Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WBNY's Murphy Hopes Stunt Boosts Liarbitron Ratings

"Until this moment... I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness... You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"
--Joseph N. Welch, to Senator Joseph McCarthy, June 9, 1954

"Don't overestimate the decency of the human race." --H. L. Mencken

by Pheme Ossa
Illustrations by Dea Fauxnette

Schlock jock Pat Murphy & The Moaning Crude of WBNY - aka Commander Bunny and his sock drawer - upped the ante in his continuing bid for the top spot in the Liarbitron shortwave pirate radio ratings by taking out a full page ad in trade journals confessing to rampant sockpuppetry, misogyny and multiple personality disorder.

Coming on the heels of his Operation Misogyny campaign, launched October 20th to cyber-stalk and harass women in the shortwave radio hobby, Murphy said he hopes the new ad will secure his position as the Worst Fucking Human Being Ever to Key Up a Microphone. Recipients of that coveted lifetime achievement award include Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw-Haw, Axis Sally, Casey Kasem and Guy Fawkes.

"I know the competition is stiff," said Murphy. "I'm up against truly repugnant fellows like Pastor Peter J. Peters and Karol Madera (VE7KFM), who for the past decade has dominated the shortwave radio Liarbitron sweeps as the most loathsome man behind the mic. Those guys on the 14313 USB kHz splinter of the 20 meter band are incredibly prolific, admirably vile in a way I can only dream of, and crank out booming signals that can actually be heard world wide. I'm lucky if the feral cats in the rusted out trucks in my backyard can hear my 10 watt signal."

"But," he continued, "I'm confident in my support hose team of Beans, Mosby, Thumper, Bouncer, Bill O. Rights, Officious Pus Release, RF Burnz, lovemyradios, Winston, '2531', MIB, theguardianus, Bob Smith and a few other sleeper socks waiting to be involuntarily activated the next time my myxomatosis related dementia kicks in."

Murphy admits it will be very difficult to top Madera in terms of sheer hours on the mic and resilience. "Madera takes as well as he gives. He can absorb verbal punishment that makes me cringe," said Murphy. "I'm really a coward. I can't tolerate even the slightest hint of criticism and I'm incapable of discerning the difference between humour and insult. To compensate for being a paranoid pussy, I've developed a large posse of sockpuppets to support me when I'm incapable of mustering a rational argument or playing the dozens without starting to cry."

"I really believe my versatility in creating a complete cast of support hose characters is my strong suit," Murphy asserted, while speaking to sockpuppets on both of his hands. "Yes, yes, it is," agreed Beans.

"You're the greatest," assured Bill O. Rights, who was absently doodling the words "nasty", "bloggers", "ruining" and "fun" on a napkin. "Notes for my next dozen blog posts," he explained.

"Did I use sockpuppets? Yes I did."
--Commander "Stockingstuffer" Bunny, 13 May 2011

"Its one thing to be critical of another's work, but exposing them to an FCC bust is unforgivable. Shameful conduct," said Murphy. "So that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Murphy plans to tout his many pirate radio accomplishments in the upcoming ad campaign.

Under his many aliases and sockpuppets, the man in the Commander Bunny suit attempted to have authorities shut down a rival Canadian shortwave pirate station in 2011. In 2009, under his support-hose monikers Beans and Official Press Release, the Lagomurph baited another station operator into an argument and then publicly posted the fellow's home city. Murphy has been accused of informing against other pirates, most recently The Crystal Ship.

More recently a blogging blitz by the Virginia Bunnyman has enhanced his reputation as the most deranged broadcaster who isn't on the 75 meter or 20 meter bands.

"Why use a 'blog' to harm others?" wrote Murphy on his WBNY blog earlier this year. "Well... because it's damned fun! For me, at least."

Among his many accomplishments in pirate radio:
  • Murphy garnered coveted firsties by repeatedly posting the actual address for John Poet of The Crystal Ship, even though that specific information was not on the FCC warning letter.
  • Murphy perpetrated a blatant hoax to blame and frame a shortwave listener for the TCS bust, and continued his pitiable laughable insistence on the lie long after his hoax was revealed.
  • He used his multiple sockpuppets to repeatedly slander perceived rivals and enemies as "pedophiles"- thus finally achieving his lifelong goal of becoming indistinguishable from Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and the cannibal hamsters who haunt 14313 USB.
  • Recently the Bunnymurph insulted and harassed women shortwave radio fans who had nothing to do with Murphy's delusional, fabricated paranoid grievances - Gayle Van Horn (respected Monitoring Times magazine and Shortwave Central blog columnist) and Corq, a 133t DXer with mad skillz - characterizing one as "in-bred" and another as a "bitch", "bull dyke" and other colourful pejorative epithets that are sure to win over the next generation of women in radio.
  • Murphy continues to misrepresent a 2008 automobile accident in which a West Virginia DXer was injured. According to law enforcement officials, the radio hobbyist known as Alex explained "I was trying to run over a rabid rabbit and lost control of the vehicle, nearly plunging off a bridge. The officers thanked me for at least wounding the critter." Deputies shot and killed the varmint which turned out to be one of the many deranged Virginia Bunnymen who haunt the hills in that region.

For all these achievements in the black arts of chicanery, generalized misanthropy with a specialty in misogyny, flagrant sockpuppetry with brazen disregard for the sound of facepalming heard 'round the world, unrepentant lying and nut-tucking that would make Scrat and Jame Gumb envious, Tales of Radio Paranoia offers best wishes to Pat Murphy in his continuing quest to secure a spot as The Worst Fucking Human Being Ever to Key Up a Microphone.

Tales of Radio Paranoia got a sneak peek at Murphy's
upcoming Liarbitron ratings blitz ad.

Our intrepid rumours and graphics editor, Dea Fauxnette, is disGuising herself in a city of refuge whilst waiting for the current outbreak of mad-hare myxomatosis-driven cyber-stalking to run its course.

Correction 11/5/11: This article, written by Pheme Ossa, our Senior Women's Issues Correspondent, was originally incorrectly credited to Guise Faux. The attribution has been corrected. Our apologies to Ms. Ossa for the error.


  1. Hey Pat,

    You're blowing 'Winston's cover being from Harpers Ferry now that the only real person involved in the pirate hobby from that locale is calling BS on your antics and is also familiar with your stalking habits.

    I'd invite any Op that sent QSL's to Harpers Ferry to see if the dxer who sent you a reception report matches the name posted on Pat's blog.

  2. Alex is the ONLY DXer I ever QSLed from Harpers Ferry.

    Maybe not the only visitor TO Harpers Ferry, however, on those "sockpuppet alternate I.P. weekends".... right, Pat?

  3. "I'm in Harpers Ferry this weekend, and I don't care who knows it!" ~ Winstonsock

  4. I guess, that Beans/Murphy/Bunny/Graves etc., et.al. and his Circle of Jerks are the members of the He-Man Women Haters Club.
    Wow, I guess sexism, misogyny, stalking, and fear of a modern world are suppose to make Free Radio "fun"
    for those knuckle dragging, mouth breathing Neanderthals.

  5. Oh, crap. It said "Create a Link." I thought it said "Create a Fink" but that's already been done too.

  6. "Murphy said he hopes the new ad will secure his position as the Worst Fucking Human Being Ever to Key Up a Microphone. Recipients of that coveted lifetime achievement award include Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw-Haw, Axis Sally, Casey Kasem and Guy Fawkes."

    That's needlessly cruel to Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw-Haw, Axis Sally, Casey Kasem, and Guy Fawkes. Sure, all but the last two on that list were complete pieces of shit, but at least they were laughable pieces of shit. And it's always entertaining to hear Casey Kasem develop Tourette's Syndrome, so at least he fulfills a purpose. Guy Fawkes probably didn't give a damn about radio since it hadn't yet been discovered when he was alive, but I do find his approach towards government appealing, so he gets a pass.

    Pat, you should really get in touch with VE7KFM about having him be a WBNY relay. Just think of it: the around-the-world reach you've always wanted could potentially be at your fingertips right there on 14313 - and your programming certainly matches his in quality if not quantity.

  7. anal behavior

    If you've ever taken psych 101, you'll recall freud's "anal" phase. This tag is most commonly misapplied to people who just express extreme preference or an affinity for neatness, but I digress. The adult version of freudian anal behavior is not one showing particularity or preference, which is how the label is improperly applied in American parlance, but rather this anal behavior in adulthood is typified by gaining control through psychological games. For example, you say someone's name, and again, and again. They pretend not to hear you. When you've finally stopped and given up, they respond, "hmm? did you say something?" Through this they gain and attempt to stay in control. This is played out in a grander scale when people buy tickets to a concert, go and then have to beg, by chanting, for the act to come out. The act finally comes out but only when it's their idea. Get it?

  8. Pat's latest post claims that Kracker is Commander Bunny. Clearly this is untrue, as it isn't possible to create a blog entry using crayons.

  9. On VE7KFM I'm kind of on the fence; he may say crazy offensive things (I've heard recordings of some of his transmissions, but never live) but then there is this large contingent of American hams who allegedly record what he says, bends what he says like a balloon animal in editing, then transmits the libel to the unknowing. I've seen YouTube videos (look for "baro68" and "20 meter pirates") where Karol is ragchewing and somebody is trying to jam him with Elton John. In short, it's a clusterfuck far worse than Bill O. Rights/ Commander Bunny because at least with Pat Murphy we know who is who now.

  10. Now CB blogs “Kracker is Commander Bunny, JTA is Commander Bunny, Pat Murphy is Commander Bunny, George Zeller is Commander Bunny, Cosmikdebri is Commander Bunny”. This is beginning to sound like the “Andy Yoder is not Radio USA, Radio USA is not Andy Yoder, George Zeller is not Radio USA, JTA is not George Zeller, George Zeller is not Andy Yoder, etc.” stuff from the 1990s.

  11. what did you expect from a big ass it's anal behavior

  12. Thanx for the QSL, John. I no longer live in Harpers Ferry, BTW, but not too far away, after being in VA for awhile, I'm Back in West-by-God.


  13. Pat's best work was on the show "Murphy in the Toilet", which aired right after lunchtime. He always sounds a little flushed on that show.

  14. Hateful anti-hate blogs, sockpuppet anti-sockpuppet blogs, lying anti-lying blogs.......Hey Mike, can we try a Pat anti-Pat blog? At least you would have covered all your bases!

  15. @Strelnikov: "On VE7KFM I'm kind of on the fence; he may say crazy offensive things (I've heard recordings of some of his transmissions, but never live) but then there is this large contingent of American hams who allegedly record what he says, bends what he says like a balloon animal in editing, then transmits the libel to the unknowing."

    That's a fair point. Recently most of what I hear in Madera's voice on 14313 are old recordings. Some are sliced and diced but not all. He's said enough crazy and offensive stuff over the years that it isn't necessary to edit anything to make him seem worse - he does that well enough on his own.

    But after listening to those fellows for years, including on their previous 14275 haunt, I've heard plenty of instances with Madera live on the mic, debuting the material that's since gone into syndication for reruns. N4TAT is another fellow whose utterances have been remixed for frequent playback.

    When 20m conditions are good - which is often - and QRN is very low, you can clearly hear when those fellows play back off-air recordings. There's a distinct difference between the recorded background QRN and the current real QRN sound.

    Some of the regulars on 14313 are damned good at audio editing tricks as well. With their strong signals and top notch audio they'd make fine pirates if they cared to. Either way, those fellows are master trolls. It's entertaining, as long as you aren't their target.

  16. Just pull up in their parking lot with your laptop, and YOU can pretend to live in Harpers Ferry TOO!

    Free Wifi hotspot Harpers Ferry

    (Pardon my earlier mistake; he doesn't even have to spring for a room-- just pull up and let the posts fly!)


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