Wednesday, September 14, 2011


>Implying there's an epigraph this week.

Philosophical epistle by Wing Commander Bunny

Commander Bunny is going to love this blog entry. First, because it starts with the sacred and ineffable haregrammaton "Commander Bunny" in large bold-face letters. Second, because it mentions Commander Bunny twice in the first two sentences. Third, because it mentions Commander Bunny four times in the first paragraph. As it damned well should.

By the way, did you know Blogger limits blog post titles to only 150 characters? That puts a serious damper on our ability to parody a typical WBNY blog post. CB's blog entry titles alone are usually longer than a typical Sarah Palin tweet, and slightly more sensible.

But first, to begin our Salute to Commander Bunny, former "pirate" and now Master "Blogger"... image that has naught to do with anything...




NO QUESTION ABOUT IT this sentence has a different font!!!

Oh they all have excuses for using weird for-
matting and in-
erable unfinished THOUGHTS!!!

But NO- ONE can DENY that this old woman saw you MASTICATING in PUBLIC!!! at Golden Corral!!! in ENID OK UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIBRARY OF UN -NATURAL CONGRESS!!! And PREACHER-CASE sidewalk pamphleteerings!

And all because they TELL LIES while they hide (but you can't hide you can run but you can't make sense of THIS next) behind their cowardly COMM- une- ICATION
TRANSMISSION macHINES!!! Telling!!! LIES!!! and making (you should not be ruining Foolish Leeches OF Pirates Scurrying Yesterday (FLOPSY) with your so-called INTERNETS!) good bloggers crazier than Francis E. Dec!!!

AND NOW THERE IS THIS NEW INFESTATION OF wanna-be DNS interweb THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND in Joplin United States of What-the-hell-happened-to-my-Furry Rabbit Nutwork???

Who broke my FRN's?

Why does so-called POETry ruin my FRN's?!?!

Unquestionably! Pirates trying to "blog" when they should be doing their piratings!! WRONGLY!!! Ruining what
should be a "fun hobby" (for the REAL "bloggers")?!?

And proof! You Say!?! Of the non-blogging "pirates" ruining the bloggings for the REAL "bloggers"? HERE IS YOUR PROOF!!!

Who! And WHY?
And sense!! This makes NONE!!!

Your regularly irregular Tales of Radio Paranoia will return soon... soon as the medication kicks in. And a huge THANKS! to our readers - ToRP clicked over 20,000 page views on Labor Day weekend! We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. --GF


  1. Hark! What do I hear? The scurrying of feet clad in tissue boxes, as Commander Pat makes his way to the computer to throw together some nonsensical text, random and poorly photoshopped images, and incoherent babbling about how great pirate radio was when he tried to run the hobby with an iron fist, all topped off with some 288 pt font whining headlines.

    Time for another WBNY attack blog entry! Can't you feel the love[myradios]?

  2. Wow, once again Mr.Faux shoots and scores. Imagine the internet celebrity getting a burr in his fur, when he reads this. I'd tip my hat to you, but I haven't got a hat.

  3. Thank you kindly. But, credit where due, we owe a nod towards influences other than just the bunnyman.

    There's a bit of Francis E. Dec and the mysterious Toynbee Tiles in there (a tip o' the hat to Toynbee Radio for those brilliantly enigmatic bits of radio performance art).

    As well, we've tried to mimic Karol Madera. Haven't quite got the hang of his UNfunny TORTured RANTings, certainly not as well as his more clever foils on 20m.

    By the by, have you noticed VE7KFM is haunting the HFU recently under the nym "CDN"? He writes exactly like he talks.

    Madera actually seems to thrive on that scene's toxic brew, even more than the bunnyman does on his own peculiar hutch potions. But that's not a fair comparison. CB is actually quite talented and versatile in his pursuit of the radio craft - prolifically so - whilst KM is a redundant and only moderately amusing troll. But with propagation favoring 20m of late, moderately amusing is better than naught on the funny bands.

  4. "CB is actually quite talented and versatile in his pursuit of the radio craft - prolifically so - whilst KM is a redundant and only moderately amusing troll"

    But there is no evience that KM has ever reported a ham to the FCC for some of the obvious violations on 14313.

    Who has sunk lower? Again, we have a winner with the Bunnyman!

  5. ...add Winston to the Suck Puppet list...

  6. We have confirmation on 'Winston'. I repeat: We have confirmation on 'Winston'.

    'Pat' still doesn't seem to realize how obvious he is. Or maybe he doesn't care.

  7. What in hare this arl about???

  8. his next attack !

    By Commander Bunny | September 16, 2011
    This Winterfest 2012 will feature a beautiful banner 8-feet X 5-feet that will adorn the meeting hall and many of the conference rooms! Everyone will see the LIAR-KING-KLOWN- POET in all his glory!
    We want to make sure the whole world knows of the deeds, the lies, the deceptions, the nasty back-stabbing-nonsense of the Liar-King-Klown, Poet, of Pirate Radio!

    MAGNETS! Yes there will be plenty of “Stop acting (we don’t really think its an “Act”) like a Baby” magnets to all the attendee’s of the 2012 Winterfest. Something they can take home to remind them of what a jackass, this blogging-baboon is! Something they can post on their refrigerators to warn their children to stay clear of this moron!
    And there will be hundreds of STOP ACTING LIKE A BABY QSL cards to hand out, to anyone and everyone that wants a memento of their visit to Winterfest 2012!
    Lets give Poet (Gregory Dale Brown) all the attention he has been grasping for, all these years. He’s tried every way he knows to get your attention, then realized, if he told lies, made up stories, created gossip and was the source of false rumors, he’d get all the attention, he could possibly want! So now he can bask in it!
    We’ll call this the “Greory Dale Brown-LIAR-KING-KLOWN-POET WINTERFEST 2012″. Its a mouthful, but gives him the attention he has so desperately wanted for all these years! Even if he had to tell big lies to get it!

    Comments are closed.

    what a jackass you are wiz

  9. "...add Winston to the Suck Puppet list..."

    That "Winston" post "Low power vs High Power?" is a classic example of Pat's familiar troll-for-a-day trick. Very old school web technique. This Encyclopedia Dramatica article summarizes the concept fairly well.

  10. "...This Winterfest 2012 will feature a beautiful banner..."

    Dude, seriously...

    Oh, well, sounds like the Fest should offer adult day care. A vendor there could rake in some dough with a concession selling Depends, Ensure and Donepezil.

    Younger attendees should probably bring plenty of aspirin. Facepalming can produce headaches.

  11. I wouldn't mind having one of those refrigerator magnets...

    ... maybe use it to hold up my "to do list"-- and there seems to be a few things for me "to do" by gosh!

  12. So "Winston" is a dentist? I wonder if Jaques LaMilne is one of Winston's dental patients?

  13. The Radio Pirate is:

    CONSIDERATE... never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

    LOYAL... offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other pirates and listeners alike

    PROGRESSIVE... with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.

    FRIENDLY... slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the pirate spirit.

    BALANCED... pirate radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school, or community, nor bordering on obsession.


  14. 20,000 page loads?

    Well, you're even more "desperate for blog hits" than I am! LMAO!

    Congrats on your traffic, and on being an important voice of levity in shortwave pirate radio non-broadcasting blogging nasty-- oops, CB took over there for a minute!

  15. another great blog!!
    keep up the good work!!

  16. "20,000 page loads?"

    Yes, indeed, we've logged over 20,000 page views as of Labor Day weekend. That's pretty remarkable growth for a niche blog, even if we knock off 5,000 hits for views by bots, scammers and spammers, and another 5k for casual web surfers (we get a lot of hits via Google image searches for memes).

    "Well, you're even more "desperate for blog hits" than I am! LMAO!"

    And we owe it all to Commander Bunny. In other words, ME! Let's not forget, he/I is/am everybody in the entire shortwave pirate scene. Not only is/am he/I every significant pirate operator in history, but he's/I'm also every poster on the FRN, every troll and hater on the HFU and FRC, every SWL and DXer who's ever logged him(self), and every blogger who writes about him(self).

    He/I/we is/am/are omnipresent!

    Or is it omnivorous? I forget... mentally ill rabbits do sometimes eat their young.

  17. @Guise:

    Speak for yourself...

    'He ain't me, babe'


  18. I see that "Official Press Release" has announced the fridge magnets on the FRN website. I wonder if Mosby, Jaques LaMilne, Thumper and Winston have theirs yet?

  19. Is Jaques LaMilne back? There's a sock from the past!


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