Thursday, August 11, 2011


"Growling - When a bunny feels threatened or annoyed, you may here (sic) a growl.

"Screaming - You never want to hear a bunny scream. A scream indicates severe pain or fear, and is a sign that your bunny needs help, and needs it fast."

From ToRP correspondent Rude Salis and Anonymous.

Commander Bunny's August 11 blog post (if deleted see copy at page bottom) shows he hasn't lost his knack for unintended irony hilarious self-pwnage. Few have so thoroughly mastered the art of snatching snitching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Here's the short 'n' dirty version...

Desperate to shrug off rumours and mounting evidence that he may have tried to get rival shortwave pirate radio operators busted by the FCC or Industry Canada, Commander Bunny faked an exchange of e-mails purportedly between shortwave radio fan and DXLD contributor Artie Bigley, and the FCC, in an attempt by His Hareness to frame Bigley for the recent FCC enforcement activity against The Crystal Ship.

The frame up unraveled quickly amid a flurry of e-mails circulated around the shortwave pirate radio community rumoursphere. (See Poet's TCS blog article here.)

The faked e-mails from the WBNY blog are reproduced below. See if you can spot the discrepancies:

Note: Artie Bigley's e-mail addresses obscured at his request. -- GF
X-From_: Sat April 9, 10:15:43 2011
X-Originating-IP: []
From: Artie Bigley (
Subject: FCC Enforcement action Detroit Office

Date: Sat, 9 April 2011 10:15:33 -0400

Dear Mr. Bridgewater:

I want to report Pirate Radio activity in central Michigan, and special attention on a Communist who calls himself "Poet". He is using 6815kilohertz to broadcast his Communist message on his station "the Crystal Ship". He broadcasts the Russian National Anthem. He is a treasonous voice of dissent and needs to be silenced. Your attention to this matter is appreciated. He also has a blog called "freeradiocafe", where he will announce when he is going on the air. He also posted that he was in Central Michigan on this blog. I also want to FOIA any information about this station from the FCC database as soon as possible. I am doing what I can to rid the airwaves of these lowlifes.

- Subject: Illegal Pirate activity, FOIA Request
- Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 13:20:31 -0400
- From:
- To:
- Mr. Bigley,
- The FCC received your information about illegal pirate radio activity on April 9, 2011
-and have taken appropriate measures. While we would like to respond to your FOIA request,
-you did not provide the address to which you want the FCC's response to be sent.
-Please respond with a mailing address for the response.
- Thank you.
-James.Bridgewater - Detroit FCC
-CC:Diane Law-Hsu
- Enforcement Bureau

So, what can we make from all this? Well, for starters, apparently Artie Bigley has a time machine. Actually, there are a few temporal anomalies in WBNY's August 11 blog entry, almost enough to make a Star Trek Voyager episode. But more on that later.

First, we're supposed to be looking at an e-mail thread comprising two messages.

Artie sends an email to the FCC to report a pirate, and second is the reply from the FCC thanking him. But let's look at the posted text - there's something glaringly wrong here. The quoted text at the bottom is the reply from the FCC, dated May 6, while the email from Artie, at the top, isn't quoted. That's opposite to how the text should appear, Artie's message was the first one, so it should be quoted. So when the Commander made up this email, he accidentally swapped the two messages. Another reason not to top post, Commander...

Next, Artie's email is addressed to "". That sure seems like a funny email address for an FCC Field Agent to use. Maybe he's under cover. Deep under cover. Apparently in Togo.

So what about the text of the email supposed from Artie? Well, it's full of all sorts of derogatory ("nasty", in CB parlance) remarks about Poet, calling him a "Communist" and "treasonous voice of dissent". He even plays the Russian National Anthem! So he needs to be silenced. Fortunately, he posts about his broadcasts in advance on the "freeradiocafe" (sic), so it will be easy for the FCC to catch him. Just log onto the website, and wait for the posting.


Note the date of Artie's e-mail: April 9, 2011. Now go and find out when was registered. You can use to do this.

Go ahead, I'll wait...

Back already? Good. So you saw the same thing I did, that the domain name was registered on April 21, 2011. 11 days after this e-mail was supposedly sent.

...apparently Artie has the keys to a souped up DeLorean (with functional flux capacitor), or CB made yet another mistake while trying to frame a DXer. I'm betting it's *not* the DeLorean."

The supposed reply from the FCC (again, in the quoted text, not the unquoted text where it should be) is addressed to a different e-mail account rather than to the e-mail address from which the purported complaint originated. There's some mumbo jumbo about a FOIA request, probably because Artie has done these in the past. Note that there's nothing nefarious about an FOIA request. Forging an email? That is pretty nefarious, but also par for the course in Commander Bunny's goofy golf game of disinformation.

The FCC reply is signed James Bridgewater, with a CC to Diane Law-Hsu, although Ms Law-Hsu isn't actually listed in the CC field of the email. Perhaps the FCC Gnomes hand deliver her a printed copy of the email. These names are public knowledge, on the FCC site. It is rather curious how the email signature just says "FCC", "Federal Communications Commission" seems more likely to me.

At this point, it's pretty obvious the email exchange is a hoax. Yes, I know, it would be pretty safe to assume so anyway, but we gave The Commander the benefit of the doubt, and decided to actually take a look for ourself.

I'm not quite sure what to conclude from this. Certainly, CB is still trying to deflect blame for Poet's bust from himself. But why such a shabby job of generating a fake email exchange? This should be simple. Instead, DXers now have even more evidence that CB is lying and fabricating evidence.

By ToRP correspondent Rude Salis.

Late addendum: Via e-mail to GF, Artie Bigley said he did not write the above e-mail attributed to him by Commander Bunny, and did not file any complaints about pirates to the FCC. He said a FOIA request would support him. --GF 8/12/11

In our next Tale of Radio Paranoia: George Zeller bans Artie Bigley from pirate radio!

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  1. So, maybe we should just start calling him "Doc Bunny"?
    (Back To The Future)

  2. "A treasonous voice of dissent"...

    You know, I kinda like that!

    I may have to start adding that to my signatures...

  3. Well, the nefarious Snitch Puppet King strikes again. The lengths that Bun Bun the Fraudulent will go to protect his image have become the Karma boomerangs that end up tearing down this revolting Rodent himself.

    Have you shame, Snitch Puppet King, have you no shame?? Wait a second, I am talking about a dime-dropping tattle tale egotistical Attention Whore, so never mind!

  4. Normally, these games that Pat engages in are annoying & downright malicious, but this is one of the funniest thing I've seen in this hobby to date!

    The targeting of an innocent person to use as a decoy to hide your crimes is bad enough, but when you f*ck up your own frame job so bad that's it's embarrassingly obvious you give the community a much needed laugh and the reassurance of your pathetic IQ level & low life character.

  5. We should not let the rodent sideshow deter us from our pursuit of the Commies in our midst! I, personally, have heard TCS broadcast subversive material, and he consorts with someone who calls himself "the Radical"! Patriots, we need to focus on the true enemy, not the enema of WBNY!

  6. "...funniest thing I've seen in this hobby to date!"

    Yes, indeed, this entire year has been the pirate radio equivalent to the best of TMZ, Gawker, Celebitchy, News of the Weird and Coast to Coast, all rolled up with a bad batch of shrooms, and handed out as Halloween treats.

    If you love free radio and absurdity, how can you not love this year!

    Sunspots? Bah, who needs 'em. All the fun stuff is happening off the air.

  7. To ANON #1
    There is only room for one DOC on the block.

    Great story Rude.Keep him on his toes,or should I say paws.

    Doc John

  8. The sad part is that the floppy eared one is still getting the attention that he so clearly craves. I think that we should use one of the suggestions that the sock puppets came up with regarding NRS. Lets just ignore him. Don't talk about him, don't post him, don't pay attention to him. If some idiot in a bunny suit riding a motorcycle were to pull up beside you at a stop light you'd just ignore him; why not do the same thing here? Eventually they just move on to another way of getting attention.

  9. I'm afraid I wouldn't ignore the bunnysuit on the motorcycle-- I'd photograph him for a blog post!

    Ignoring the bunny is a fine idea, in theory. In practice, it seems akin to trying to ignore the loud drunk at the bar who's stumbling into tables and knocking them over-- and then blames you for it, and knocks your table over on purpose. I'm afraid that I'm not quite finished with him just yet; just a few more pieces crying out to be fit into the puzzle. And certainly, when he slanders innocent bystanders with manufactured evidence, there seems no choice but to publicly refute it, and loudly.

  10. J. M. Graves/Pat Murphy/Commander Bunny is just too old to be involved in pirate radio anymore if he thinks Communism is a threat to anyone these days.

    Hey Bunnyman: Try Geritol and Prozac, maybe reality will come back to you!

    @Poet, Guise and Rude: If you're not careful, maybe Graves/Murphy will tell Senator Joseph McCarthy about your Un-American Activities! And THEN you'll be in big trouble!
    OH NO! The Red Scare!

  11. I imagine that CB's frustration level is increasing at the same rate as the font size on his blog.

  12. Hmmm...either kracker now realizes how bad the bunny's botched job is or someone did him a favor and deleted his post about ‘knowing who the real aggressor is when the smoke clears’ on the FRN’s 'I see things have changed' post.…too funny!

  13. I wanted to respond to that:

    "You mean, when we see you in handcuffs?"


  14. Great, JP. Now I can't get that image out of my brain! Now I have to pound my head against the wall to violently evict that picture. OW! OW!

  15. I don't think kracker has had a post on the FRN stay up for more than a day in a long time. Either he should stop posting while stoned, or his buddies should stand up to him and tell him to STFU.

  16. kracker

    Posts: 1250
    Registered: Feb 2005
    posted August 11, 2011 23:29

    As the stomach churns, in time you all will come to realize the truth, whom is the aggressor and whom is actually attacked, when the smoke clears you will all see very clearly!

  17. Hey GF, Could you repost that picture of the bunny posting? It's too small to read and if I blow it up then it's too fuzzy, (This always seems to work for the CSI guys "OK, zoom in on that. Now add the enhancement. Ah, it's just as I thought, his left ear lobe is bigger than his right.").

  18. Click on the posting to be taken to the picasaweb site. Then click the Download link for a full resolution version.

  19. "If some idiot in a bunny suit riding a motorcycle were to pull up beside you at a stop light you'd just ignore him..."

    I wouldn't. I need to complete the collection of motorcycle riding mascots in my basement.

    "Could you repost that picture of the bunny posting?"

    Done. Picasa/Blogger limits clickable inline images to 1600 pixels in either dimension. You can download the full screencap on the left, or click on the partial cropped version on the lower right to see it in a browser window.

    But I see for now at least the WBNY blog page appears intact. Now *that's* commitment to The Big Lie. Never back down. Your socks will always believe in you.

  20. He didn't even see fit to fix the emails, so that they at least appear plausuble.

  21. This all seems like bad news for the Bunny/Kracker 2012 campaign, doesn't it?

  22. Bunny is smarting over everyone knowing his Artie B. accusation is a fake. His new blog is a resentment & hate spew reaction to this.

  23. One might even say it is... nasty!

    I think he's lost it, he and reality no longer intersect. I can see him now, wandering around the deserted WBNY/FRS studio with tissue boxes on his feet, staring at the piles of unwanted t-shirts, QSLs, and boxes of custom packaged M&Ms. No more reception reports from listeners, no more postings on the FRN. Just a pile of stained sockpuppets piled in a heap in the corner.

    He can't go back on the air again, not like he used to, for hours at a time. There's far too many fellow operators and listeners that he's pissed off over the years. Someone will turn him in, like he turned in Doc John, and is presumed to have done to Outhouse and Poet. Oh, he might fired up that rusty grenade for a quickie show now and then, but that's about it.

    It's all over, Commander Bunny. It's all over.

    And don't forget - you did it to yourself.

  24. "This all seems like bad news for the Bunny/Kracker 2012 campaign, doesn't it?"

    What, a scandal, derail a campaign? Piffle. If anything this makes the bunnyman seem viable compared with empty suits like the Bachmann-Palin Underdrive.

    "Bunny is smarting..."

    Hmm... wouldn't have occurred to us to use "bunny" and "smart" in the same sentence. Now that's creative writing.

    "...tissue boxes on his feet..."

    Noah can do it!

  25. Somewhat ironic... there's a link to the WBNY site to a blog entry called "THANK YOU for the Support!", but clicking on it brings up a blank page.

  26. CB must have deleted that post. Saw it earlier. He was singing "The Lurkers Support Me In Email".

  27. Good to see that CB's fame extends to USENET!

    From: Marconi's Ghost
    Subject: Commander Bunny
    Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 17:33:34 -0700

    Good job on shooting yourself in the foot with those faked email
    messages. Then again, it's not like you were going to have any use for
    those remaining shreds of credibility anyway.

    - MG.

  28. "...CB's fame extends to USENET!"

    Thank Dog for Uselessnet. It's the one place online standing between Tales of Radio Paranoia and retroactive eligibility for Mirsky's Worst of the Web.

    Remember those 2006, flamefests? Good times, good times. That's where "Bouncer" (CB's backup alt.identity.rodent) used that "bobsmith6955" e-mail address.

  29. The Radio Bob war played out partly on USENET, on the pirate topics, and on the Urantia topic. Bob was apparently a sincerely practicing Urantian? Go figure.

  30. this is just so wild. after all the attacks and trouble they caused me a few years back, their showing their true colors again. what blows my mind is the level they have sunk to this time, snitching on long established pirates (poet) who have been always been cool and entertaining.
    what a bunch of scum (Kracker & Commander Bunny). screw the F.R.N. too, wow what a bunch of low life losers!!! good luck poet!! get them bastards!!!!

  31. Google Cache of CB's "Thanks for the Support!" post which was pulled.

    "Face it, Poet is a Liar! Guise is a Liar! They do what Liars do, they tell lies, and then they tell more lies to cover up the previous lies until they don’t even know which lie is which!"

    More projection, LOL!

  32. So, the Poet and Guise created sock puppets and created emails from thin air to back their play?
    No...wait a second..that was the Snitch Puppet King. The man with many personalities (and none of them personable)who has tried to divert attention from his misdeeds, but manages to dig himself a deeper warren with each misstep!
    So, where is the apology from the Revolting Rodent?

  33. Congrats GF, Bunny is now attempting to make a blog more in your style than his previous efforts; LOL!

    Be careful, you my be up for the 'most influential pirate blog in the universe!' award!

  34. ....never mind, Bunny just altered his latest blog to his hate spew style.

  35. Murphy's off his meds again, I see. Doesn't he realize that he's just embarrassing himself?

  36. It's really sad to see old people start the downhill slide into senile dementia.

  37. I see Pat is conflating Evil Elvis with Guise Faux; I am not sure which one of them should feel more insulted!

    What's good to see is that Pat has no idea of what he is talking about, as the rest of the pirate world runs circles around him. Brain bubbles are a bitch.

  38. The rodent's latest whine about his enemies:

    "Lets see, they’ve attacked the FRN, Commander Bunny, Kracker, Cosmikdebri, Pat Murphy, Bad Andy, the Bowling Leageneiue and the list goes on and on."

    Let's see, yep, this is a list of the people who have made the FRN unusable. They deserve all of the abuse we can give them. And, if CB counts them as his friends, they deserve each other.

  39. Yes Pat Murphy, why don't *you* go away. You've added nothing of value to the pirate scene for the last few years. All you've done is spew vile and hate. I'm sure it carried over into your professional world, which is why you've been sacked from your consulting/commentary gigs.

  40. Emergency Hutch in Virginia Piedmont Falls in Earthquake! Bunny Escapes With Grenade,Vows to Fight On.

    Rooters. Commander Bunny's back-up hutch,overlooking a lake in the Virginia Piedmont,was totally destroyed Tuesday afternoon in an earthquake that rocked the mid-Atlantic region. The Bunny and his band of loyal followers,had been in hiding at the emergency hutch since being outted earlier in the summer pirate wars.

    Commander Bunny,at first believed to have been killed in the quake,was later seen posting on the FRN about the possibility of Hurricane Irene swamping his spider hole in the dunes of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Bunny vowed in a private email to fight his enemies "From the dunes of Kitty Hawk,to the frozen fields of Kalamazoo!"

    Among the casualties at the hutch listed in the email were Mosby,Beans,Thumper,ILoveMyRadios,
    Bob Smith and a host of others.

    The Bunny was said to have been pulled free of the debris by his loyal Lieutenant,Kracker,who some speculate only saved the Bunny in order to have something to eat in the aftermath of the disaster.

    Pat Murphy,Pirate Radio expert deluxe,when contacted for his opinion on the collapse of the hutch responded,"Hatch? Hatch? You mean that Oren Hatch fella from Utah? Great guy. Met him when I was working for the Governor of Montana. Hey! You damned kids get off of my grass! Yeah,you may look like a third grader,but I know it's you Radio Bob. Trying to get my......I mean Billo's.....I mean Commander Bunny's Gernade!"

    In related news,the Bunny and Kracker were reportedly seen fleeing the collapsed hutch with a North African man they referred to only as "Frizzy Head".

    More to follow as reports come in.


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