Monday, January 7, 2013

Commander Buttmunch up to his old Trix

by Guise Faux
Official Fun Ruiner

We see Commander Buttmunch has reverted to his usual Trix of naming names and outing "enemies" on his blarg.  Presumably that means the truce is over, gloves are off and the Virginny hillbunny wants ta commence ta feuding.  And by "feuding" we mean, of course, "the bunnyman wants ta commence ta being gently loved in his anus squealing like a pig."  Apparently regular checkups by the doctor using KY on a gloved finger ain't satisfying his closeted needs.

Keep that in mind, folks, should you ever decide to ask for a WBNY QSL.  If you're a pirate station op, active or inactive, or a listener who might ever become an op, be sure to put plenty of buffer between your station info and pirate radio alias, your real name, and The Myxomatosis Kid.

Oh, this poster never gets old.

Don't use any email service that shows your IP/location in the headers.  Gmail is good (sure, Google can spy on you, but they probably won't rat you out to the FCC or drop dox all over the internuts).  So are a couple others.  Don't use Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or most older email services to correspond with the wascally wabbit unless you don't care what he does with your identifying info.  When in doubt you can send yourself an email or email a trusted friend and check the headers to see whether it gives away your IP and location.

Don't access the FRN or WBNY blog without using a proxy.  Startpage includes an option to use the Ixquick proxy to view websites, but disables posting on most sites that use Javascript (including Blogger comment sections).  Otherwise try Tor.  Some freebie proxies work, many don't.  When in doubt, use an IP checker to see whether a proxy actually does what it claims.

Keep in mind this isn't just to protect yourself from the Cecotrope Muncher's proclivity for writing naughty things about you on the interwebs.  Sticks and stones, doncha know.  But he's also a snitch and has reported pirate ops to the authorities.

Have a happy, healthy and fun 2013, folks.  And by "fun" we mean, of course, ruining pirate radio fun for Commandante Buttmunch.


  1. He can't stand the lack of attention. No one was logging his recent transmissions, not even on the FRN. He's become completely irrelevant.

  2. Jerry Michael Graves = Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    So maybe you should move on to the next fast food restaurant where the servers are younger and haven't lost their minds.

  3. I am tired of the F.C.C. snitch known as Commander Murphy doing his "look at me" schtick! As for the "Year of the Rabbit", the Sock Puppet King should feel more comfortable celebrating in 2020, when it is the "Year of the Rat"!

  4. ....And this is why I never wrote the guy, avoid his site, and now are avoiding the FRN board. He wants to play these fucking games, he can do them to himself.

  5. Just as well. The bunnyman may have discovered the market is saturated for unsolicited QSL fridge magnets featuring photos of his favourite butt naked men.

  6. BREAKING---

    The FRN is Down;
    Commander Bunny Can't Get It Up

  7. He's not dead yet?

  8. In my professional medical opinion, he is definately dying--
    at least, just as quickly as all the rest of us.

  9. Guise, thanks to your lurk list, I know why George Reeves killed himself.

  10. Alas, poor George. Not only was he molested by a bunnyman, the bunnyman stole his pyjamas too. Worse still, he keeps posting photos of himself wearing them.

  11. Fashion seems to be his latest thing. He's critizing urban youth and style in today's missive.

    It must be a warm up for his annual WMLK broadcast? He can't have the darker folk getting too uppity.

  12. Could Mike Graves aka Commander Bunny be the inspiration for Notre Dame's linebacker Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend hoax? Let's consider the evidence.

    Faking death.

    Graves - Faked his own death to dodge an ex. Check.

    Teo - Faked having a dead girlfriend to stay in the race for the Heisman Trophy. Check.

    Faking terminal cancer.

    Teo - Claimed girlfriend died of leukemia on the same day his grandmother died of cancer. Kept repeating lie to keep his Heisman chances open. Check.

    Graves - Fakes having terminal cancer when his lies catch up with him. Keeps repeating the story until until the trouble dies down. Check.

    Could this be a coincidence or is Manti Te'o the love child of Mike Graves and a Samoan transexual? You decide.

  13. Crap. I thought this blog was permanently off-the-air.

    Thanks Murph for bringing it back to life.

  14. This blog rocks!

    Thanks Murph for bringing it back to life!

  15. WBNY - The North Korea of pirate radio.

  16. That seems to be a little too harsh on North Korea.


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