Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Radio Paranoia FUNnies are Back!

Sunday Funnies With Dea

Happy Hallows Eve, Samhain, Guising and whatever else you pirates, anarchists, neopagans and trolls wish to celebrate! We haven't done Sunday Funnies for awhile. Let us see how our new ParanoiDroid smartypants phone fares with this sort of nonsense.

Our intrepid rumours and graphics editor, Dea Fauxnette, is Guising in a city of refuge whilst waiting for the current outbreak of fatal mad-hare myxomatosis to run its course.


  1. "Yes, Virginia, there IS an evil bunnyman who will stalk you and other nasty things..."

  2. We suspect the anal wart is an alien unto itself...great Halloweenie piece, as always. <3

  3. "...the anal wart is an alien unto itself..."

    By the Golden Apple of Eris, you've inspired Dea to create a Headburster.

    H.R. Giger would be proud.

  4. Cut the head off that thing, put the rest in a smoker and you might have something there. With mesquite of course.

  5. I'll bet Bobby Flay would be happy to provide a recipe for that throwdown. Kracker prides himself in his pursuit of being rejected, ejected and banned for trolling, including from Flay's site.

  6. the damn thing looks like a dick
    very fitting all things considered

  7. "...the damn thing looks like a dick..."

    H.R. Giger's alien designs - the Facehugger, Chestburster and adult Xenomorphs - all embraced a strong sexual innuendo. It's no coincidence that most of the victims of the various forms of alien penetration were male, which resonates oddly and uncomfortably with the largely self-identified heterosexual male demographic of the fanbase of this movie series.

    Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon said "One thing that people are all disturbed about is sex... I said 'That's how I'm going to attack the audience; I'm going to attack them sexually. And I'm not going to go after the women in the audience, I'm going to attack the men. I am going to put in every image I can think of to make the men in the audience cross their legs. Homosexual oral rape, birth. The thing lays its eggs down your throat, the whole number.'"

    Cameron's sequel, "Aliens", further blurs the sexual boundaries when colonial space Marines Frost and Spunkmeyer (both males - and note the sexual innuendo in Spunkmeyer's name) joke about getting some "Arcturian poontang" and Frost admits he doesn't even care that his Arcturian sex partner was a male.

    Oh, wait, you meant the Krackerburster's head looks like a dick?

    I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it.

    Cannot unsee...

  8. what has been seen can not be unseen

  9. Now that it's Nov 1, I'm guessing that the rodent never made the all-important Halloween broadcast, right?

  10. There was a WBNY Halloween broadcast, fairly audible from our East Coast QTH somewhere north of the bunnyman. But it sounded like an older programme - none of the bile that's typified his more recent shows.

  11. By the looks of things as of early this morning, his material's running dry again. I am disappoint. Undoubtedly he'll just make stuff up if he can't find anything, eventually.

    His imagination seems oddly fixated toward a particular ...trend, shall we say; females just seem to throw him off kilter, or so it would seem.

  12. This guy is all about controlling others or more accurately, when you lose control over others and activities around you.

  13. Run, rabbit run
    Dig that hole, forget the sun
    And when at last the work is done
    Don't sit down
    It's time to dig another one

  14. And now CB is fixated on "Commander Bunny Hater" Alex Vranes Jr.

    I guess Winston the dentist forwarded CB the three-year old article from the police blotter.

  15. @Guise Faux
    I noticed that he hadn't posted a new Halloween show to his site....sock puppetry takes up 90% of CB's time now I guess.

  16. One of these days I'll have to clear all of that crap up.
    The car wasn't stolen--it was mine. But, it turns out that the plates were. Mine had expired, along w/my license. When I tried to renew both b4 they had, I found out I had unpaid tickets from 20 years ago that finally showed up, and didn't have the $$$ to pay them all off right away (just over $2000, because some jurisdictions charge interest on unpaid tickets/fines). So I paid a neighbor/junkie to temp use plates from 1 of his non-running vehicles, and it turns out they were stolen. I did panic and take off, because besides driving on expired license/improper registration, I also had some "vegetative matter" ( ;-P ) and devices used to consume "such matter," lol, and wanted to "dispose of them properly," which I barely had time to do (at the bridge), but they did find one of the "devices," lol, for which I was charged. All other charges except fleeing/eluding were dropped, and I was fined $500 and got some home detention, which gave more time for Pirate DX'ing! Actually went in2 more detail than I had planned right now, but that should clear up some of the B.S. (Bunny Sh*t) that "others" are spreading!

    (you know who)

    License, etc., are all legit now! Yaaaaaaaay!

  17. Now THIS is why I luvz pie-rats radio! Some of the most colourful folks and blokes anywhere. Normies are so boring. Life is short, so celebrate the crazy while you can.

  18. anon @ Nov 6, 305pm No explanations needed ;-)

    The good and bad of public records laws is that they can be drudged and slanted any way the presenter cares to, that's the Gimmick.

    I think when this happens to politicos, they claim "youthful Indiscretion!" and move on, and I think we can all probably live with that strategy too -- just not the bunny, he needs victims to torment, and we just refuse to be victims.
    (Its going out of vogue, anyway, once again, Bunny just hasn't caught up.)

    Bunny has been in yellow media (not journalism, in any form, mind you) for years, his whole career was sowing "implications".

    Today, I seem to be the sole debbil, so you kids, take a day off and go have FUN! ;-)


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