Saturday, November 19, 2011

TWIRP: Racism, in MY pirate radio? It's more or less ambiguous than you may or may not think

"We would call this movie an example of reverse racism at its finest, but that would imply that we condone a certain type of racism, and frankly, it's all the same to us. So when the youngest Wayans brothers donned whiteface to crack some jokes at the expense of white people, we laughed. And laughed again when they sang some Vanessa Carlton. But that doesn't make it right. No, not in the least."
--From Complex Magazine's oh-so-PC course in pop culture apologetics, "The 50 Most Racist Movies (You Didn't Think Were Racist)" on the Wayans brothers movie, "White Chicks"

Oh, yeah... that review included an click to buy link. Nothing says "We may feel guilty for laughing at vaguely racist humor, but not too guilty to miss an opportunity at a marketing tie-in" like an link.
This Week In Radio Paranoia... a mixed message bag of racist humour! Marshall McLuhan said "The medium is the message." A corollary may be "Context is everything." So it is with humour that touches on race, religion and similarly sensitive issues. Let's see if you agree in regard to these very recent examples in the shortwave pirate radio medium.

  • Fake TCS = lol Bonehead League in ur radio makin' FUD.
  • KBLK = lol white boy in ur radio gettin' his black on to editorialize, yeeaaoww.

He who smelt it, dealt it
November 13, 2011, 2200 UTC, 6950 AM
Some unidentified station faked a program and broadcast by The Crystal Ship, playing racist music with TCS ID's clumsily spliced between songs. It apparently was a failed attempt to smear the reputation of John Poet of TCS. Anyone who has heard genuine broadcasts by TCS would know he would never play this type of material. The worst anyone can say of the Poet is he is an idealistic progressive in the mold of the great American upper midwestern socialism. It may also be the best you can say of him, if you happen to share that idealism. GF prefers anarchy.

The station ID's were obviously faked, cut from real TCS programs. Poet's familiar opening monologue, consisting of a reading of the opening lyrics to the song "The Crystal Ship" by The Doors, was placed uncharacteristically in the middle of the hoaxed program and repeated. The other ID, in John Poet's voice, was repeated two or three times, also uncharacteristic. Poet usually mixes up pre-recorded ID's and includes those by Juliana Montana.

Rather than the familiar National Anthem of the Soviet Union which begins most genuine TCS broadcasts, the faked program began with dialog from the 1941 Disney movie "The Reluctant Dragon", which contains the "punk poet" audio segment Kracker has used in recent Radio Jamba International shows targeting Poet. A copy of the movie may be found on YouTube, where the uploader described the dragon as "extremely faggalicious". This, presumably, drew Kracker's attention whilst he was Googling his favourite topic.

Who was first to sense the scent of this stinker? Interestingly, only a handful of listeners and/or sockpuppets reported hearing this broadcast, all on the Frolicsome Rabbit Nuthugger's haunt. 't' blames Kracker. Bad Andy sez "No this could only be Commander Bunny he is way more evil than Kracker." Krackwhore McIdiot and the Virginia Bunnyman plead innocence... or ignorance... probably both. Most of that thread smells trollish, other than comments by Boomer, and, perhaps, John Galt and JTA. And believe me, I know what troll smells like... takes one to know one.

Since Poet's FCC bust was announced in July - accompanied by an oh-so-eager announcement on the FRN by probable Pat Murphy sockpuppet "MIB" - the only pirate radio operators to continually take jabs at Poet, including repeatedly specifying his real name and complete address, are Murphy, under his Commander Bunny persona on his WBNY blog, and Paul McElligott, aka "Kracker" of Radio Jamba International. Both have professed their innocence. The ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

We say "He who smelt it,
dealt it."

Streaming audio of an edited version of the faked TCS broadcast, with the offensive racist music deleted. You may, if you choose, download the unedited version here. The lyrics for these songs may be found here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Can We All Just Get Along?
A few people may have been puzzled at my comment on the HF Underground that I found the KBLK show hilarious. I did, and still do. But not necessarily for the obvious reasons.

The attempt at appeasement by KBLK might have been more persuasive, if not for the unfortunate timing of coinciding with the overtly offensive racist faked TCS broadcast.

HFU logs for KBLK
12 Nov 2011 - 6925 AM 2220 UTC
14 Nov 2011 - 6925 AM 0010 UTC
Audio stream for 32 minute KBLK program here.

While some may take offence at the presumed use of a "black" voice by a presumably white man, I found it generally funny for the barbed wit aimed at this year's "pirate war". I really did laugh aloud when he named Guise Faux among the combatants. As the announcer, "Straight G", observed, most of the "war" has been waged online - including with the ToRP blog - in a hobby dominated by a demographic of mostly middle aged white men.

I would take exception only at the implied presumption that few women are interested in the shortwave listening hobby, or specifically in pirate radio broadcasting. However I would say - considering the misogynistic abuse Pat Murphy and Paul McElligott have directed toward two notable women SWLs, Gayle Van Horn and Lori Easterly - it's not surprising that most women in the SWL, amateur radio and pirate radio hobbies prefer to keep a low profile.

First, however, the entire KBLK show is a mixed message. On the one hand, it begins with "Cheri Love Affair" by punk performance artist G.G. Allin, before segueing into the dark side. The only possible relevance we can see is some vague nod toward wannabe punk Kracker, who may have pretensions toward Allin's reputation for being hardcore, but lacks the minerals to follow through to the inevitable conclusion. But we wish him all the best in that pursuit.

The DJ's pseudo-black patois puts a modestly edgy veneer on the humour. Then somehow it segues into what amounts to a Rodney King style "can't we all just get along" plea for a return to fun, safe, non-threatening hobbyist pirate radio. In the end, it sounds like a plea to do it, people, do it for the sake of comfortable, white, middle class pirate radio.

The gangsta patois shouldn't bother anyone who's hip to trashy pop culture. If it's distasteful, someone needs to tell Quentin Tarantino to delete his scenes (Jimmie Dimmick - The Bonnie Situation) from "Pulp Fiction". Or Gary Oldman's scenes from "True Romance". Or Robert Downey, Jr. in "Tropic Thunder". Or Darrell Hammond's Jesse Jackson impressions from Saturday Night Live. Or... just get the fuck over it.

Beastie Boys? Vanilla Ice? Eminem? Mimicking a stereotypical Jewish, Mexican, Asian or black gangsta voice and style isn't even edgy anymore, let alone racist. Not any more than mocking the foibles of pirate radio in this blog is killing pirate radio.

But if you object to this blog about pirate radio while you've voiced no objections to the misogynistic cyber-harassment of Mrs. Van Horn and Ms. Easterly by McElligott and Murphy, which includes besmirching their professional reputations, then pardon my yawning at your mild discomfort over not hearing more Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead on shortwave rather than a spat that would barely ruffle your mom's feathers compared with the typical YouTube comment sections.

Besides, for all we know, the KBLK DJ really is black. Hard to tell since his voice covered every accent from Chris Rock to Wolfman Jack. Better dig up the Wolfman and warn him someone's mocking wolfmen... or corpses.

Now, one thing that's funny - besides the pretty good voice work - is that he's right about most of us being white, middle aged, and with way too much time on our hands if we can find the time and energy to poke each other online or on the air.

It's also funny that he thinks we're all white, middle aged men. Because depending on the moon phase, Commander Bunny can't seem to decide whether I'm him, or I'm Tennessee troll Evil Elvis, or I'm Corq, or I'm just a sockpuppet for Poet. Eventually he'll get around to all of you other white, middle aged guys, so just wait your turns. The Lagomurph may not know whodunnit, but he knows one of you done it.

Another amusing bit is that Mr. DJ thinks the problem can be solved by ignoring Murphy and his sockpuppets. Well, that's been tried, hasn't it? Back in 2001. Back in 2008. Again in early 2011. Look how well that worked out. Where was your angst then? Or were you a mite too cautious to take on the lumbering Lagomurph and his sock drawer army?

"I can promise you that not once will you ever read on this blog that pirate radio is destroying blogging."

But the funniest thing of all? The notion that exercising free speech by blogging about the wonderfully diverse quirks and foibles of the pirate radio scene is somehow destroying pirate radio. Meanwhile, pirate radio is "free speech", but... I can promise you that not once will you ever read on this blog that pirate radio is destroying blogging.

With over 31,000 page views since March 2011, astonishing growth for any blog, let alone a niche hobbyist blog, the readership speaks for itself. Not once has this blog pimped itself via sockpuppets on every radio related website. We leave that to the Virginia Bunnyman. Not once have we sent out QSL cards, refrigerator magnets or bumper stickers ridiculing innocent people who are only peripherally involved in the SWL hobby. We leave that to Murphy and McElligott.

But we do extend our deepest appreciation to the Lagomurph for going to such expense to publicize our blog. It's that kind of genuine grassroots, word of mouth, supportive fanbase that's proven how Radio Free Speech really works.

In the end, the message from the KBLK narrator - which we believe to have been genuinely intended to reduce the tension - resulted in a misfire due to occurring the same weekend as the faked racist TCS broadcasts. In the end, the entire mixed message basically sounded like the "Mars Attacks!" Martians: "ACK! ACK!"

Can't we all just get a LOL?

Oh, by the way... remember what happened after that stirring speech by the President? Yeah, the Martians vaporized him. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Finally, if you're finding it difficult to grok how fucked up it is to find some types of racial or ethnic humor funny - even if you feel a little guilty about it - and other types not funny by any standards, imagine growing up with Zwarte Piet and Sinterclaas, or Krampus as part of your winter holiday festivities.


  1. BTW, I should reiterate the two basic standards for comments here:

    1. No overt or implied threats of real life stalking or violence. If you're pissed off, just say so, including if you disagree with this blog. If it crosses the line into threats of real life stalking or violence, it'll be deleted.

    2. No outing of anyone who is not directly involved in this dispute. That includes listeners as well as pirate station operators. None of us knows everyone who is and is not a station op. That's the kind of moronic thinking that resulted in Kracker exposing an op by real name and location during one of his many pissy fits in the summer of 2008.

    Frankly, I don't even want to see addresses for Kracker or Murphy here, even if you do believe they don't deserve any consideration. I'll probably delete any such posts.

    Unless it's really funny. In which case, Dea and Pheme may override my judgment and let it stand. Women... can't blog with 'em, can't blog without 'em.

  2. Oh Guise, you're SO unfair!

    Christmas is coming, and I'm sure a lot of these people are anxious to add Radio Jambutt and the Lagomurph to their, um, 'Christmas card' list! Right?

    (Hmmm. Think I may have just thought up a way to raise website funds with a 'donation button'....!)

  3. Hey, back in the sock drawer, Poet! Corq gets the weekend morning shift playing Guise Faux. The rotation includes Evil Elvis, Doc John, Ms. Van H, Commander Bunny himself, Radio Bob, Alex V, Jeff Dunham, Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Shari Lewis, Salad Fingers, Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Eric Cartman and Mitch Connor, Sybil Dorsett... did I miss anyone?

  4. Wait, wat? I totally overslept and missed my morning slot!

    Sorry Boss! I ran a little late drafting my latests unimaginative outrage over on WBNY blawg.

    It's my poor photoshop skills, it takes me all day to get my 3 known internet images repasted on other people's borrowed artwork, and maintain my circa 1989 talk-radio rage-edge.

    Thank goodness for wikimedia commons.


    I'm off to go troll me some Caturday.

  5. intresting read as always!!

  6. I Grok that! I am absolutely sick and tired of the whole pirate war. Sick of all of the bullshit at the FRN which used to be an excellent forum and most of all sick of shit eating rabbit infestations and junky drunkards like kracker.

  7. Did anyone see Pat's suckpuppet Winston post "Whoa" on the FRN this morning before it disappeared?

    'Just saw this. It made me stop and think.' [dumb bunny link]

    I guess someone else thought about it too! LOL!!

  8. Aww, maaaan, did I miss my shift playing GF. I was busy washing my socks!!

    A.V.(not insane!)

    (That was from some Firesign Theater album, BTW, and would probably be a good campaign slogan for a lot of Democratic candidates this year, lol!)
    (And Pirate Radio ops!)

  9. Johnny Rebel? They used Johnny Rebel, the Klansman's musical friend, the blot on Country music. That crap needs no airtime. Kicking John Poet while he is down is just pointlessly mean and stupid.

  10. Kracker is "pointlessly mean and stupid"--- but I am not "down", thank you.

    Despite Kracker's multiple protests over being the first suspect in this, one may notice that he never once denies doing it....

  11. @November 19, 2011 4:13 PM Anon:
    Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good

    These are naught but infestations of rodents, gremlins and trolls. Therefore, gird up thy lawns, take up thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch and thy Bar of Good Humour and smite therewith the vermin.

  12. All this talk of racism seems to have driven Krackho into a homoerotic frenzy. His latest blog is all about cocks ... big cocks, small cocks, kitty cocks, Krackho loves them all. But I bet his favorite was those big black ones in prison.

    Must be hard walking around nut-high and staring at real men's packages all day.

  13. The racist slur broadcasts were indeed TCS. Shame on you Poet... Please follow suit by following the same fate as Hitler, thank you.

  14. Nice try Mr. FURBAL,

    Same to you with history.

  15. The "Hitler" reference to suicide is telltale as to the author of that reply. All that is lacking is a NAMBLA accusation. What a moron.

  16. That's right... Poet is a member of NAMBLA too. He resembles and cries like a little boy, he might as well feel one up too.

  17. A certain operator stated it best last night, "The Crystal Ship is a well known pirate as of late... It was founded in 1982, however was never actually heard until 2004. Content from TCS was primarily political speech that even it's main operator, "John Poet" had no experience. Unfortunately TCS was busted in 2011, and it's main operator Poet now informs the FCC of the where abouts of other pirate operators, to satisfy his own vengence."

  18. I agree Faux! Anonymousity is an awesome thing! I can punk in your comments section all I that I wish to, (because I have nothing else to do right now), and nobody has one clue of my indentity. Anyone can trace my IP number sure... But it certainly won't lead anyone anywhere. (Well except maybe the FBI! HA!) I'm in Kansas. Wait! No, I'm in South Carolina! Wait, No! I'm in Minnesota! No! Damn! I'm in Michigan! Fuck! I'm actually in Arizona...

  19. You've got Poet mixed up with Pat.

  20. You've got Poet confused as someone being truthful.

  21. Looks like the homoerotic comment touched a nerve ... lol

  22. @Anon "Poet is a member of NAMBLA too. He resembles and cries like a little boy, he might as well feel one up too."

    Speaking from experience there, amigo? Sounds like.

  23. Yeah it touched a nerve alright. ;-) But not really mine. Yours perhaps? No, seriously, I'm punking this morning, because I really nothing else to do at this moment. Also I do it because I can. Yes I do gain satisfaction from it. It's like being the bully that nobody likes in gradeschool, but he messes with retards because it truly does make him feel better about himself. Yes, punking on you all does make me feel better about myself, simply because, I am not you. :-)

  24. That's right Poet, I speak from experience, you fucking pedofile. Keep your hands off my dick.

  25. You needn't worry about that. I don't own a microscope powerful enough to be able to find it.

  26. Well Poet, that's a relief! You can't find your own dick! I guess that means my ass won't be penetrated. Thank you for that bit of comforting information. The fact remains though, keep your hands off my dick.

  27. Doesn't that piss bucket get heavy after awhile?

  28. Hands? Don't you mean tweezers?

  29. I'm punking this morning November 20, 2011 1:29 PM
    in prison is "punking" sucking dick

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Oh it did! I got very tired carrying Poet's piss bucket, and his shit too, when he had me chained in his basement. The guy is a freak! I freared for my precious virgin asshole every second during my unfortunate experience. Little did I know that he had (and self admitted) a microscopic dick.

  32. he is doing what he he truly loves
    sucking dick punking

  33. Oooh... Look at all the homoerotic commentary here.

    Can you say...?



  34. You guys leave my man kracker alone....he's actually very sweet, especially when I dress him up in his favorite OshKosh dress....and contrary to what he may say, he does give a flyin fook....he's just to shy to admit it.

  35. Kracker does that? Oooh he's freaky. I'll have to inquire about that! But back to the subject at hand. Poet, why do you feel up little boys? It's not only not consentual, it's also criminally illegal!

  36. You leave my sugar daddy alone....he's more man than you'll ever least he lets me use my favorite line...."please sir, I want some more"

  37. I can see why you are so bored. Krackho chat has been so empty lately. Feeling abandoned? Looking for your homophobic fix elsewhere? Too bad. That's what happens when even your friends realize you are a horribly pathetic loser.

  38. Jeez I guess I stand corrected, Tiny Tim. I guess Poet did find consent! Who would've figured! Still criminally illegal though.

  39. Well, remember, I tried to woo that sexy bunny; I even used my sultry 'snitch bitch' whisper title on him, but he's not man enough for my liking. Say, by the way, what you doing this Sat. night bucket boy?

  40. " Feeling abandoned? Looking for your homophobic fix elsewhere? Too bad. That's what happens when even your friends realize you are a horribly pathetic loser."

    Yes I feel abandoned. So I took my pathetic loser ass here, to consort with other fellow pathetic losers. :-) You all haven't disappointed me yet!

  41. @NAMBLA Anon:

    Anyone as fixated on pedophilia as you are, is obviously a victim of child rape; and more than likely, is perpetuating that sexual abuse by victimizing children themselves.

    I am sorry about what happened to you. You need to realize that it was not your fault, and stop blaming yourself for what happened.

    Was it your father? Or an older brother? Perhaps an uncle or trusted friend? A clergyman? It doesn't really matter. The important thing is that you face it and deal with it, instead of acting out your anger by attacking more innocent children, or projecting your behavior onto others by posting anonymously on the internet.

    You should seek professional help as soon as possible, and stop perpetuating the abuse. You don't want to end up like that guy at Penn State, do you?

  42. Well stop trying to feel me up!

  43. See, now, you're projecting again! That is NOT going to help you get better!

  44. Aw, look, Special K and his 'Krew' stopped by; easier to troll than I expected, and looks like Jerry stopped by too.

    Seems you fellers getting a tad nervous about your waning popularity, eh?

    You know it IS possible to do creative pirate shows that exemplify your own talents without constant scavenging hatred for your material? You might try it sometime - plenty of the independent ops are doing just fine without the sensationalism.

    Can you guys actually do a non-hatin' negativity-plagued show? Does the Bowling League remember how?

    Elsewhere kids, I have some Subgenii friends who've looked at your sites; they're a tad underwhelmed and they don't claim you as one of them. Reverend Stang would be ashamed.

    Pick up your standards, BL, 'nad and pedo humor is utterly 1995.

    No one give's a rodent's arse about your schwang size, but pretty much everyone can see the size of your collective brains, and that's what you need to concern yourselves, with.

    Raise your standards, procuce a funny show that uses wit, itstead of vitriol, and perhaps you'll gain your following back.

    Even the schoolyard grows up and finds the bully unfunny after a time. #krackerradio, I think your time is at hand.

  45. he was just punking

  46. sure, but can he do anything else?

    Subgenii are known for creativity, and so far k's a one-trick pony.

  47. Kracker might want to start with tightening up his production values. He could learn a lot from Captain Ganja in that area. Broadcasts are slightly more enjoyable to listen to when they don't sound like they were recorded in a trash dumpster.

  48. A Nonny Mouse squeaked: "...sound like they were recorded in a trash dumpster."

    And Kracker sounds like he's doing a bad impression of Dustin Hoffman playing Mumbles whilst gnawing on a mouthful of garbage and broken glass.

    One isn't sure whether he's trying and failing to sound like a tuff guy or trying to mimic a bored Goth girl.

    His production quality used to be fairly good, but the recent shows are barely intelligible on WBCQ. Makes it rather difficult to cull his voice bits for remixing.




  51. It never ceases to amaze me that even when the Blowing League does bother to bring their A-game, this is as good as it gets.

    Kracker, exactly what mental age did the nice doctor say you're stuck at, anyway? I've got five bucks riding on this one.

  52. 50 Comments! Well this just proves how 'dead' pirate radio must be.

    If we care so darn much as to troll for it, why aren't we producing the best possible shows we can?

    There are issues in the world, and free radio ought to be rebels with something to say.

    Oh that's right, the FCC hopes you'll be too distracted by infighting to get around to that.

    Clever fellows, that FCC, and those that aid and abet them.

  53. punking no wonder why they call it the blowing league

  54. all of you just corq it, already!

  55. No, Jerry Michael.

  56. the poet's jiffy-poop diaper is full and it just popped so it's time to feed all you sockpuppets.

  57. "A game..." LOL! Denial must be your mind. Crybaby Poet was too fucking easy to troll. Why in hell was that? I figured he'd have some smarts. But no... Egg in his face every time. The best part is, he set himself up for it! LMAO!

    Egg in everyone's face who took that FRN post for real, btw. ;-)

  58. "Egg in everyone's face who took that FRN post for real, btw. ;-)"

    Playing lol i troll u card = self pwn

    lrn2internet or GTFO

  59. ppp-punk poet, punk poet!


  61. Interesting; more posts to one thread here on RP, than all of FRN for most of this week.

    Even the sockpuppets have gotten lonely, eh, Beans?

  62. I am lonely....ever since I got outed, the bunny freed me from his corn encrusted foot, but I've been so used to mistreating people for all these years, I don't know how to respond in any other way...

  63. Now that WBNY has a new blog posted:

    What does Kanye West (or is that the announcer from KBLK?) accepting an award have to do with "making pirate radio fun"? Who is "Brandon" that you speak of? What does the late Brandon Lee have to do with pirate radio? Or do you mean Seattle Mariner Brandon League? Or the singer from the Killers?

  64. Pat's approach is to throw darts randomly, hoping one of them will hit a target due to blind luck. It's a skill he honed in his talk radio career. Back in the 80s and 90s, when he could actually get a job in radio.

  65. The latest escapades of the Commander and his "Fun" Bunch are so sadly misguided. It's like watching a bad frame job on a bad episode of Columbo.
    First, The Commander attempts to frame a DXer for the snitch job he committed. (and The Bunny should be!!) Then, KKKracker attempts to take off his racist pin and place it on The Crystal Ship. Any one even vaguely familiar with TCS knows the programming is Progressive, not Paleolithic. (That may be too big a word for KKKracker, but, then again, he might hurt his lips reading this post!)

  66. he might do just that but he might hurt his lips on a zipper too

  67. "First, The Commander attempts to frame a DXer for the snitch job he committed. (and The Bunny should be!!) Then, KKKracker attempts to take off his racist pin and place it on The Crystal Ship. Any one even vaguely familiar with TCS knows the programming is Progressive, not Paleolithic. (That may be too big a word for KKKracker, but, then again, he might hurt his lips reading this post!)"

    LMAO! ...On the snitch job that CB committed? Are you sure? Where's the proof of this? John Poet has presented no evidence that CB snitched him out, and the reaction of you fools, "Poet said it, it must make it true!!!" The most likely explanation is, Poet was snitched out by ham operator in his burg, because he grew tired of his front end being blown off by TCS broadcasts! While there's no proof to support this either, it sure as hell is a more likely scenario. This is why you get punked and trolled.

    Poet, provide evenidence of what you claim and I can either walkaway quietly or join in your smear campaign. If not, then not.

  68. I'm not about to jump through hoops on the demands of some anonymous poster who isn't man enough to make his stand out in the open, and who probably would deny any evidence even if it were presented, and who clearly is willfully ignoring everything that has gone on before and since, just because they threaten me. I have presented plenty of "evidence"-- but it has been admittedly circumstancial-- so "anonymous" seems to be deliberately mistating the facts of the matter. (In my part of town, we call that "lying".)

    I stated in the beginning that it was my opinion that CB was involved, and that is STILL my opinion-- only even moreso, considering everything he has done since-- like trying to frame innocent DXers, various pranks directed against my home address (which have proved to me that he did indeed have it as I suggested initially), his involvement in stalking women, etc.

    Just for those who might not be informed as to why I initially felt this way, (but not for you, anonymous!) they might want to review these:

    The eBay Controversy

    Pre-Emptive Projection

    CB threatens me with my geographical details

    TCS bust becomes public

    CB tries to frame Artie Bigley with an impossible email

    Frankly, for me this is becoming much less about the bust than about everything that has gone on since, in which "Commander" has fully revealed the true nature of his character for everyone to see. I now understand why he claims to be a rabbit: Because he makes such a lousy, pathetic excuse for a human being!

    O mighty Caesar! dost thou lie so low?
    Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,
    Shrunk to this little measure?


  69. "I stated in the beginning that it was my opinion that CB was involved, and that is STILL my opinion"

    It is your opinion... YOUR OPINION. Jeez! If I was in Commander Bunny's shoes I would be dumping on your ass too! What? You make libelous claims, and not expect to get shit for it? Every link you posted to every article about CB's actions that happened after you started this smear campaign, you truly deserve.

    A real man shows proof and true reason for his actions. You have shown none. It's no wonder you still live at home with daddy. You never figured out how to make it in the real world.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. @Anon - November 21, 2011 5:28 PM:

    That comment you quoted refers to two different incidents. You introduced a third entirely different incident. If you're really interested in the evidence, it's in this blog, Poet's blog and the linked supporting documentation. lrn2read.

  72. @Anon:

    "IF" you were in Commander Bunny's shoes?

    I strongly suspect that you ARE in his shoes---

    (not to mention, his socks...)

  73. Oh how sweet; we have a Bunny apologist.

    For once not Kracker, because I think he's a mite jealous of CB, and vice versa.

    However, Pat Murphy/Jerry Graves has been an on-air and online political manipulator (Self-proclaimed) for *years*.

    And don't ask for proof, O loyal one, good google searches will get you plenty, and many have done the the legwork for you.

    But if you like waiting on egomaniacs to burn you, stick close to Jerry and Paul.

    Wait, is Paul going to make you a pirate radio sensation? He's promised that to others.

    These two are a fine pair, and they enjoy using folks. Like yourself.

    Eventually you'll know, but while you're continuing to believe their nonsense, you'll make a useful tool.

    Stick with that.

  74. @November 21, 2011 8:30 PM Anon:
    "If I was in Commander Bunny's shoes I would be dumping on your ass too!"

    If you were in Commander Bunny's shoes you'd be eating your own poop. Or CB's poop as a holy sacrament.

    "A real man shows proof and true reason for his actions. You have shown none."

    Again, Ms. Lolitrollu, plz lrn2read or GTFO. This blog contains a mountain of evidence documenting the numerous misdeeds of Pat Murphy. If you have the patience and ability, read it.

    But I suspect it's moot. If you're a diehard Murphy supporter, then say so. Own it. Be it. Same with Kracker and his supporters. Own that. Be that.

    There's no reason to stoop to lame, indefensible denials of the evidence if you're a true believer in the bunny cult and Bonehead League clench. To a true cult believer, facts are irrelevant.

    Proclaim loudly and proudly to the world that you are a badass pirate, there are no rules, rules and logic are for wimps, and you will do what you damned well please regardless of the consequences. Tell the world that you will join paws with Pat Murphy in rampant yiffing and sockpuppetry, in exposing any pirates who refuse to join you in brown-nosing the Lagomurph, in libeling rivals as "pedophiles", in cyber-stalking women, in failed attempts at rational debate, in hilariously lame misinterpretation of memes, and, above all, in snacking on your own poop.

    Otherwise, Ms. Lolitrollu, you just sound like a moron for trying and failing to engage in logical debate, and a sissy for trying to justify or apologize for trolling. A real badass needs never justify his behavior or that of his cult leader.

    Because YOU ARE A PIRATE!!!

  75. Guise you're not even a bad ass. You're probably a fifty something that lives with daddy too. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you are Poet, and that 90% of the responses on this site are of your own. What a fucking sad world you live in. Want to be a bad ass? Drive to the coast and beat the ever living shit out of Commander Bunny. Oh crap... That won't work. Daddy won't let you take the car out after dark! Oh well...

  76. Shit! My pirate station was busted! It is my opinion that Poet ratted me out! I better blog about it!

  77. LOL Anonymous, it must be difficult not being able to be yourself, for fear of scrutiny. What you got, son?

    Not a pirate radio station, that's for sure. Just a lil trolling account on IRC and in a few months when Special K is drunk he may let you do his lackey work for him.

    You gonna be his 'special' roommate at Winterfest this year? I hear you're *very* close.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. @Anon 9:37pm:

    If you think we need to enter a discussion about the living arrangements of various people, Pat isn't going to be very happy about it... but in his case, it happens to be extremely relevent to some of the issues.

    Shall we go there?

  80. I just thought of something.

    Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf died just before 9/11/01. The Whack Pack never named a successor. Today,I nominate Paul McElligot,aka Kracker, to be the Howard Stern Show's new Angry Drunken Dwarf.

    Will anyone second the motion?

    Howard has a soft spot for angry little men who urinate on themselves. It could be a plum gig for Kracker.

  81. With all due respect, I am not a big fan of Howard Stern, but even I would not curse him with drunk, angry KKKracker.
    Colin Cowherd, yes. Jim Rome, yes. But, not Howard Stern.

  82. ...And Poet continued responding to himself for the rest of that night. Then his daddy picked him up, tucked him into bed, and said, "I'm so proud of my little loser.".

  83. I, for one, would be interested in Poet going there. Turnabout is fair play, if the adage is to be believed, and would make a refreshing diversion from watching the Blowing League (or at least Kracker) attempt and fail at cleverness.

    Do it. He's been enough of a problem for everyone else (for years) that there's no point in handling the situation with kid gloves anymore.

  84. "In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you are Poet, and that 90% of the responses on this site are of your own."




  85. Dear Pat:

    In reference to your WBNY blog entry of today, please provide a list of pirate radio stations we should not log, or even listen to, so that we may more effectively promote free radio and uncensored free speech.


  86. I expect the three people who would join that particular protest to be three who rarely post any logs anyway- 'cept for one who used to have a lot of logging sockpuppets, who could never hear more than one station.

  87. I'm doing my part, and I know that most DXers are as well: we don't log WBNY or any of the Blowing League. It feels good to take action!

  88. So, is the operator of WBN-LIE telling us to Occupy Commander Chickenheart Radio? After all, he does not allows non-sock puppet comment, and keeps the monotony coming.
    So ,maybe, Kommander Keyboard King is inviting a take over of his station to cleanse his guilty conscience, That is, if you could wash the Rodent Stink off it!

  89. Anyone who thinks they need to tell me who to listen to, log or where to post is under the illusion that they own this hobby and are only fooling themselves. This is a group of people who support breaking the rules whatever the reasons right?

    No representative speaks on my behalf as I can make up my own mind from what I've seen & heard from stations over time. My view may coincide with what's being stated on a blog, but that just illustrates that I'm not the only one with that perspective right or wrong.

    Independent, free of influence, control and ownership is what attracted me to this hobby in the first place.

  90. Hey, Lagomurph.


    I'll listen to and log (or not) whatever I damned well please as, judging from the comments above, will pretty much everyone else.

    Seriously, you do understand that you just told a bunch of free speech advocates to *not* listen to certain stations simply because *you* don't like them, right?

    You're done, dude. If every other stunt you've pulled in recent months wasn't enough to nail the coffin shut over your twitching little fursona, this one is it. Here, just so that there's no confusion as to the point, let me spell it out for you in big block capitals: YOU JUST ATTACKED YOUR AUDIENCE, DIPSHIT.

    Poet, drop whatever bombs you've got on this mofo, and may they squarely find their mark.

  91. Quick followup: this is a screen capture of the post where Jerry basically decided to play Ministry of Truth with his audience. Just passing it on given his track record of trying to backpedal from anything that makes him look like an idiot (in his eyes) in retrospect.

  92. If you've ever played or watched sports,Pat's actions are clear. He works on exploiting the old "shove back" trick. A player commits a dirty play when the officials aren't looking. When the opponent retaliates,the offending player flops or raises Hell. Who get's called? The guy who was attacked in the first place.

    Pat does the same thing in getting revenge on his perceived enemies. He outs someone through a ruse and when the op retaliates,Pat is the poor victim.

    He did it to Radio Bob,he did it to Poet.

    He tried to do it to an op in the Northeast in the 90's and to op of Radio Yellowknife recently,but they were smart enough not to play his game.

    He did,however,get the guy in the Northeast to leave pirating,a great loss to the pirate radio scene.

    Murphy has been pulling this shit for the better part of two decades. He'd sell his own mother out if it meant he was "the man".

    How does a guy living a couple of miles from an FCC regional office operate from home with impunity for 25 years w/o getting busted? The answer isn't hard to figure out when you know how the guy ticks.


    Oooooh... You found my ISP... Gosh! I'm clapping my hands for the retard who found that with the help of Google all on their own. Good job! For future refernce, Paul McElligott uses cable, not Wild Blue Satellite Internet. ;-)

  94. Not when he's trolling. And he's really not the emoticon sort either, little one.

    What, Special K has spokes-puppets now?

    What's he promised you, t?

  95. Yes, Kracker has a puppet. It's name is John Poet.

  96. Kracker, once you'd managed to climb up onto the desk the keyboard sits on, how long did it take you to jump on each key when composing a reply? Also, did the space bar and enter keys require extra-special effort?

    If you only answer one question, though, please explain how you managed to make capital letters. Even doing the splits I can't imagine that you've got the leg length to reach from the shift key over to the one you wanted to capitalise, so how *did* you do it? Turn on caps lock, walk over to the key in question, jump on it, then go back over to caps lock and turn it off?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  97. boss i am disappointed in some of your readers i think they are trying to steal my shtick

    most of these rats here are just rats
    but this rat is like me he has a human soul in him
    he used to be a poet himself
    night after night i have written poetry for you
    on your typewriter
    and this big brute of a rat who used to be a poet
    comes out of his hole when it is done
    and reads it and sniffs at it
    he is jealous of my poetry
    he used to make fun of it when we were both human
    he was a punk poet himself
    and after he has read it he sneers
    and then he eats it

  98. You know kids, Commander Bunny was *very* specific about his loyalists not reading or participating on other pirate news sites.

    You are ONLY to worship at WBNY and FRN.

    It has been decreed!

    Reading isn't really your strong suit anyway, and your writing skills are just another good reason to quit embrassing the Blowing League.

    Well, embarassing them further, anyway.

    Boys, your furless leader has spoken; run along, now.

  99. put a corq-it brand buttplug in it already, corqie!

    ~corky the dead dolphin

  100. boss

    there is a cat here called corq i wish you would have
    removed she nearly ate me the other night why dont she
    catch rabbits that is what she is supposed to be fore
    there is a rabbit here she should get without delay

  101. the tide

  102. Bless the Lagomurph's little heart. Over on the FRN today, he left a new exhortation to Occupy Pirate Radio. Of course, he also locked the thread so that no-one else could reply.

    Jerry, do you understand the meaning of the word 'irony'? I'm guessing that with the bang-up job you're doing with that advocacy of free speech, the answer is probably 'no'.

    (Screenshot showing the 'Thread Closed' indicator is here as another hedge against future revisions of history.)

  103. Perhaps on this Thanksgiving holiday, it is appropriate to pause, and reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for...

    Hmmm, so what am I thankful for? Let's see...

    Well, I'm thankful that I haven't driven Dad's car to Virginia, and choked the life out of Commander Bunny!

    Why am I thankful for that? Well, that's easy!

    Because then Dad wouldn't have a car!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  104. Poet says: "...choked the life out of Commander Bunny!"

    This is the kind of stupid, mindless shit that is ultimately gonna make you a pariah in this community. Go ahead, sink yourself, asshole.

    From comment No. 1: "1. No overt or implied threats of real life stalking or violence. If you're pissed off, just say so, including if you disagree with this blog. If it crosses the line into threats of real life stalking or violence, it'll be deleted."

  105. So, now we have cockroaches commenting on the pirate scene. Almost as bad as rodents.

  106. hey faux old buddy, just wondering if your ex-wife and kids still hate you?

  107. @cosmik said...
    "This is the kind of stupid, mindless shit that is ultimately gonna make you a pariah in this community. Go ahead, sink yourself, asshole."
    November 23, 2011 6:23 PM

    Fair enough, cosmik. Where was that same sense of righteous indignation...

    When Kracker was threatening other people in the pirate scene on the FRN and on the air? Or when he gave out real names and addresses over the air and urged listeners to harass his "enemies"?

    Or when Murphy accused people of being pedophiles because he didn't like their program content or their offering alternative relay stations?

    Or when Murphy trolled the HFU as RF Burnz and lovemyradios just to stir up trouble so he could scamper off to the FRN to accuse other sites of "ruining pirate radio"?

    Or... well, you get the picture.

    And, yes, I was serious about not using this blog's comment section for threats of violence. I would have deleted that comment.

    But now that you've replied to it...

    ...your righteous sense of indignation seems awfully selective. So far the only times I've seen you chastise others for their posts have been on the HFU and here, but never on the FRN where abusive posting is deeply ingrained into that site's unique subculture.

    Most of the time you seem like you have a balanced perspective on the scene. But occasionally your ire seems awfully selective in favor of your friends.

  108. Commander Bunny and his antics on the frn are something that has caused me all kinds of grief. As you've stated here, being a cat herder there is one of the hardest and most thankless jobs there is. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with this crap.

    I've always viewed CB's antics as something that was so over the top that no one would take seriously. The whole free radio scene, as I learned, is full of a bunch of people on the fringe of society and included a number of socially disfunctional individuals who said and did a whole lot of things that were distasteful or abhorrent to others. For better or worse, it's free speech. Feel free to criticize me about my particular views here. I'm always up for a debate in this space.

    Others have told me that this whole "pirate war" thing that is going on now is reminiscent of similar disputes that happened in the 1990s, before I was listening to the funny bands. No one cares about any of that now, and if anyone remembers it, they haven't bothered mentioning it. I dare say that in 10 years no one will remember or care about someone or another trolling up blogs and forums on the 'net about pirate radio. In the grand scheme it just doesn't seem to me to be worth that much.

    That being said..

    Kracker never joked about killing anyone on the frn or on the radio, even in jest. Poet's comment clearly broke the (very tolerant) line I have on free speech. I stand by my condemnation of his comment.



  109. Cosmik,

    Perhaps it was ill-advised-- yeah, ok, definately so--

    but you are conveniently ignoring the fact that it was in the form of a very tasteless joke, complete with a punchline that alludes directly to comments already made here directed at me.

    It was by no means meant as a threat, and it isn't a threat; only a gross exaggeration of certain feelings I have had.

    I said I was thankful that I hadn't done it, didn't I?
    (not that there was the remotest chance of that happening, now or in the future)

    Sheesh. More one-sided distortions. Maybe I posted it to see who would creep out of the woodwork. Now I know.

    Maybe you'd feel differently, if it was you they'd been stalking, making crank calls to your relatives, etc etc etc. Forgive me for thinking that might put matters into a different context for you.

    Kracker didn't threaten to kill anyone, and neither am I. He did, however, threaten to beat the shit out of someone, go to their workplace, and stalk their wife, on the air and in chat. I'm afraid you suffer from "selective outrage".

  110. @ cosmik

    Thank you for confirming that the repeated outing of other pirates on the frn (by Bunny et al) does not break "the (very tolerant) line [you] have on free speech".

    Perhaps this makes you a hero in the free speech world. I couldn't give a shit. What I do know is that it makes you, and the frn, traitors to free radio.

  111. P.S. I still think it's funny. Sorry I forgot to "LOL!" I guess without that, some of the denser folk don't get the sick humor...

  112. Poet,

    I'll give you the benefit of doubt about your intentions on the post you made earlier here. Normally I wouldn't comment, but your earlier post really hit me as something awful when I read it.

    Anyone who is stalking, crank calling, or otherwise going RL on you or your family needs to stop. Any evidence you have should be entrusted to law enforcement. Complaining about it on the 'net isn't gonna help you one bit and may hurt you in the long run. You should consult an attorney if you feel that you or your family is being harassed or stalked. I'm not a lawyer but I suspect if you had one he or she would tell you to STFU and let the system do it's work.

    You say I suffer from "selective outrage." I can see how from my public persona you would feel this is so. A lot goes on behind the scenes that is not public, as you know. Despite this, I do not wish any harm on you or your family, and regardless of what I think about your late radio shows or internet presence, I believe you have every right to say what you like within the bounds of free speech.

    I don't speak for anyone but myself here, that is, don't group me in with the frn or bowling league or any other group.



  113. A Nonny Mouse squeaked: "hey faux old buddy, just wondering if your ex-wife and kids still hate you?"
    November 23, 2011 6:56 PM

    Nice try, bub. Do you have any idea how many faux there are? Besides several guys in disguise we are a rabbit (CB already admitted he's one of us), two women, a goddess of discord, a few droids, a troll of indeterminate gender, one zombie, one happily buried corpse and a coffee bean. We r legume. We do not forgive a lack of lulz. We do not forget to lol.


  114. Cosmik,

    Thank you. I don't know you well... but from the little I know, I have always thought that you were a fair-minded person-- with one possible fault being that you might be just a little too aloof from some matters. I've certainly never thought you would approve of some of the stuff that has gone on, if you had known about it. The worst of it stopped once the party in question realized I knew exactly where to send the police, should an 'interview' became necessary. I guess they wanted to avoid a situation like that at all costs, for some reason...

    Doesn't mean I'm never going to mention the stuff that went on, but mostly I haven't, in detail.

  115. Boring admin type notice...

    Recently an increasing number of legitimate posts have been flagged as spam. It's just Blogger's over-active filters, which are trying to fight off the real spammers that swarm to any active blog.

    If your post contains any links it will probably be held in the spam queue until I notice and approve it. Same with comments posted from behind some proxies. But I'll try to check any delayed posts and put them through as quickly as possible.

  116. @cosmik said...
    November 23, 2011 7:44 PM
    "I've always viewed CB's antics as something that was so over the top that no one would take seriously."

    There was a time when I'd have agreed. That time came and went this year, apparently along with his sanity when, like Cartman, he blew a funny fuse.

    "The whole free radio scene, as I learned, is full of a bunch of people on the fringe of society and included a number of socially disfunctional individuals who said and did a whole lot of things that were distasteful or abhorrent to others. For better or worse, it's free speech."

    I couldn't agree more. Our quarrels and trash talking are mostly like the last two clowns fighting for the last seat in a crowded clown car. I'm jammed into the trunk with a bunch of other clowns and I ain't leaving until the beer runs out.

    "Kracker never joked about killing anyone on the frn or on the radio, even in jest."

    Ah, to quote him accurately I rechecked my audio recording. What Kracker actually said during his Endless Hissy Fit Summer of 2008 (aka The Summer of Love), when threatening Fansome, was that he would disguise himself as a delivery boy and "beat you within an inch of your fucking life, with my bare hands, until I have fucking bloody hands... I will do that, I will beat you..."

    "Yes... (unintelligible) I am saying this live, so record it and be sure to go after me via the federal authorities, that would be like right up your fucking alley wouldn't it?"

    So, technically, true, Kracker did not actually threaten to kill anyone that I know of. And unless someone provides a step stool for him to climb, ankle high boots are probably good enough protection from his gnawing.

  117. Cockroach Debris, thou dost protest too much, you did what exactly to disassociate yourself from the real-life harrassment, stalking, threats of violence, dime-dropping and outing of pirate operators? You're perceived as a shill for the un-funny Bunny and KKKracker. They're hurting your radio business, man, nobody wants to get within 10-feet of that scene.

    What Kracker actually said during his Endless Hissy Fit Summer of 2008 (aka The Summer of Love), when threatening Fansome, was that he would disguise himself as a delivery boy and "beat you within an inch of your fucking life, with my bare hands, until I have fucking bloody hands... I will do that, I will beat you..."

  118. Let's take a break for Thanksgiving. Hold those thoughts, retorts and righteous rants. We'll resume tomorrow.


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