Monday, January 28, 2013

Commander Bunny's WBNY Blog Raped By SEO Spammers -- Great Success For The Peoples!

Special report to Tales of Radio Paranoia
by General Shun, DXing Consultant
Contributing reporters Han Lee Gurns & Lauren Sheng

Leave it to the former shortwave radio pirate once known as Commander Bunny Buttmunch of QRP stuporstation WBNY to figure out new, creative and entertaining ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with the same enthusiasm he shows for snacking cecotropes from his butt.

After a long and much needed break from blarging pooping in his Depends, Pat Murphy, aka J. Michael Graves, aka the Virginia Bunnyman, aka Commander Bunny Buttmunch, aka Bob Smith 6955, aka Robert "DCRTV" Smith, aka the sockpuppet quartet of Beans, Thumper, Mosby & Bouncer, aka Ima Snitch, resumed his two favorite occupations in 2013: self pwning and snitching.

In January 2013 the disgraced former radio personality again made the mistake of pretending to understand the internets and, hypnotized by alpha-numeric characters beyond his ken, smashed his head against the keyboard several times, miraculously producing a few barely intelligible rants that appeared to be self-congratulatory about the WBNY blarg web traffic.

And how did the WBNY blarg achieve the stats he claims?  Because as of January 27, Commander Buttmuncher's WBNY blog is infested with SEO crap!  Our Great Peoples crap!  Mostly promoting our Great Peoples Viagra.  You see, my friends, the Buttmuncher's J-Pole is suffering from too much J and not enough pole.

Keyword stuffing - delicious with roast rabbit.

According to the Zulu Risk Analyzer and Google's data, the WBNY blog has achieved the enviable status of "Pretty Fucked Up", usually reserved for Russian child porn delicious cake sites and ancient Web 1.0 Geocities sites hosting sparkly animated GIFs of rainbow unicorns and Barry Manilow midi music.

Yes, Commander Buttmunch, you're No 1, alright.

Only 50 out of 100?  C'mon, ya floppy eared
 poop muncher, you can do better.

Murphy has also resumed another of his favorite occupations: Snitching out rival shortwave pirate radio operators.  Without provocation (including from our own Radio Paranoia blog, which had been on hiatus since August 2012), Murphy has resumed his longtime hobby of publicly posting names and locations of "enemies", some of whom may be active or occasional ops.  (We know of a couple of active or recently active ops among the dozen or so people Murphy has identified by name and location.  There may be others - impossible for anyone to know for certain, especially for ops who never used the Belfast mail drop. --GF)

His WBNY blog (on Ragnar's domain, which otherwise seems clear) is so infested with SEO crap, courtesy of Our Great Peoples, this puny, feeble Murphy is suffering from diarrheatic scooties - scooting his butt along the rug to clean off excess cecatropes.  Now he leaves a brown trail to find his way back to the nursing home after becoming disoriented by the long journey to the mailbox in fruitless hopes of ever seeing another valid signal report.  Other than from himself and the handful of minions still clinging to the corpse of the FRN.

Great Success for The Peoples!  And remember, Confuse-Us say: It is impolite to laugh at the red flag-level fail of Papa Smurphy.  So do it often.

General Shun DX's from a carradio in the remote Peoples Republic of Uukuhu├║wa.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Commander Buttmunch up to his old Trix

by Guise Faux
Official Fun Ruiner

We see Commander Buttmunch has reverted to his usual Trix of naming names and outing "enemies" on his blarg.  Presumably that means the truce is over, gloves are off and the Virginny hillbunny wants ta commence ta feuding.  And by "feuding" we mean, of course, "the bunnyman wants ta commence ta being gently loved in his anus squealing like a pig."  Apparently regular checkups by the doctor using KY on a gloved finger ain't satisfying his closeted needs.

Keep that in mind, folks, should you ever decide to ask for a WBNY QSL.  If you're a pirate station op, active or inactive, or a listener who might ever become an op, be sure to put plenty of buffer between your station info and pirate radio alias, your real name, and The Myxomatosis Kid.

Oh, this poster never gets old.

Don't use any email service that shows your IP/location in the headers.  Gmail is good (sure, Google can spy on you, but they probably won't rat you out to the FCC or drop dox all over the internuts).  So are a couple others.  Don't use Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or most older email services to correspond with the wascally wabbit unless you don't care what he does with your identifying info.  When in doubt you can send yourself an email or email a trusted friend and check the headers to see whether it gives away your IP and location.

Don't access the FRN or WBNY blog without using a proxy.  Startpage includes an option to use the Ixquick proxy to view websites, but disables posting on most sites that use Javascript (including Blogger comment sections).  Otherwise try Tor.  Some freebie proxies work, many don't.  When in doubt, use an IP checker to see whether a proxy actually does what it claims.

Keep in mind this isn't just to protect yourself from the Cecotrope Muncher's proclivity for writing naughty things about you on the interwebs.  Sticks and stones, doncha know.  But he's also a snitch and has reported pirate ops to the authorities.

Have a happy, healthy and fun 2013, folks.  And by "fun" we mean, of course, ruining pirate radio fun for Commandante Buttmunch.