Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Anarchy

We are thankful for all our fellow trolls, anarchists, friends, wise counselors, mentors and relay stations who take all the risk. Even if we infuriate some of you. And especially if you infuriate us. Because you helped motivate us to find, claim and fight our own artistic space in this lunatic asylum. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving all you Guys and Guise.

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  1. "Content restricted to WBNY subscribers only. Contact to become a WBNY subscriber!"


    Hey, Jerry? You do realise that that won't take care of the 384593257243 screenshots of your previously-public content that're still floating around the interwebs, right?

  2. Wow, a subscribers only, premium content WBNY blog? Does that include silk straightjackets and gilded bars for the cells?

    If the old WBNY content is still there, it'll still be cached unless he disables crawls. If he disables crawls, his blog will become insignificant.

    And if he's actually deleted the old content, it'll drop off the cache within a few weeks.

    Either way, problem solved.

  3. It seems that Jerry Michael Graves would rather talk to an empty room that doesn't critique his comments, than a room full of people that might point out the flaws in his rhetoric.

    Ignoring his obvious inability to comprehend web server stats, Jerry also fails to consider that most of the people visiting his site aren't doing it for the reasons he thinks they are. They're not mesmerized by his brilliant logic. They're watching a train wreck. The WBNY blog isn't The McLaughlin Group or Firing Line. It's The Jerry Springer show. People visit to watch Jerry/Pat make a fool out of himself.

  4. Jerry, wouldn't it be easier to pick up the phone and just call Kracker?

  5. It's the kind of train wreck where, afterwards, they go around and shoot the survivors.

  6. Even more precious: the old content is back, but now prefaced with what's arguably the best 'we're so much better than you are' paranoid-delusional rant I've seen in a long time.

    The best part: it just isn't possible to make this shit up.

    Good luck to them on finding even one Homer Simpson to wander around asking, "Why won't those stupid idiots let me into their crappy club for jerks?"

  7. even better,

    Cosmik posted new rules for the frn which, on their face, seem to be an improvement. (Of course, even the old rules suffered severely from "selective enforcement".)

    Then Jerry posts the old rules and says "the words still hold true".

    So, again, we know who really runs the frn.

    Sad,the frn used to be great. Now it's a joke and a threat.

  8. I wonder if Commander Bunny realizes that "NSW" is the acronym for New South Wales? When did Doc John move to Australia? { one point he mentions "Fort Smith, NSW")

    And how come he did mention Mike Gaukin or Al Fansome in the latest rantblog?

  9. When you've declared war on as many 'enemies' as Commander Bunny, it becomes difficult to remember them all for citation in your latest rant. Maybe he'll commit his 'enemies list' to a text file, so that he can just copy and paste them in the future.

    'Citation'? yeah, the dual-meaning is intentional.

  10. nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, rag, rag, rag, rag, rag... etc.

  11. November 30, 2011 5:08 AM

    some one is on the rag
    the nag rag


  12. Looks like CB must still be an avid follower of this blog. I notice the references to Doc John in New South Wales (NSW) have vanished.

  13. Meh... the Lagomurph has been rotating names through his enemies list on that blarg rant, trolling for reactions. Lame as he ever was (to butcher a Talking Heads lyric). I've seen teenagers with better troll-fu.

    I'm trying to work up the motivation to respond to his latest blatherings on his blog and that laughable "Participating in the FRN Grapevines" post. But it's hardly even a challenge anymore to provoke him into a tantrum. He's just a pull-string Ranty Rabbit doll. After a few pulls you've heard it all before.

  14. Yeah, yeah, we've heard all of your whining before too and it sounds like a damn record skipping. Long live the rabbit. Poet sucks.

  15. I think it's a rather personal question to ask if someone is an Antichrist. I mean, sure, I have 666 on the side of my head... Oh, anarchist...never mind!

  16. Hey Guise, the Bunny got "28,933 Visitors EVERY SINGLE DAY!" - according to his Liarbitron ratings. I bet you would kill for traffic like that here on your hater-blog. And you people wonder why the Rabbit doesn't fire up the Grenade anymore, has Northern Relay Service or Captain Morgan ever pulled 28,933 shortwave listeners? No!Are there even 28,933 Pirate Radio listeners out there? Andy Yoder wishes! With "28,933 Visitors EVERY SINGLE DAY!" and now Premium Content that requires log-in to see, don't knock the keyboard-pounding hustle!


    I look forward to tomorrow's WBNY blogrant entries about THE POET IN THE HAT and AL FANSOME HEARS A WHO!

  18. I just cannot believe how much corq looks and acts like the grinch. The rabbit is spot on with his latest update. The rabbit is always right. Anybody that doesn't like the rabbit sucks. Suck this. Suck that. Suck off. Suck.

  19. Wow, 28,933 visitors every day to the WBNY blog. Kudos to Kracker, for being able to hit page reload every 3 seconds. But then again, he does have a lot of experience with rapid hand movement back and forth.

  20. kracker is right and you are wrong so corq it, fap-hands!

  21. Speaking of hand-thigh coordination, those sockpuppets probably come in handy for public ego fapping.


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