Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Anarchy

We are thankful for all our fellow trolls, anarchists, friends, wise counselors, mentors and relay stations who take all the risk. Even if we infuriate some of you. And especially if you infuriate us. Because you helped motivate us to find, claim and fight our own artistic space in this lunatic asylum. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving all you Guys and Guise.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

TWIRP: Racism, in MY pirate radio? It's more or less ambiguous than you may or may not think

"We would call this movie an example of reverse racism at its finest, but that would imply that we condone a certain type of racism, and frankly, it's all the same to us. So when the youngest Wayans brothers donned whiteface to crack some jokes at the expense of white people, we laughed. And laughed again when they sang some Vanessa Carlton. But that doesn't make it right. No, not in the least."
--From Complex Magazine's oh-so-PC course in pop culture apologetics, "The 50 Most Racist Movies (You Didn't Think Were Racist)" on the Wayans brothers movie, "White Chicks"

Oh, yeah... that review included an click to buy link. Nothing says "We may feel guilty for laughing at vaguely racist humor, but not too guilty to miss an opportunity at a marketing tie-in" like an link.
This Week In Radio Paranoia... a mixed message bag of racist humour! Marshall McLuhan said "The medium is the message." A corollary may be "Context is everything." So it is with humour that touches on race, religion and similarly sensitive issues. Let's see if you agree in regard to these very recent examples in the shortwave pirate radio medium.

  • Fake TCS = lol Bonehead League in ur radio makin' FUD.
  • KBLK = lol white boy in ur radio gettin' his black on to editorialize, yeeaaoww.

He who smelt it, dealt it
November 13, 2011, 2200 UTC, 6950 AM
Some unidentified station faked a program and broadcast by The Crystal Ship, playing racist music with TCS ID's clumsily spliced between songs. It apparently was a failed attempt to smear the reputation of John Poet of TCS. Anyone who has heard genuine broadcasts by TCS would know he would never play this type of material. The worst anyone can say of the Poet is he is an idealistic progressive in the mold of the great American upper midwestern socialism. It may also be the best you can say of him, if you happen to share that idealism. GF prefers anarchy.

The station ID's were obviously faked, cut from real TCS programs. Poet's familiar opening monologue, consisting of a reading of the opening lyrics to the song "The Crystal Ship" by The Doors, was placed uncharacteristically in the middle of the hoaxed program and repeated. The other ID, in John Poet's voice, was repeated two or three times, also uncharacteristic. Poet usually mixes up pre-recorded ID's and includes those by Juliana Montana.

Rather than the familiar National Anthem of the Soviet Union which begins most genuine TCS broadcasts, the faked program began with dialog from the 1941 Disney movie "The Reluctant Dragon", which contains the "punk poet" audio segment Kracker has used in recent Radio Jamba International shows targeting Poet. A copy of the movie may be found on YouTube, where the uploader described the dragon as "extremely faggalicious". This, presumably, drew Kracker's attention whilst he was Googling his favourite topic.

Who was first to sense the scent of this stinker? Interestingly, only a handful of listeners and/or sockpuppets reported hearing this broadcast, all on the Frolicsome Rabbit Nuthugger's haunt. 't' blames Kracker. Bad Andy sez "No this could only be Commander Bunny he is way more evil than Kracker." Krackwhore McIdiot and the Virginia Bunnyman plead innocence... or ignorance... probably both. Most of that thread smells trollish, other than comments by Boomer, and, perhaps, John Galt and JTA. And believe me, I know what troll smells like... takes one to know one.

Since Poet's FCC bust was announced in July - accompanied by an oh-so-eager announcement on the FRN by probable Pat Murphy sockpuppet "MIB" - the only pirate radio operators to continually take jabs at Poet, including repeatedly specifying his real name and complete address, are Murphy, under his Commander Bunny persona on his WBNY blog, and Paul McElligott, aka "Kracker" of Radio Jamba International. Both have professed their innocence. The ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

We say "He who smelt it,
dealt it."

Streaming audio of an edited version of the faked TCS broadcast, with the offensive racist music deleted. You may, if you choose, download the unedited version here. The lyrics for these songs may be found here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Can We All Just Get Along?
A few people may have been puzzled at my comment on the HF Underground that I found the KBLK show hilarious. I did, and still do. But not necessarily for the obvious reasons.

The attempt at appeasement by KBLK might have been more persuasive, if not for the unfortunate timing of coinciding with the overtly offensive racist faked TCS broadcast.

HFU logs for KBLK
12 Nov 2011 - 6925 AM 2220 UTC
14 Nov 2011 - 6925 AM 0010 UTC
Audio stream for 32 minute KBLK program here.

While some may take offence at the presumed use of a "black" voice by a presumably white man, I found it generally funny for the barbed wit aimed at this year's "pirate war". I really did laugh aloud when he named Guise Faux among the combatants. As the announcer, "Straight G", observed, most of the "war" has been waged online - including with the ToRP blog - in a hobby dominated by a demographic of mostly middle aged white men.

I would take exception only at the implied presumption that few women are interested in the shortwave listening hobby, or specifically in pirate radio broadcasting. However I would say - considering the misogynistic abuse Pat Murphy and Paul McElligott have directed toward two notable women SWLs, Gayle Van Horn and Lori Easterly - it's not surprising that most women in the SWL, amateur radio and pirate radio hobbies prefer to keep a low profile.

First, however, the entire KBLK show is a mixed message. On the one hand, it begins with "Cheri Love Affair" by punk performance artist G.G. Allin, before segueing into the dark side. The only possible relevance we can see is some vague nod toward wannabe punk Kracker, who may have pretensions toward Allin's reputation for being hardcore, but lacks the minerals to follow through to the inevitable conclusion. But we wish him all the best in that pursuit.

The DJ's pseudo-black patois puts a modestly edgy veneer on the humour. Then somehow it segues into what amounts to a Rodney King style "can't we all just get along" plea for a return to fun, safe, non-threatening hobbyist pirate radio. In the end, it sounds like a plea to do it, people, do it for the sake of comfortable, white, middle class pirate radio.

The gangsta patois shouldn't bother anyone who's hip to trashy pop culture. If it's distasteful, someone needs to tell Quentin Tarantino to delete his scenes (Jimmie Dimmick - The Bonnie Situation) from "Pulp Fiction". Or Gary Oldman's scenes from "True Romance". Or Robert Downey, Jr. in "Tropic Thunder". Or Darrell Hammond's Jesse Jackson impressions from Saturday Night Live. Or... just get the fuck over it.

Beastie Boys? Vanilla Ice? Eminem? Mimicking a stereotypical Jewish, Mexican, Asian or black gangsta voice and style isn't even edgy anymore, let alone racist. Not any more than mocking the foibles of pirate radio in this blog is killing pirate radio.

But if you object to this blog about pirate radio while you've voiced no objections to the misogynistic cyber-harassment of Mrs. Van Horn and Ms. Easterly by McElligott and Murphy, which includes besmirching their professional reputations, then pardon my yawning at your mild discomfort over not hearing more Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead on shortwave rather than a spat that would barely ruffle your mom's feathers compared with the typical YouTube comment sections.

Besides, for all we know, the KBLK DJ really is black. Hard to tell since his voice covered every accent from Chris Rock to Wolfman Jack. Better dig up the Wolfman and warn him someone's mocking wolfmen... or corpses.

Now, one thing that's funny - besides the pretty good voice work - is that he's right about most of us being white, middle aged, and with way too much time on our hands if we can find the time and energy to poke each other online or on the air.

It's also funny that he thinks we're all white, middle aged men. Because depending on the moon phase, Commander Bunny can't seem to decide whether I'm him, or I'm Tennessee troll Evil Elvis, or I'm Corq, or I'm just a sockpuppet for Poet. Eventually he'll get around to all of you other white, middle aged guys, so just wait your turns. The Lagomurph may not know whodunnit, but he knows one of you done it.

Another amusing bit is that Mr. DJ thinks the problem can be solved by ignoring Murphy and his sockpuppets. Well, that's been tried, hasn't it? Back in 2001. Back in 2008. Again in early 2011. Look how well that worked out. Where was your angst then? Or were you a mite too cautious to take on the lumbering Lagomurph and his sock drawer army?

"I can promise you that not once will you ever read on this blog that pirate radio is destroying blogging."

But the funniest thing of all? The notion that exercising free speech by blogging about the wonderfully diverse quirks and foibles of the pirate radio scene is somehow destroying pirate radio. Meanwhile, pirate radio is "free speech", but... I can promise you that not once will you ever read on this blog that pirate radio is destroying blogging.

With over 31,000 page views since March 2011, astonishing growth for any blog, let alone a niche hobbyist blog, the readership speaks for itself. Not once has this blog pimped itself via sockpuppets on every radio related website. We leave that to the Virginia Bunnyman. Not once have we sent out QSL cards, refrigerator magnets or bumper stickers ridiculing innocent people who are only peripherally involved in the SWL hobby. We leave that to Murphy and McElligott.

But we do extend our deepest appreciation to the Lagomurph for going to such expense to publicize our blog. It's that kind of genuine grassroots, word of mouth, supportive fanbase that's proven how Radio Free Speech really works.

In the end, the message from the KBLK narrator - which we believe to have been genuinely intended to reduce the tension - resulted in a misfire due to occurring the same weekend as the faked racist TCS broadcasts. In the end, the entire mixed message basically sounded like the "Mars Attacks!" Martians: "ACK! ACK!"

Can't we all just get a LOL?

Oh, by the way... remember what happened after that stirring speech by the President? Yeah, the Martians vaporized him. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Finally, if you're finding it difficult to grok how fucked up it is to find some types of racial or ethnic humor funny - even if you feel a little guilty about it - and other types not funny by any standards, imagine growing up with Zwarte Piet and Sinterclaas, or Krampus as part of your winter holiday festivities.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Poppy music

From last week's "Remember, remember" to this week's Remembrance Day...

We don't have any particularly insightful message for this Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day... just another of those annoyingly pretentious bits of ironic juxtaposition, whilst pondering the traditional poppy, its symbolic use in the Wizard of Oz, and the traps our leaders set for us in recklessly interventionist global policy.

Of course, we salute Guy Fawkes, who fought in the service of His Majesty King Philip II of Spain against the wooden-clog-wearing hash-smokers, and later for Catesby's mercenaries, until rather suddenly reaching the end of his rope in January 1606.

"Look here, upon this picture...

and on this,
The counterfeit present- ment...

...and what judgment
Would step from this...
--Hamlet, III.iv

Muammar Gaddafi being poppyized. With the clownish Libyan strongman out of the way, the borders are now wide open for U.S.-sponsored drug trafficking.

"In Afghan Fields did the USA
Guard poppy fields where terrorists play.
And with no sense of irony,
A 'War on Drugs' for us, you see.
With prisons to fill, what better way?"

Jackie Jura did a better job revising the classic "In Flanders Fields" poem.

Video: U.S. Marines Guard Afghanistan Poppy Fields

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, remember...

Evey: "Are you like a crazy person?"
V: "I am quite sure they will say so."
--V for Vendetta

Remember, remember...

...the Fourth of July, 2008.

No, it doesn't rhyme with "Fifth of November". But it has everything to do with anarchy, and nothing to do with gunpowder, treason and plot.

Well... not unless you embrace any hierarchical system that is antithetical to anarchy. In which case, you may prefer to join with Pat Murphy who, in his fraudulent e-mail purportedly sent to the FCC, described John Poet of The Crystal Ship thusly:

"He is a treasonous voice of dissent and needs to be silenced."

Doesn't quite sound like the voice of a true anarchist, does it?

Rather than any concise or even particularly coherent theme for Guy Fawkes Night, these are just some musings on the nature of anarchy related to, and the ironic juxtaposition of opinions about, anarchy within the pirate/free radio scene.

Besides, everything else about Guy Fawkes has been written better than I could manage. Musing about his reemergence in pop culture and role as an icon of Anonymous would require either a treatise on semiotics or a significant dedication of time and energy immersed in the quirky quasi-collective anarchistic sub-culture of the interbutt. And unless you're familiar with V for Vendetta, either the graphic novel - with its greater emphasis on anarchy - or the movie, delving into the tropes inspired by that contemporary personification of Guy Fawkes would be pointless. Suffice it to say, there's more to it than the mainstream media-coined descriptions of Anonymous as hacktivists or trolls.

Let's take a look at a few comments on anarchy within the U.S. shortwave pirate radio scene over the past few years:

"LISTENING to pirate radio is illeagle? (sic)"
March 03, 2007

Rockin' Rick
March 09, 2007 02:28
"Why are people so afraid of anarchy? It is not chaos."

Bill O. Rights
March 09, 2007 10:41
"The anarchy point was well put, but I'm afraid lost on this group..."

"Pirate Radio NET ??"

Bill O. Rights
October 26, 2007 23:21
"I have also observed, over the years, many well intentioned efforts to "organize" pirates to do one thing or another. These too end in disaster, as pirates don't like to be told what to do, even if its done nicely. They are anarchists of the truest form and aren't people who join or like to be in groups."

"Seriously, thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!"

Pat Murphy said...
December 27, 2010 12:22
"For a bunch of anarchist who can't stand to be grouped or told what to do, the Pirate Radio bunch has come a long way."

Those are some mighty fine pretty words about anarchy, Mr. Murphy.

But, oh, those nights of July 4th and 5th, 2008, and the subsequent "pirate war"... that was real anarchy!

Off-air recording of computer voice rant from July 4-5, 2008, accusing then-Free Radio Network administrator Pat Murphy of rampant sockpuppetry, multiple personality disorder and other abuses.

The first 30 seconds are from a 2006 WBNY "feud" show, which featured a backward recording. In this case the recording was corrected including the pitch shift used for the Commander Bunny voice. This in part contributed to Murphy's dislike for European pirates, since Alfred (former owner of the Alfa Lima site) was blamed for correcting the recording. In Alfred's defense, he was only responding to a challenge from Commander Bunny to solve the hidden message. Since that recording was publicly available online for a couple of years, it could have been downloaded and reused by anyone, so this should in no way be interpreted to implicate Alfred for the computer voice rant.

The computer voice rant begins at around the 30 second mark. Toward the end is heard audio from Brother Stair for reasons unknown, perhaps for dramatic effect. The source of this broadcast remains unknown, although Murphy and Kracker variously accused at least three different people, in their typical "fling enough poop, maybe something will stick" fashion. (Note: One of the persons named as a Murphy sockpuppet was very definitely incorrect - DB is not a Murphy sockpuppet. He's a DXer, a good fellow and lives nowhere near Murphy.)

hat was the overture to this comic opera
which we, merely your Shakespearean Chorus, endeavor to describe in a fashion that may amuse, bemuse and confuse. Since then we've enjoyed the arias during the 2009-2010 era, a time when several new and independent minded operators joined the fray with numerous quality shows that could be heard loud and clear - all minus the ego driven melodrama that characterizes Murphy's influence.

This year we've heard a sort of post-modern deconstruction, a cacophony of echoes melding a reprise of the 2008 overture mixed with offstage noises by rebellious players, and improvisations by various and sundry passersby. Will the entire theatrical set collapse before the final act? Who cares? It's a comic opera. Catastrophe could only make it more entertaining.


But, in summary... a computer voice broadcast played two or more times beginning July 4, 2008, accused Pat Murphy of abusive sockpuppetry; interviewing himself (by staging "interviews" with Commander Bunny of WBNY and Bill O. Rights of Radio Free Speech); and permitting, even encouraging, Kracker to repeatedly post abusive rants targeting other FRN participants, including exposing real names and addresses. In his frenzied retaliation against the still-unknown perpetrator of that anonymous computer voice broadcast, Kracker lived up to the accusations by threatening stalking and physical violence against at least two former participants on the FRN.

In the process Kracker also exposed the real identity and location of another pirate radio operator, screeching over the airwaves " traitorous fucking piece of shit!" and "... I've got your fucking address! You ordered a fucking t-shirt!"

Somehow, the concept of "traitorous" and anarchy don't quite seem to mesh. But no matter in the Bunnyman's through-the-looking-glass and down-the-rabbit-hole funhouse.

So, why were these abuses - purportedly violations of some nebulous "pirate code" - tolerated and even given tacit approval?

Anarchy. Real anarchy, not gentlemen's agreement, Marquis of Queensbury, bourgeois weekend hobbyist anarchy.

It is the type of anarchy preached and practiced only by the hapless zealot Lucian Gregory of G.K. Chesterton's classic allegorical novel The Man Who Was Thursday, in which it was revealed that of the council of seven anarchists, all but one turned out to be police detectives who not only had infiltrated the council but actually led the band of so-called anarchists.

As fantastic and improbable as that quaint novel seemed (and which apparently inspired Gabriel Syme's imaginative and very entertaining Voice of Next Thursday programmes), the U.S. pirate radio scene under Pat Murphy's influence far surpassed Chesterton's imaginings in duplicity, conniving and cunning. To this day, Murphy still seems to believe that the faithful will trust him when he claims to support anarchists in pirate radio. And he does, in the same condescending way the owner of a doberman might assure you that your yappy little chihuahua is just as good a watchdog. In practice, however, he and his sycophantic Krackwhore do as they please, including exposing identities of pirates they consider rivals or slandering and defaming anyone they consider enemies.

Because that is precisely what a genuine, diehard anarchist would do.

So Murphy and Kracker are the genuine anarchists whilst those of you who try to obey the "rules" they've concocted are closer to amateur radio operators licensed by the FCC or Industry Canada. Murphy is counting on you to play by a set of rules he prescribes, but which he has no intention of heeding. As he wrote in 2007 under his "Beans" sockpuppet: "I don't get it!" And he probably never will.

"Murphy is counting on you to play by a set of rules he prescribes, but which he has no intention of heeding."

That's why Murphy - under his Commander Bunny persona - can continue to repeatedly publish on his WBNY blog Poet's full real name and address, even though the street address was never specified on the FCC notice. Because the "pirate's code" applies only to you, not to him.

That's why Murphy and Paul McElligott - Kracker's real name according to publicly available court documents - can repeatedly slander, defame, cyber-stalk and harass women shortwave listeners like Gayle Van Horn and Lori Easterly - corq to her friends - despite having absolutely no evidence that either woman has had anything to do with the Tales of Radio Paranoia blog, other than to read it. Because the "pirate's code" applies only to you, not to Murphy and Kracker.

And that's why, as with this entire weekend, they can QRM the broadcasts of rivals without fear, whilst claiming that the station who was on first was actually to blame for the interference. Because the rules only apply to you, not to them.

Is this hypocritical? No! Because, again, that is precisely what a real anarchist would do. Anything goes. In the absence of any sort of codified order what emerges is any interpretation anyone wishes to apply to the like of the Golden Rule of the Judeo-Christian concept, the Thelemic "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", or karma, which Murphy seems to equate with revenge or vendetta.

The problem with anarchy is that few have the stomach for total anarchy. Most of us believe we want anarchy in certain areas of our lives - typically, free speech, if you're a pirate radio hobbyist or practitioner - but if pressed would probably admit we'd be more comfortable with order even if it meant certain limitations on liberties.

Despite his proclamations supporting anarchy in pirate radio, particularly under his Bill O. Rights persona (not a mere sycophantic sockpuppet like his Beans, Mosby, Thumper and Bouncer characters), Pat Murphy seemed to be drawn toward imposing *his* order rather than trusting true anarchy. But like any good totalitarian propagandist who's counting on climbing the corpses of other anarchists who led the charge, Murphy is counting on you to swallow his pablum about supporting free radio anarchists. Because under his exemplary leadership, in anarchy all things are permissible, nothing is forbidden... to him, or to his sycophants. But for you, well... some anarchists are more equal than others.

As with the hamster cannibal radio wars on the 20 meter band the past decade (14275 and 14313), the strongest signal and clearest message wins. The messenger, and his or her character, or lack thereof, hardly matter.

John Poet of The Crystal Ship may have summed it up best in an unintentionally prescient post on the FRN in 2007:

October 27, 2007 16:54

"The war is over. The anarchists have won. God Save The country and Free Radio."
--The Poet

So, remember, remember...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WBNY's Murphy Hopes Stunt Boosts Liarbitron Ratings

"Until this moment... I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness... You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"
--Joseph N. Welch, to Senator Joseph McCarthy, June 9, 1954

"Don't overestimate the decency of the human race." --H. L. Mencken

by Pheme Ossa
Illustrations by Dea Fauxnette

Schlock jock Pat Murphy & The Moaning Crude of WBNY - aka Commander Bunny and his sock drawer - upped the ante in his continuing bid for the top spot in the Liarbitron shortwave pirate radio ratings by taking out a full page ad in trade journals confessing to rampant sockpuppetry, misogyny and multiple personality disorder.

Coming on the heels of his Operation Misogyny campaign, launched October 20th to cyber-stalk and harass women in the shortwave radio hobby, Murphy said he hopes the new ad will secure his position as the Worst Fucking Human Being Ever to Key Up a Microphone. Recipients of that coveted lifetime achievement award include Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw-Haw, Axis Sally, Casey Kasem and Guy Fawkes.

"I know the competition is stiff," said Murphy. "I'm up against truly repugnant fellows like Pastor Peter J. Peters and Karol Madera (VE7KFM), who for the past decade has dominated the shortwave radio Liarbitron sweeps as the most loathsome man behind the mic. Those guys on the 14313 USB kHz splinter of the 20 meter band are incredibly prolific, admirably vile in a way I can only dream of, and crank out booming signals that can actually be heard world wide. I'm lucky if the feral cats in the rusted out trucks in my backyard can hear my 10 watt signal."

"But," he continued, "I'm confident in my support hose team of Beans, Mosby, Thumper, Bouncer, Bill O. Rights, Officious Pus Release, RF Burnz, lovemyradios, Winston, '2531', MIB, theguardianus, Bob Smith and a few other sleeper socks waiting to be involuntarily activated the next time my myxomatosis related dementia kicks in."

Murphy admits it will be very difficult to top Madera in terms of sheer hours on the mic and resilience. "Madera takes as well as he gives. He can absorb verbal punishment that makes me cringe," said Murphy. "I'm really a coward. I can't tolerate even the slightest hint of criticism and I'm incapable of discerning the difference between humour and insult. To compensate for being a paranoid pussy, I've developed a large posse of sockpuppets to support me when I'm incapable of mustering a rational argument or playing the dozens without starting to cry."

"I really believe my versatility in creating a complete cast of support hose characters is my strong suit," Murphy asserted, while speaking to sockpuppets on both of his hands. "Yes, yes, it is," agreed Beans.

"You're the greatest," assured Bill O. Rights, who was absently doodling the words "nasty", "bloggers", "ruining" and "fun" on a napkin. "Notes for my next dozen blog posts," he explained.

"Did I use sockpuppets? Yes I did."
--Commander "Stockingstuffer" Bunny, 13 May 2011

"Its one thing to be critical of another's work, but exposing them to an FCC bust is unforgivable. Shameful conduct," said Murphy. "So that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Murphy plans to tout his many pirate radio accomplishments in the upcoming ad campaign.

Under his many aliases and sockpuppets, the man in the Commander Bunny suit attempted to have authorities shut down a rival Canadian shortwave pirate station in 2011. In 2009, under his support-hose monikers Beans and Official Press Release, the Lagomurph baited another station operator into an argument and then publicly posted the fellow's home city. Murphy has been accused of informing against other pirates, most recently The Crystal Ship.

More recently a blogging blitz by the Virginia Bunnyman has enhanced his reputation as the most deranged broadcaster who isn't on the 75 meter or 20 meter bands.

"Why use a 'blog' to harm others?" wrote Murphy on his WBNY blog earlier this year. "Well... because it's damned fun! For me, at least."

Among his many accomplishments in pirate radio:
  • Murphy garnered coveted firsties by repeatedly posting the actual address for John Poet of The Crystal Ship, even though that specific information was not on the FCC warning letter.
  • Murphy perpetrated a blatant hoax to blame and frame a shortwave listener for the TCS bust, and continued his pitiable laughable insistence on the lie long after his hoax was revealed.
  • He used his multiple sockpuppets to repeatedly slander perceived rivals and enemies as "pedophiles"- thus finally achieving his lifelong goal of becoming indistinguishable from Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and the cannibal hamsters who haunt 14313 USB.
  • Recently the Bunnymurph insulted and harassed women shortwave radio fans who had nothing to do with Murphy's delusional, fabricated paranoid grievances - Gayle Van Horn (respected Monitoring Times magazine and Shortwave Central blog columnist) and Corq, a 133t DXer with mad skillz - characterizing one as "in-bred" and another as a "bitch", "bull dyke" and other colourful pejorative epithets that are sure to win over the next generation of women in radio.
  • Murphy continues to misrepresent a 2008 automobile accident in which a West Virginia DXer was injured. According to law enforcement officials, the radio hobbyist known as Alex explained "I was trying to run over a rabid rabbit and lost control of the vehicle, nearly plunging off a bridge. The officers thanked me for at least wounding the critter." Deputies shot and killed the varmint which turned out to be one of the many deranged Virginia Bunnymen who haunt the hills in that region.

For all these achievements in the black arts of chicanery, generalized misanthropy with a specialty in misogyny, flagrant sockpuppetry with brazen disregard for the sound of facepalming heard 'round the world, unrepentant lying and nut-tucking that would make Scrat and Jame Gumb envious, Tales of Radio Paranoia offers best wishes to Pat Murphy in his continuing quest to secure a spot as The Worst Fucking Human Being Ever to Key Up a Microphone.

Tales of Radio Paranoia got a sneak peek at Murphy's
upcoming Liarbitron ratings blitz ad.

Our intrepid rumours and graphics editor, Dea Fauxnette, is disGuising herself in a city of refuge whilst waiting for the current outbreak of mad-hare myxomatosis-driven cyber-stalking to run its course.

Correction 11/5/11: This article, written by Pheme Ossa, our Senior Women's Issues Correspondent, was originally incorrectly credited to Guise Faux. The attribution has been corrected. Our apologies to Ms. Ossa for the error.