riding my coattails for years.

  30. Unintentionally hilarious:

    "WBNY - Misinformation About T-Shirts" !

    Same as it ever was!

  31. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 23, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Cousin Jerry is lucky he has that t-shirt business to fall back on in his old age.


  32. Sorry Pat, posting dumb questions on the FRN about preachers won't change the reality that you're a confirmed FCC snitch.

  33. "Anonymous said...
    Sorry Pat, posting dumb questions on the FRN about preachers won't change the reality that you're a confirmed FCC snitch.
    July 23, 2012 3:00 PM"

    Technically, Pat Murphy has only been confirmed as a snitch to Industry Canada and a Canadian amateur radio club. Confirmation of being an FCC snitch is still pending.

    Presumably, Murphy "forgetting" Camping's name and confusing WYFR with WWCR are part of his cleverly crafted insanity/dementia defense. We'll have the Lagomurph's drool on our recently received WBNY t-shirt DNA-tested for signs of myxomatosis-induced dementia.

  34. This just in: a rare photo of "Jerry" on a power-walk near a school.

  35. Today In the Shite Heel Telegraph report…….

    ………JTA displays his affection for the Bunnyman with a public display of sycophantic hate log bashing on the FRN……....while waiting for the ointment to sooth his calloused tonsils, JTA further updates the FAQ with a regurgitated warning of danger against Poet, who we believe he’s secretly jealous of………SHT has dispatched a correspondent to interview JTA for further clarification of what fantasy he believes Poet is living in……… our records this may be the projected fantasy world JTA has been under for the last decade of self imposed ignorance against the abuse of non-Bunny worshipers and independent thinkers that has taken place on the FRN……..we did wonder what that WHYP satirical program was all about where JTA required all pirates to notify him before going on the air………

  36. Okay, this makes it easy to sort out:
    Sock Puppet-Mosby, Beans, Bouncer, Thumper, Lovemyradios, etc., ad nauseum...
    Meat Puppet-JTA and Kracker.

  37. Meat puppets, hmm? Is Astroglide involved in this operation? That would explain why the FRN is full of such slippery critters.

  38. It sure seems to me that the JTA posts on the FRN of late have much more of a "Murphy-like" style than the JTA style that we have come to know and love over the years. I suspect that JTA is actually Murphy, meaning that JTA is now actually a sock puppet, rather than a meat puppet.

  39. quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

  40. No, that's really JTA.

    He sounds more like himself in his Emails, once we got done trading expletives...

    I can't account for the character of the posts. They do sound more like Jerry than John. Showing off for his pals, maybe? Or using the 'Talking Points' memos a tad too verbatim-- yeah, I think that's it.

  41. JTA is a studio pirate. He hasn't turned on a transmitter in decades. He can pop off as he's no danger of getting caught

    As for his drop,most pirates quit using it when they find out JTA opens all your mail before he forwards it to you. He basically uses the drop as an info gathering system. Not even supposed FCC snitch Radio Bob opened your mail.

    With the advent of SSTV and email qsl's,his flow of information is drying up. That's why the info they're using to figure out who is behind these blogs is so inaccurate,though it does make for hilarious reading.

    Finally,JTA and the Bunny are joined at the hip. If JTA has your info so does the Bunny. When it comes to those two,JTA is the guy who calls the shots. The Bunny does the dirty work.

  42. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 25, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    Why hello there Kirk! How's my favorite great nephew?

    While I'm not familiar with this JTA person,he sounds like a first class skunk.

    As for Cousin Jerry,yesterday he was quoting the Good Book,now he's claiming to be God. A psychiatrist and good dose of salts is what he needs.

    What was it his Aunt,Miss Todd used to say? Ah yes,"Religion,the last refuge of the scoundrel."

    Jerry's actions certainly prove that.

  43. Pat has been caught red-handed. All his posts since then have been a reaction,classic flight or fight.

    Murphy has no excuse that can justify what he's done,therefore all he can do is hide in a flurry of accusatory posts to misdirect attention from his acts. It's a classic flight behavior,a "blame the victim" strategy,if you will.

    Pat's ego won't allow him to admit what he's done,to move on with his life. It's a sad thing to watch and worse to be a target of.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. "A whack on the head can make a man strange for the rest of his days."
    ~ Open Range

  46. Reviewing those old threads chronologically reveals how the FRN died under the Lagomurph's toxic influence as he morphed it into his personal vanity site.

    Hard to believe now the FRN once regularly featured long, generally gregarious chats and tech savvy discussions that weren't all about Murphy's ego and his puppet show.

    His obsession with suicide bears watching - from a safe distance - considering his propensity for projecting his own worst fears and flaws onto others.

  47. Good points,Guise.

    His obsession with Mr. Vranes possible sexuality makes me wonder if Pat doesn't suffer from what used to be defined as "homosexual panic"?

    He has the key symptoms,aggressively accusing others of being gay and projecting his own feelings towards men on to others,due to self-loathing for having said feelings.

    However,a full examination would be required for a proper diagnosis.

    Homosexual panic tends to manifest itself preceding an upcoming breakdown and/or psychotic episode in individuals prone to severe mental illness.

    It's sad that he grew up in era where it was difficult for him to find a way to explore his desires without shame.

    Pat seems to have a problem with denial in several areas of his life. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  48. "Smith Mountain Lake is a scene you should make
    with your sockpuppets"


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