Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Murphy Scrambles To Salvage Floundering Commander Bunny Campaign

Secures Last Place Finish by Hare-Thin Margin
Bunny Clinches Spot Firmly Behind Rights Activist Fred Karger
Hare Confesses "I'd rather be atop Perry in the polls."

Brown Nose the Pirate, Staff Writer Troll
Radio Paranoia News Disservice/Sept. 28, 2011


As the crazy-train campaign of Commander Bunny continues to run off the rails, we were granted a rare look inside the political machine of the perennial presidential-hope(ful)less and psychiatric ward escapee.

Meanwhile, suffering a meltdown rivaling that of opponent Rick Perry (aka "Flubber" and "Bush Zero") during the recent Republican debates, Commander Bunny added the names of several figures from the shortwave pirate scene to his ever growing enemies list, further alienating his dwindling support base.

Inside the WBNY studio, the bunnyman was photographed having an apparent nervous breakdown, sitting on the floor wearing a diaper, tissue boxes on his feet and with what appeared to be a growth of hair, beard and fingernails untrimmed since his failed 2008 campaign and subsequent confinement in an insane asylum, where he was remanded after courts ruled he was unfit to stand trial as the notorious Virginia Bunny Man, but otherwise fit to run for public office. Small rodents were visible nesting in his beard.

"Look at this list of enemies of pirate radio! Look, here's proof!" he sputtered, holding up what appeared to be a length of feces-soiled toilet paper. "They're ruining my fun! It used to be that only I was allowed to abuse other pirates and listeners! Now they're fighting back, daring to oppose me. Even worse, they're LAUGHING AT ME!!!" The disconsolate rabbit buried his face in the "list" and moaned "Shit-shit-shit, the whole thing stinks!"

"Ah-ha!" he squeaked, plucking a dried bit of fecal material from the toilet paper 'list'. "I give them names, you know," he confided.

"Such as?", the reporter asked.

"Such as... names of enemies," he murmured, staring at the fecal pellet. "I'll call this one... 'Guise'," he concluded, and popped the turd into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

Asked if he could elucidate any coherent policies that might regain supporters, the Commander yelped "My health care plan! Mandatory mxyomatosis vaccines!"

When it was pointed out that mxyomatosis affects only lagomorphs, the Rodent Revolution's prime candidate screamed "Here! Have a goddam QSL package!" then dug into his diaper and flung brown M&Ms at the reporter. Upon examination the brown pellets turned out to be cecotropes, each personally expelled and individually autographed by the bunnyman.

"They're nutritious and flavorful," he whispered confidentially, shoveling pawsful into his mouth. His eyes widened and glistened with that irresistible cuteness beloved by anime fans and hunters. Through muffled sobs he moaned "I only wanted to share. Don't hate me because I'm so hareful."

"How do you explain your many attacks on pirate radio operators and fans?", asked a reporter. "You've used multiple sockpuppets to dominate the FRN - to which you confessed in your blog earlier this year, before deleting your confession. You've trolled other pirate radio websites and usenet to flame rivals, using sockpuppets named Beans, RF Burnz, lovemyradios, Bouncer, Thumper, Mosby, and too many others to list.

Asked to explain the increasingly bizarre behavior and hypocritical actions... Pat Murphy, snapped, presciently, "I don't know myself anymore."

"You've flamed, lied about and attempted to expose well liked pirate radio operators such as Radio Ga-Ga and Doc John. You used the pseudonym 'Bob Smith' in an attempt to expose Doc John and have his station shut down. You've gloated over the FCC actions toward John Poet of The Crystal Ship, and
unnecessarily repeated his personal information on your blog, including exposing his family to your temper tantrums. You've been caught harassing and lying about many shortwave pirate listeners. You've given tacit approval to your henchman Vice Presidential candidate Kracker's abuses of other pirates and listeners. You're accused of abusing access to IP information for FRN members, and abusing access to names and mailing addresses for your ebay sales of WBNY memorabilia through a Virginia based vendor.

"You've repeatedly accused Artie Bigley of reporting TCS to the FCC yet you have never provided a shred of credible evidence - and the so-called evidence you did provide proved to have been clumsily falsified by you. Do you believe at this point there is any hope of protecting what little remains of your legacy, let alone winning an election?"

"I can't hear you, can't-hear-you, can't-hear-you," Commander Bunny chanted, stuffing wads of feces-soiled toilet paper into his long ears. "Nyah-nyah-nyah!!!"

Behind the scenes, the bunnyman's handlers admit they're struggling to replace the alienated pirate radio operators and fans.

"Nobody in his right mind would post to the FRN unless they were behind 7 proxies," a nasty, rumor-mongering cowardly anonymous source disclosed. "Commander Bunny can't sell his pogey bait - T-shirts, refrigerator magnets, pens - because no one trusts his ebay sales. So he's forced to give away expensive trinkets hoping to bribe someone... anyone... into praising him for his attack-rabbit style."

"We've struck a deal with the government to release Somali pirates-cum-fashion models into our custody for the duration of the campaign," the cowardly anonymous source confided. "The Somalis have bred generations of fierce pirates who know nothing other than constant warfare, exploiting their own people and preying on unwary passersby. Which should make for a good match with Commander Bunny, who seeks conflict where none exists. With luck, this will help the volume of logs to the FRN without having to resort to sockpuppets. At least until CB alienates the next group of listeners and pirates."

However, a US State Department spokesmodel said, "There must be some confusion. The Somalis we're releasing believe they're going to be fed." Assured the Somalis would not be charged with cannibalism for eating wild hare in the event ransom demands for Commander Bunny was refused, the Somali pirates were en route to the WBNY studio for luncheon.

Asked to explain the increasingly bizarre behavior and hypocritical actions of his charge ward client, Commander Bunny's Hasenpropagandaministerium, Pat Murphy, snapped, presciently, "I don't know myself anymore."

"Now, if you don't mind," said Murphy, "I'm busy manipulating multiple sockpuppets to keep Commander Bunny's name on the cutting edge of humiliatingly public celebrity meltdown. It's a full time job, making a complete mess of a hard-earned legacy, but with my experience as an aggressive, confrontational commercial broadcast radio talk show host playing fast and loose with facts, turncoat political consultant and abrasive commentator on Hampton Roads, Virginia, regional politics, I'm the man for the job."


  1. The Commander Bunny Howard Hughes impersonation is going to get framed and receive a place of honor on my radio room wall. Great story ! Exactly as I pictured him .

  2. so in a nutshell

    he bumped his head
    went crazy
    plays with dirty socks
    eats shit
    pounds his keyboard and limp weiner

    destroys what he can't control
    blames everyone but himself for his actions

  3. Thank you, Mr. Faux. Thank you for making us laugh again! Bunny/Murphy is again made the laughing stock of the Free Radio world and deservedly so.

  4. Hey CB - Be careful at the show. Whenever you hand out a crybaby magnet, you'll likely get a "Stop Being A Dick" magnet in return.

  5. JTA - Why do you continue to let Pat soil the reputation of your maildrop by using it to spread hurtful (and hateful) attacks on other operators?

  6. LOL! CB's FRN OPR; he couldn't stand the silence any longer!

  7. "LOL! CB's FRN OPR; he couldn't stand the silence any longer!"

    His back room is probably full of campaign freebies and other assorted Commander Bunny crap, and his wife/girlfriend/live-in furry dominatrix is demanding "either that shit goes or I do!"


    Meanwhile the Dutch pirates carry on blasting music toward the American East Coast, the Russian UVB-76 transmitter buzzes away happily, ten zillion African stations reach listeners on 500 watts or less, the pescadores fart around at 6600 khz....and nobody gives a rat's ass about a 5 watt "superstation" run by a fake rabbit.

  8. another great one!! get that bastard bunny!! roast him over a fire and feed him to the rats!!

  9. I'm surprised JTA doesn't mind being a party to cyber stalking.

  10. Why should JTA stop handling the Murphbunny's QSLs? What good are friends if they abandon you the first... or tenth... sign of insanity?

    But be sure to check those WBNY pens for tracking devices or poison gas.

  11. Pat's girlfriend isn't going to go-- she owns the place!

  12. "Pat's girlfriend isn't going to go-- she owns the place!"

    See, that's my thing - I know NOTHING about the personal lives of these people, and I would prefer to stay in the dark. I would call it a "Kirk Trummel rule" - it adds to the experience to NOT know that "Captain Hotdog" of "KFRT Radio" is actually Joe Jack Johnson, retired welder and part-time tow-truck driver. When I did FM piracy with that group, all the personal BS actually got in the way of making decent radio!

  13. "I know NOTHING about the personal lives of these people, and I would prefer to stay in the dark."

    Glad you brought that up, because it's been a relevant subject of discussion behind the scenes for some time.

    My reply turned out to be so lengthy the only reasonable way to post it would be as a new blog entry. If the hamster-wheel generator holds up I'll post it tonight or tomorrow. Should make for some lively discussion, and a rare break from this blog's usual absurdist approach.

  14. I would call it a "Kirk Trummel rule" - it adds to the experience to NOT know that "Captain Hotdog" of "KFRT Radio" is actually Joe Jack Johnson, retired welder and part-time tow-truck driver.

    I agree. While I've been in this hobby long enough to know who a few pirates are, it's better to not know who most of them are.

  15. It's certainly better for the pirates.

  16. ...and again, Pat just responded to his own FRN post under his Suck Puppet 'Winston' name; LOL!

  17. ...and then runs over and does another stupid WBNY blog post. Can't he tell how obvious he is?

    He's gone into panic mode lately, I guess the last few blogs exposing more of his BS have really gotten to him along with his self deserved isolation.

  18. Add another sock puppet to the list, albeit one that has probably been inactive for some time. Look at the name and location of the editor of the ACE issue posted on the FRC:

    Steve Rogovich
    P.O. Box 64251
    Virginia Beach, VA. 23467

    Years ago, Radio Bob spent an entire day posting nasty messages on the FRN, accusing Pat of being Rogovich, with Pat deleting them as fast as he could. This was the final episode that got Bob banned, and triggered the kracker/Murphy vendetta against him. At the time, Murphy claimed to have no idea who Rogovich was, but it appears that Bob was right on the money: Rogovich was an early PM pirate sock puppet.

    I miss Radio Bob.

  19. "...accusing Pat of being Rogovich..."

    When a fellow of Murphy's notability and notoriety has obviously resorted to such extensive sockpuppetry, trolling and flaming for so many years, trust is undermined. It's understandable that we may begin to see suspicious socks everywhere.

    It's also amusingly ironic, since Murphy seemed to sense the scent of Radio Bob in every wood pile, and in every new FRN member. A couple of visitors to the Bowling League's IRC channel said they were vetted by Kracker, who also seemed to suspect Radio Bob was lurking everywhere in pirate's clothing.

    But it would be stretch to say Steve Rogovich is another Murphy sockpuppet without further evidence. Proximity and a common interest seem like convenient links. But Rogovich has a long history of constructive involvement in the hobby as a former DiaLogs editor (see Berg's "Listening on the Short Waves, 1945 to Today"), as well as a history of a life totally apart from the radio hobby (see "Hurricane Irene Board of Directors and Committee Chairs"). And while Murphy (and his socks) have often expressed contempt for hams, Rogovich is a licensed amateur radio operator.

    Let's just say I'm skeptical for the moment.

  20. HEY
    your master has spoken you know who he is >PAT MURPHY< you hurt his feelings and the FRN is having a lack of posts you are killing the FRN
    wah wah boo hoo

    Pat Murphy
    Cat Herder

    Posts: 988
    Registered: Dec 98
    posted October 06, 2011 09:30 Click Here to See the Profile for Pat Murphy Click Here to Email Pat Murphy Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote OK so the FRN has been through some hard bumps in the past year. The Joplin Tornado did long-term damage to the FRN's up time.

    But the FRN has remained neutral in this nasty so called "Pirate War" and hasn't been dragged down into the muck. Oh its been bad-mouthed, but only because it maintained its standard of "No attacking Pirate Operators".

    Time for you serious Pirate DX'ers to breath some life back into the FRN.

    Without it, Pirate Radio on the internet would become a childish, name calling, finger pointing, rumor mongering, mess.

    If you want to keep Pirate Radio like it was in the 80's, 90's and 00's, start posting again, and showing your support for FREE RADIO and not the nastiness going on elsewhere. I've pretty much stayed clear of all this nonsense but someone needs to speak up for good clean fun, instead of the nastiness going on elsewhere. Breaks my heart to see what others have done to Pirate Radio.

    I'm told that all the technical glitches, as a result of the Joplin Tornado are fixed and downtime will be at a minimum from here on.

    Time to bring the FRN back to life and put the nasty boards to shame. Better yet, out of business. There really is no place in pirate radio for these people who claim they are "exposing" pirate operators identities, when all they are doing is exposing who they are and how they will pass along gossip as fact.

  21. Ohhh, lawlz... that darned lagomurph! How are we supposed to parody a guy who's so delusional that he's simultaneously his own worst enemy and best parody? It's like trying to poke fun at Charlie Sheen - impossible. He keeps upping the ante with self-parodies.

    He's guilty of every single item he accuses others of, but seems to believe that he can overwhelm the facts through sheer volume of denial and outrageous bluster. Ya just gotta laff.

    Pat Murphy has even managed to surpass Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams for rampant sockpuppetry and shameless denial. Murphy has probably set some sort of world record for number and longevity of sockpuppetry. In a bizarre way, that in itself is yet another manifestation of the audacity of his versatility as a performance artist.

    At this point virtually everyone sees through his games but they don't care one way or another as long as he produces entertaining programs and doesn't actually harass or slander them personally, or lurk outside their windows at night trying to give away t-shirts, refrigerator magnets and pens.

  22. I'd like to place a bet that Pat will be delusional enough to sockpuppet post under his latest FRN post and pretend nobody knows the games he's playing.

  23. From Pat's latest mongoloid blog:

    [...your same-old-same-old play a record, be critical of Republicans, play a song, play Russian National Anthem, yadda-yadda-yadda!]

    Funny, this author has a similar style to the one who drafted the fake email.

  24. Commander Bunny = Pat Murphy = FCC 'Sleeper Cell' !

  25. QRP just spoke the unspeakable in his latest FRN post: the FRN has outlived its usefulness, due to the FRC and the HFU coming online. We'll see how long his post lasts, and how unhinged this makes Murphy.

  26. Annnd... QRP's post has been deleted from the FRN. While it's possible he deleted his own post, history shows that Murphy indulges in rampant revisionist history to ensure the FRN reflects HIS STORY.

    Here's QRP's post:
    posted October 06, 2011 17:56
    FRN may have outlived its usefulness? Two new forums with similar content have been added during the last year. There is a need of radical renewal of the contents in order to attract back readers again. Does anyone have suggestions on what needs to be changed?

  27. I'm still seeing QRP's post at 2147UTC. Maybe he put it back up?

  28. I still see it also. Regardless, I have a screen capture if it goes away.

  29. QRP asks what needs to be changed at the FRN. That's like the old joke: "Want to get rid of 10 pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head!".

    They need to get rid of Murphy and his idiot buddies.

  30. Hmm... my proxy may have fetched a cached page instead of the most current version. One proxy showed QRP's post is there, but it's missing from the other.

    Darn you, so-called internets. Commander Bunny was right! The internets really are trying to ruin pirate radio!

    (GF slinks away to put a dollar in the troll jar... it's getting full this year.)

  31. Maybe Winston the Dentist while chime in soon to agree with Pat?

    FWIW, QRP's post and Bad Andy's follow-up comments show up.


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