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Dishing With Dea

How in heaven's name did Funny Bunny discover we are a "she"? * We were ever so careful to keep that our little secret. We even swore like a bowlegged sailor, which, we can assure you one and all, is completely uncharacteristic for moi.

Did one of our treasured readers tell our little secret, hmm? Oh, we are so miffed we could stamp our feet!

Okay, we're over it.

In three bunny-blurt-blogs on the 20th alone - with many revisions - the paranoid narcissistic Lagomurph said (now, treasured readers, you must imagine the Virginia Bunnyman speaking in a very cross voice)...

"Harrumph, I know who you are and I'm very cross about this and I shan't put up any longer with your impertinence and if you insist on continuing down this path I shall be forced to say naughty things about you on the internet and on the radio and on refrigerator magnets! And I shall do so in VERY CROSS ALLCAPS with Exclamation!!! Marks!!! Aplenty!!!"
Signed, very truly yours, etc., etc.,
Commander Bunny Commode Lid Unfunny
Greatest Pirate of Them All

Of course we nearly missed all the excitement as we were on holiday. We began in September with a lovely drive through Murphy, NC, en route to our snug Umbrage Island cabin up north of the border in Manitou Province.

Whilst passing through dreary Hampton Roads, VA, we spotted a most peculiar sight on a residential thoroughfare in Newport News: A desperate looking fellow wearing a rather frayed hareshirt and, around his bum, cloth nappies that appeared soiled. He was wandering aimlessly around the middle of the road and as we slowed to see if the fellow needed medical or psychiatric assistance, he fetched something from his nappies and thrust it towards us, bellowing "Have a WBNY QSL package!"

With that the odiferous fellow tossed the horrible thing into our car. Astonished, we realised it was a small rodent with its rear legs missing. As we snapped a piccy, the horrible lout picked a tiny, bloody rodent's foot from his teeth and leered "Want me to sign it for you?"

He cackled and scampered away towards a corner street sign where he pulled what appeared to be an Oompa Loompa from his nappies, and yelled something about "Crackers!" at the creature. The two flailed around and stuck something to the sign and, having accomplished that, the hareshirted fellow jammed the Oompa Loompa back into his diaper. After the vagabond scuttled away a safe distance we approached the sign to see what he had done.


(Photo URL for metadata.)

"Read it to me," I asked (as you know, my eyesight is not terribly good).

Guise snapped another piccy, this one with his iPhone. He held the screen towards me and said "STOP Commander Bunny."

"A very sensible plan," I said.

We continued northwards to Umbrage Island, with stops along the way to visit old chums. Quite pleasant, all in all, but possibly our last visit until next summer, as neither of us enjoys the winters.

And since we brought the diminutive Panasonic RF-B65 along, we were able to enjoy some first rate shortwave free radio entertainment from a few stations, including an oh-so-amusing new programme from our friend the Poet of The Crystal Ship, courtesy of his well organized network of relay stations. Well done, fellows!

On the way back this past week, curiosity got the better of us and we detoured to Newport News once again to check on the eccentric hareshirted vagabond. We didn't see him. But we did notice an alteration to the stop sign we'd photographed weeks earlier: Another sticker, this one with something about "Commander Bunny: FCC Snitch."

Since Guise enjoys dabbling in geocaching we snapped another piccy with the iPhone, which has this clever thingie that records GPS coordinates in the metadata. Makes it ever so much easier to share our travels with others.

It provides a nice map of the geographic coordinates for each photo. If you're a clever person you can view the metadata and map here, here, or here. Copy the actual photo URL and paste it into an appropriate metadata reader - great fun if you enjoy sharing travel routes through your holiday snaps with your friends on sites that can make use of such metadata.

That Steve Jobs was a clever fellow. I'd give him a big hug... well, if he were still alive.

Latitude:37.11206° Longitude:-76.527058°

We are sooo looking forward to those promised memorabilia from the Lagomurph. He's spending a small fortune on gifts to honour his favourite bloggers, Poet of TCS and moi. We do hope to receive a hare package... after the parcel has navigated our network of seven post boxxies. No personal visits, please, at least not until Funny Bunny is back on his regimen of Haredol and Rabbilify to quell his multiple personality disorder.

*Commander Murphy is, of course, insane, implying those connections, or any variation thereof. But why let that stand in his way when he's busy alienating everyone in the shortwave listening hobby whilst simultaneously trashing his own reputation and demonstrating the need for a human vaccine against myxomatosis.
Dea Fauxnette is a sight-impaired but sharp-eared correspondent for Tales of Radio Paranoia. Don't try to sneak anything past her. She heard you coming before you got started.


  1. Oh my gosh!

    You're sooooo sexy when you use GPS coordinates! Want to take a ride with me in my new classic car?

    Nevermind about Corporal Hareball-- he means nothing to me!!

  2. Oh lordy. Commander Buttsteak has posted again...

    Guise, It appears that today you aren't Gayle anymore-- today you are Corq!

    Commander-- you really are adept at ferreting out all these landmines, and stepping squarely on them! It isn't someone else who is 'BUSTED' here-- it is YOU who are 'BUSTED', you who have fallen into a 'trap' by your response today--

    For you have just CONFIRMED that you are NOW in the business of systematically STALKING FEMALE DXers! (I have helpfully created another copy of your post, as I know how often you tend to lose things...)

    WELL done!
    (But I must confess, I am somewhat taken aback at the loss of your attention-- and I thought you loved ME! Fickle furry.)

    You aren't nearly as smart as you think. Lots of people contribute to this blog--- lots of us are trading information constantly--- "so you think we don't talk?"

    That doesn't make us all 'Guise Faux'. It does, however, make you look pretty stupid--- yet again.

  3. You are Number 6.

  4. I'm am not a number I am a free man!

  5. Something that may be of use to Firefox users seeking to view EXIF data: the EXIF Viewer extension. Lets you extract all EXIF data from an image right in the browser, and helpfully parses any contained GPS info right into clickable links for your map-viewing pleasure.

    Good job on this one. It does lead one to wonder how much longer they're going to try to keep up the charade - even an inebriate like Kracker must be seeing the leaks in the hull by now.

  6. "...even an inebriate like Kracker must be seeing the leaks in the hull by now."

    Implying Krackwhore isn't the rat swimming in the bilge gnawing holes in the hull to sink the ship.

  7. Can somebody explain what the most recent post entry on Radio Jamba International is supposed to mean?

  8. According to Dea and insider sources, Funny Bunny, Krackwhore and parties unnamed are methodically cyber-stalking and IRL-stalking every woman suspected of owning a shortwave radio or having ever expressed an interest in any unapproved radio hobbyist website, aka, any site other than the Floating Rotten Nutsack.

    In real life, this is generally referred to as "stalking." In rodent nuthugger circles, it's thought of as "courting" or "parole violation."

  9. Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-152.7:1. Harassment by computer; penalty. (2000)

    "If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor."

    In the context of this language... one could reasonably make the arguement that Commander Murphy's entire blog is a Class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Virginia.

    You may think it's all a big joke, Commodore, but it appears that the state of Virginia might have a different opinion... Shall we find out?

  10. So the Cowardly Keyboard Pounding Snitch Puppet King has gone from lying to sockpuppeteering to snitching to creating fake emails to stalking?
    I wonder if his Circle of Jerks are aiding and abetting in these latest misadventures? And I wonder if Commander Chicken will ever allow true commentary on his blog?
    But, then again, he will would allow probably you to comment on the Whining Bunny Now Yellow blog, if you would send him the 3 first class stamps and your actual physical address for his own nefarious purposes!!

  11. I'm surprised Ragnar is letting Pat use his site for these stalking attacks. It probably makes him liable as well.

  12. This has been a boon for btw; You can't *buy* this kind of infamy.

    It makes a girl feel so flattered!

  13. @ anon 9:36am

    Could you please elaborate?

  14. "Could you please elaborate?"

    That Anon is referring to Ragnar's domain, which hosts Commander Bunny's WBNY blog, amongst many other constructive and valuable tidbits relevant to pirate radio.

    As far as I'm concerned, Ragnar is a good chap who has tried his best to remain objective about the volatile pirate radio hobby for several years. He's been extraordinarily diligent in documenting the scene and archiving an incredible amount of information and audio recordings. As with journalists, objective documentarians and archivists are occasionally - and in my opinion, inaccurately and unfairly - reviled for declining to choose sides or to condemn the subjects of their field of study. One cannot choose strong or unwavering affiliations and also be an objective, archivist.

    Individuals who use or abuse the interbutt are responsible for their own content - presuming the individual is of sound mind, which is doubtful in the case of the man in the bunny suit. Ragnar isn't responsible for Commander Bunny's cyber-stalking and intimidation of women in the shortwave radio community. The Lagomurph is responsible for his own behavior.

    On his own WROV bio, where he worked as J. Michael Graves, Pat Murphy himself stated "I was insane, not stupid!"

    The latter is also in question.

  15. As the owner of a web hosting account, Ragnar is ultimately legally responsible for all content posted on that web space, whether he personally posts it or not. By continuing to play host to the WBNY blog, which has become a cesspool of blatant TOS violations, he is allowing all of his websites which may also be hosted on that account to be endangered.

  16. Murphy has completely lost the plot.

  17. It's like Ozzy's "Crazytrain" is playing in his head all the time....

  18. Simply amazing! Commander Bunny, Poet, and Guise Faux are still kicking one another in the balls. Why don't you faggots admit to your true feelings, and suck each other off?

  19. What's really going to be funny, is that I'll be the man left laughing when the end of this pirate bullshit is done, and you all ending up shitting a brick. ;) See ya...

  20. "...Commander Bunny, Poet, and Guise Faux are still kicking one another in the balls."

    Bubeleh! Get with the program. Commander Bunny already admitted he is Guise Faux. And ComBun said Guise Faux is Poet's sockpuppet. Therefore, Commander Bunny is Poet.

    So when Pat Murphy - aka Guise Faux, according to Commander Bunny himself:

    1. Continually exposes the real identities of Poet, Commander Bunny, Bill O. Rights, and
    2. Confesses to using multiple sockpuppets (Beans, Mosby, Thumper, Bouncer, Official Press Release, ad hareseum) to harass and expose other pirates, and
    3. Confesses to cyber-stalking, intimidating and harassing women...'s all just part of the total entertainment package you've all come to cherish from your number one King of Pirate Radio and Master of Multiple Fursonality Disorder.

    Oh, one more thing... since Commander Bunny admitted he is Guise Faux and now says Guise Faux is Corq - a woman - Commander Bunny, aka Pat Murphy, wants to make it absolutely, unequivocally, irrevocably clear that he has no balls.

    It's very simple, so just sing along with me...

    I am she as you are he as he is me.
    And we are all together.
    See Pat run like a bunny from a pun.
    See how he cries.
    I'm lying.

  21. One or multiple people, the Father, The son, and the Holy Ghost... blah blah blah... Doesn't matter. You're still going to be fucked.

  22. Anonymous of October 29, 2011 12:14 PM:

    Care to clarify who you meant that for?

  23. Anonymous said...
    One or multiple people, the Father, The son, and the Holy Ghost... blah blah blah... Doesn't matter. You're still going to be fucked.
    --October 29, 2011 12:14 PM

    Sounds like someone's preaching the Nihilistic Gospel of Saint Pat of Narcissus. No golden apple for you.

  24. I wouldn't want a golden apple that's been in your hands anyway. Chances are it's been poisoned.

    Sure I can clarify... It's meant for Pat Mushmouth, Pansy Poet, Ga Ga Faux, Pigshit, Krackwhore, and other bullshit Radio Bob wannbe pirate types.

  25. We see. So you hate everybody.



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