Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Irony of Anonymity

"...The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones."

--Julius Caesar, 3.II

by Brown Nose the Pirate

When I got this shit assignment, Guise Faux sez "All I'm giving you is a working title: 'The Irony of Anonymity'. The rest is up to you."

"Irony"? sez I. "The fuckizzat? Sarcasm for pussies?"

"It's about how the tradition of anonymity and pseudonymity in pirate radio has become a trap," sez the boss.

"A trap?" sez I. "You mean like Admiral Ackbar 'It's a trap!' or Jaye Davidson 'It's a trap!'?"

"Either. Both. Neither," sez the boss, raising one eyebrow and looking moderately surprised. A rare event. Nothing seems to surprise him.

"Ennyways, fuckami, goddam octopus?" I protest. "Awreddy got one hand onna keyboard, tryin'ta finish part four of this 'Fester' trilogy, other hand onna beer. Now I gotta write this pussy shit about 'irony'? Give it to Dea."

"Part four of the Fester triology is already three months overdue," GF replies patiently. "And Dea is on holiday to Manitou Island again. Noone has your taste for... blood. Write it any way you want."

He walks toward the door without another look. "Big bonus," sez the boss. "I'm counting on you," he sez.

He pauses at the door and sez, without looking around, "Don't let me down."

Suddenlike, the hare on the back of my neck is standing up.

Awright, whatever, I need the cash.

Past few years I been talkin' to lotsa people 'bout this U.S. shortwave pirate radio scene. Station operators, listeners, webmasters and moderators, other people who write 'bout pirate radio, Discordians, trolls and anarchists. Tell ya, shit people say, 'specially late night after the band goes long, the six pack is gone and th' Ambien or Xanax kicks in.

Truth comes out, late night, tellya what.

Radio tuff guys
Like Kracker bragging 'bout he's gonna stalk Shlomanski's wife or some such schit, or snitching out Fansome on air in 2008, or he's gonna kick in Evil Elvis's last tooth, or he's gonna talk toddler babytalk to some guy who looked crosseyed at Krackwhore's sugar daddy, Commander Bunny. Seriously - on IRC... Kracker plops in like a turd, and sez, I shit you not... "ninny nanny noo noo stick your head in doo doo."

*** Log file opened: 3/2/2008 1:32:34 PM
[14:09] Guest1 is now known as RJI[14:10] [RJI] ninny nanny noo noo stick your head in doo doo
[14:10] [RJI] pmlol
[14:33] Guest1 Laughs Out Loud :D

[14:33] Guest1 Laughs Out Loud 1,8:D

[15:05] ChrisSmol sets mode: +b *!*
[15:05] ChrisSmol has kicked Guest from #pirateradio

Fuckin loudmouth leprechaun, spin some more Grateful Dead or cry some more about Fat Steve or do sumpin yer good at like warm up CB's nuts.

Ennyways, 'scuse my fuckin French...

Common theme ya hear is how this whole thing about anonymity - pseudonyms, aliases, whatever you wanna call it - has been corrupted, misused by a coupla guys, the bunnyman and his favorite nuthugging homunculus goon, tryin' to set up this cult. 'Cuz that's what it is, let's face it, fuckin' pagan Ishtar "Eoster" cult set up by this one guy got a hare up his butt, if ya catch my drift and I'm purty dang sure ya do. Other goon, tryin' to set up this Blowing League SubMoron clench onna FRN. And that's more of yer irony right there - Malaclypse, Hubbard, Jack Parsons, Stang, all 'em guys, gotta be laffin' their asses off at these clowns.

See, originally, these pirates, free radio operators, whatever, they gotta watch out for the FCC. Back in the day, this was serious stuff, big fines. And embarrassing. Some a these guys, they got licenses at stake - ham radio, some even in commercial radio. Maybe some work in government or politics, consultation and whatnot. Even a magazine editor got busted back in '91, running a 13-hour mobile marathon. FCC, serious fuckin business back in the day.

So, you don't use real names or addresses.

You don't reveal the names and locations of fellow pirates. Ever. Because you'll never be trusted again.

And since you don't know for sure who's a pirate and who isn't, why take a chance on exposing anyone's real name and location in the pirate scene? Look at the situation with Kracker in the summer 2008 "pirate war." He thought Fansome was "only" a listener. And Kracker's jealous, see, has this bunny crush on Commander Bunny and wanted to be CB's bitch. Kracker don't like it, Fansome getting a special QSL package from the bunnyman, and Fansome cracking wise about the bunny. So he outs Fansome by real name and address, claims he got the info because Fansome "ordered a t-shirt." Who's sellin' t-shirts? Not Kracker. The bunnyman is. And now Kracker hasta wear a snitch jacket forevermore.

And now ya gotta wonder how secure your identity is when you order WBNY swag offa ebay, or send for a real QSL card. Who knows who's gettin' yer info now, am I right? Whole trust thing, it's blown, cuz a' this loudmouth leprechaun. And now the hareball hisself, he can't be trusted neither.

Don't break the seal
See, the whole anonymity/pseudonymity thing is like drinking beer and trying not to piss. Cuz once you break the seal, a whole lotta piss is gonna come out. And keep comin' out.

So, say a guy wansta be a pirate. He comes up with a good radio name, station ID, preferably sumpin' easy to copy with weak signal or lotsa static. Off to the races. Hook up a transmitter and some wire, put out a signal and then... what? Who heard you? You dunno. Maybe you wait for signal reports, like in Monitoring Times inna old days. Maybe you don't wanna wait.

So you find a mail drop. Can you trust the guy? Who knows, ya hope so. Cuz past few years ya got some reason to wonder, what with Krackwhore McIdiot in '08 bragging about having the bunnyman's mailing list and whatnot. Starts reading out names an' addresses over the air, blowing crap 'bout he's gonna do this to so-and-so, gonna do that t'other guy. And now ya even got the bunnyman himself threatening to drop a dime on ops he don't like. And the bunnyman making all this noise about how real pirates send real QSL cards, right. Lotsa pressure. Like you start wonderin'... is he tryin'ta collect a database of names and addresses? Cuz ya hear things, y'know, I'm just sayin'.

So, back in the day, sure, anonymity, pseudonyms, handles, whatever, yeah, serves a purpose. Now, you think, maybe not so much. It's just part of the act, part of the show, put on a good show for the listeners, right? Don't even need a mail drop. Listener wants a QSL, send an eQSL. Make the resolution high enough it'll print postcard size just fine.

FCC? Minor problem, mostly warnings the past year, 2010 and this year, before then, not much a nothing. Not like FM, those guys get socked harder. But now... you hear things, y'know? Like maybe some insider is a snitch.

Why still with the charade, then? Why the big deal about aliases within the pirate "community," and I use the term loosely, my friend. Why the whole Secret Squirrel stuff?

Control, my friend, it's all about control. Mind control, black propaganda, dirty tricks. Stuff a media savvy guy or political hack would know. A guy like Pat Murphy. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm only here to praise Murphy, not bury him. Cuz we're all men of honor, amirite?

An' howza guy like that get that kinda savvy? WROV bio sez he was Jerry Michael Graves for awhile. Virginia news sez he flip flopped between names depending on whether he's working radio or political hack jobs. So, he's Michael Graves as assistant to the Montana governor in the 1980s, then back to Pat Murphy as a radio guy, then back to Graves when he's working for some Virginia area transportation authority. Then Murphy again.

So, this is an experienced guy, savvy, knows how the game is played. He's not gonna get caught in anything sketchy, right? He's gonna stay above the fray, use his experience to keep the pirate scene chill, right? He's gonna be neutral, right, support the whole pirate scene, not play favorites. Cuz we're all honorable men here.

See, the FCC... ain't a pirate's worst enemy. What's FCC gonna do? Basically, waggle a finger, "You're a naughty pirate, don't do it again, kthxbai!" Is he gonna expose your identity, home address... well, maybe, sure, depends on the situation. With a warning, maybe not even that. Is he gonna try to incite people to harass you, badmouth your business? Nah. Threaten to stalk your family, like Kracker did in 2008? Nah. Is he gonna use a buncha sockpuppets to fag up the interbutt, squeeze out a buncha Astroglide and fist himself, tell himself how great he is? Nah. Is the FCC guy gonna whine "Yer ruining pirate radio! Nasty monkeys! Cowardly keyboard commandos!" Nah. Is FCC guy gonna call you a child molester like Commander Bunny does when he's having a big boo-hoo, pull a buncha dirty tricks to humiliate you, chase you away so he can go back to suckin his own sockpuppets? Nah. What kinda crazy person would do that? Makes no sense, am I right?

A pirate's worst enemies?


Other pirates.

Same as the cannibal hamsters who gnaw on each other on 14275 and 14313 USB. 'cept those guys don't hide behind some fake, bullshit pirate code of anonymity.

See, the irony of anonymity is that the biggest attention whores hide behind their smoke screens singing "Looky me! Looky me! I'm the greatest pirate of them all! But you gotta pretend you don't know who I am!" while ratting out anyone they don't like.

Like Yogi Berra said, all pirates are liars or crybabies. Or was it pitchers? I dunno.

Lookit Commander Bunny. Huge attention whore and drama queen. "Looky me! Lookyme!" alla time. Cripes. Whines about how Poet supposedly revealed his location. Huh? CB sez he's in Missoula, Montana, on his own publicly accessible Facebook page. Same place Bill O. Rights of Radio Free Speech claims to be. I guess the bunnyman is living in a hutch outside Billo's one-holer now.

Meanwhile, someone onna Blowing League posts a biography on their site, saying Pat Murphy actually is Commander Bunny and Bill O. Rights and a buncha other legendary pirate stations. Right there onna page, sez it's the only authorized biography for Pat Murphy, Commander Bunny, Bill O. Rights and whatnot. So, who wrote that? Kracker? Some other f00kin slohb? Why the hell would they wanna slander a respectable guy like Pat Murphy that way, a man of honor? Cuz we're all honorable men here, amirite? Is it the Bowling League that Commander Bunny and Pat keep saying are ruining pirate radio and exposing good pirates?

"...their site, saying Pat Murphy actually is Commander Bunny and Bill O. Rights ... who wrote that? Kracker? Why the hell would they wanna slander a respectable guy like Pat Murphy that way?"

And, hey, don't shoot the messenger, we're only the piano player, y'know, we didn't play that song and dance on the site, we just read it and wondered why someone would write that kinda stuff about a well respected guy like Murphy. An honorable man like him.

Point is, remember what I said about "don't break the seal"? Yer drinkin' beer, once you start pissin', once ya break the seal, ain't no stoppin' it. Same with this whole pirate radio anonymity/pseudonymity game. Ya break the seal, watch out for the pissin', cuz there ain't no stoppin' it. And, buddy, there's a bladder full of piss stored up right now.

I mean, this Commander Bunny, he's the same guy using all these sockpuppets to mess with people all these years: Beans, Mosby, Bouncer, Thumper... who knows how many more? Ya gotta wonder about "lovemyradios", Winston, "2531" and "MIB". Wazzat? like "Man In Bunnysuit"? MIB is the one who couldn't wait to link to Poet's bust on the FCC site... like MIB knew it was coming.

This is the same bunnyman who called "Spore" a child molester and then published the schlub's name, ham call sign, address and then publishes the names, call signs and addresses for the schlub's family? The guy's family, fer chrissake. Classy, bunny, classy.

This is the same harebrain who makes up his own rules about whether to respect the anonymity of other people in the pirate scene:
"...the protections, extended to pirates, does not (sic) include you. Even if you were to go on the air and be a pirate, it wouldn't count now, its (sic) called "EX POST FACTO" but you so (sic) smart, I'll bet you figure it all out. But just in case, the protections, are not retroactive! Sorry but you lose."
--Beans, December 28, 2009, the "Spore" incident. (Beans is/was a sockpuppet for Commander Bunny.)

The Canuck Trollmaster Flips the Bunny. Flips Him For Real.
This bunnyman, he's the same myxomatosis-infected guy tried to use his lame "" alias, pretending to be from Lethbridge, Canada, trying to con Doc John of Northern Relay Service. This "Bob Smith" mook's IP traces to Virginia! And Doc John flips the con around on the bunnyman! Masterful trolling, so hilarious it'll get its own blog entry. So ComBun has a hissy fit cuz he got trolled and conned by a master, and starts pissin' all over the FRN about how IRC is "evil", and hasta use half-a-fuckin-dozen aliases to support his lame whining. It is precious!

"IRC the destruction of Pirate Radio - The FRN Grapevines"

And then this past February "Bob Smith" tries to get Doc John busted by reporting him to the authorities in Canada! Yeah, no shit. "Bob Smith" files a complaint with an amateur radio club in Canada, with the CBC, with Industry Canada, all because the mook can't stand a little competition from another relay service. Talk about yer fuckin hareball!

And now we hear Poet of The Crystal Ship gets The Knock. And the agent seems to know way too much about Poet in advance. And "MIB" on the FRN seems to know way too much in advance - like he's knows it's comin', and he just can't wait to crow about it. MIB... Man In Bunnysuit? Murphy In Bunnysuit? Nah... nah... couldn't be, cuz he's an honorable man.

Poet, The Crystal Ship, one of the true veterans of the U.S. pirate scene dating back to the early 1980s... snitched out? How does this happen? Among these honorable men?

"There were only two people who had my real name," Poet tells me. "I've been very careful," he sez...

"...except for that damned t-shirt."

From Commander Bunny's WBNY blog declaration of 19 May 2011:
"What I will do is make sure everyone on my mailing list knows who is really behind the lies, rumors and cowardly attacks. Everyone is going to know their real names, their real locations and have a complete portfolio on the nasty monkeys behind the destruction of Pirate Radio."
--Commander Bunny demonstrates ninja choke hold on irony

The bunnyman's intentions seem pretty damn clear. And that's pretty damn close to the date on which Poet got The Knock from the FCC, and the dates in May specified in the FCC's warning letter.

"If I knew where you were located, and wanted to "scare you" I'd used (sic) your real address..."
--Commander Bunny, WBNY blog, July 26, 2011, before later revision in which he did publish Poet's real name and full address. (Full resolution download available here.)

" is the name and location of the "visit" by the FCC."
Gxxxxxx X Bxxxx
3xxx Cxxxxxx AVE
--Commander Bunny, WBNY blog, July 26, 2011, one of several revisions that day, this one in which he did publish Poet's real name and full address. The FCC notice specified only the name and city. Commander Bunny added the specific street address. That information has been obscured here in the text version only to make a Google search a little more difficult. The screencap contains the original copy of the WBNY blog and is also available in HTML.

"This guy [Doc John of Northern Relay Service] doesn't belong in the pirate community. We've always taken care of problems within our own group. This guy is a problem. A big problem... We've dealt with trouble makers in the past and if they are ignored, they go away. If you have a solution, you think will work, do it, for the sake of pirate radio..."
--Commander Bunny, March 2011 (Note: Pat Murphy, under his "" alias, had already filed a complaint against Northern Relay Service to a Canadian amateur radio organization in February 2011.)

Sorry, CB, pirate radio is not your personal army. Go raid your sock drawer and see if ya can get Beans or Mosby or Bob Smith to call the FCC next time you feel the need to hack up a hareball.

So, Commander Bunny is wondering why people suspect he might have snitched out Poet to the FCC? And all the other people, ops and listeners, he's screwed over while hiding inside his Secret Hutch of Anonymity?

Meanwhile, CB wants everyone else to pretend we don't know who he is, and respect his anonymity.

Now that's ironic.

See Poet's blog for his description of the curious events involving his visit from the FCC: The Crystal Ship Has Run Aground."Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice, from her vantage point down the rabbit hole.


  1. 'For Brutus is an honourable man'

    There it is folks.

  2. Talk about the proverbial 'smoking gun'--- looks like Commander forgot to pick up his empty casings before hopping back into his hole!

    "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
    ~John 8:32

  3. Once again i AM BLOWN AWAY by your ability to write a great story. I said it once before and I'll say it again there should be a written word section for the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. You sir are a master!
    When the bible was going on in Revelations about "wars and rumors of wars" I think they were referring to RP. Behold the Furpocolypes !! If you ever write a book on this it should be called "He Rode a Pale Rabbit"

    The Horror....the horror...

    You dug your own grave CB,I mean Pat,I mean Michael.

  4. The Bunny is nothing but a flea-bitten coward, who has lost touch with all reality. He will continue to lie and deny, since that is his modus operandi.
    Unfortunately, he and his cadre of meat puppets have driven a lot of good people out of the Pirate radio hobby in order to keep the Commander's cult of personalities intact.

  5. I would like to go ahead and place my vote with the NAPRHF for WBNY as “The most uninfluential pirate snitch in the universe“!

    A special category is being created so fellow brethren Radio Bob & Commander Snitch can acrimoniously be together as one & have their place in pirate radio history for all to see!

  6. What a scum sucking rabbit, I mean Maggot.
    Great way to connect the dots. All should boycott the FRN! I am!

  7. Leaving the FRN is a great idea. I'm going to drop that site like a hot turd. HFU and FRC are the places to see and be seen.

  8. My rebuttal is that I don't care who these people are, or their little fake spygames; I just want to hear them doing pyrate radio....The Cult of the Bunny only works if you buy into it, can actually comment on The `Vines (I used to, twice, but they won't let me back in*), and care about the nonsense of this wing of American piracy. I don't, so it doesn't affect me. What should be the goal of all pirates outside of the Bunnyverse is to do the best piracy possible and completely ignore this crap.


    * I was the very minor poster "mr. mike."

  9. ninny nanny noo noo ...

    The radio tuff guy is so embarrassingly lame that I might just throw up a little.

  10. Hey Strelnikov(Dr Zhivago rules) I think the point is to let people in the pirate /free radio community know that not everywhere is safe to go.The right to be able to post /blog ,and QSL without fear of retribution because you didn't like say Commander Bunny's show or comment and said so. The ability to connect the dots with IP's and mailing addresses is too easy for those that out to abuse . Lets face it not everyone comes into the pirate scene thinking they have to use a proxy or even know what a proxy is for that matter.Much like kids that go into a candy store and don't know what a child molester is. So as far as I am concerned this blog and the content to date has been a great eye opener for all in the scene and should be required reading for all that are thinking of entering the scene.Great if you want to hear CB's broadcasts and other pirate radio op's,just don't buy a t-shirt unless you have nothing to hide yourself. Commander Bunny's love of Hard copy QSLs and his abuse of the info from them may have ruined forever the paper QSL portion of this hobby. I for one hope he just finished spending a lot of money on shinny new QSL cards ,he might have to wipe his ass with them.Or use them for liner for his hutch.The final point is that if you think you can get away with such abuses then think again.

  11. @ Anon. 12pm 7/30

    I absolutely agree with you that Commander Bunny pulled a real asshole move there with John Poet, and that this thing has probably fucked the "paper QSL" element of the hobby (at least in North America.) And those are awful things, but my point was, let's starve the attention vampires of attention and possibly they will shrivel up and vanish. Commander Bunny may never face a courtroom for the crap he pulled, but the pirate listening community can shun him, and should.

    BTW, I am not a present pirate, though I was involved in some FM nonsense some years ago...I'm so much of an ousider, I don't have a QSL collection!

  12. Janice does a good job covering the TCS bust on the International Radio Report starting at 18:30

  13. Strelnikov said...
    "What should be the goal of all pirates outside of the Bunnyverse is to do the best piracy possible and completely ignore this crap."

    Great idea. Bunny would love it. Then he could finish working his way through Ragnar's list of most active pirates unimpeded until he is the only one left.

    "First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me."

    The communist was actually #4 on Bunny's list. What number are you?

  14. Here's a real joke. On WBNY's blog, Pat refers to "A growing number of bloggers, DX’ers and folks in the Pirate Community" who support his views regarding Poet. And whose blog does he reference? kracker's. Wow, that's pretty darn convincing. Actually, it shows just how little Pat understands what's really happening.

  15. Oh, did CeeBee invoke the old "The Lurkers Support Me In E-mail" song? That's a classic. I think it's the B-side of his hit song "The Sockpuppets Support Me On The Interbutt."

  16. If Commander Sockmaster cites Kracker's blog as a show of support, that scraping noise you hear is the bottom of the barrel.
    I am not sure which is worse: sock puppets or meat puppets.

  17. Thanks for another interesting, well written and important article!

    Pirate radio should be about freedom of expression – not about power and politics. And when I say 'freedom of expression', I don't mean freedom to say and do all sorts of mean things under a false name!

    Someone mentioned the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. I wonder what will happen to that initiative now.

    CB and Kracker have been on my personal shun list for a while (I downloaded some of their programmes last year and initially liked what I heard – because I assumed it was just innocent fun). So has Captain Ganja (although I don't think he's broadcasting at the moment). These guys' continuous harassment of innocent radio hobbyist (including the guy referred to as Bozo) is among the ugliest things I've seen! (But then again I probably haven't seen much. :))

    So why does a Norwegian care? Well, I'm a _listener_, and I think I'm entitled to an opinion on the output (in a broad sense) of the various pirates – including NA ones. And I've come to know some of these guys' victims (Terry and Poet) as really friendly and positive persons! They certainly didn't deserve the malicious treatment they were subjected to.


    Kai S.

  18. A little background on Ganja and Jay "Bozo" Smilkstein,Kai. One Winterfest at Kulpsville,Jay a large and deranged gay man,kept making unwanted advances towards Ganja,going as far as trying to force his way into Ganja's room if I remember correctly? (If you weren't Ganja,Jay's pursuit of him was the highlight of that years 'Fest.)

    Jay is also a notorious caller to talk shows up and down the East Coast.His interests are,old radios,plugging his imaginary radio repair business,his ongoing feud with his rich Uncle "Schleckstein",and other guys "weiners" ie; penises,all of which he will talk about as long as the host will let him.

    Combine Ganja's warranted dislike of Jay together with Jay's crazed antics and Ganja has a wealth of material to work with.

    Someone mentioned Janice and KCUT up the page. She does a nice job,but that Steve guy she shares the mic with sounds like he's on Oxycontin.

  19. Thanks for the explanation! (I have seen references to that incident before and have heard parts of calls the guy has made to WBCQ). I still think this garbage has no place in the public sphere!

    And JS isn't the only person being harassed on (Ganja's site, I guess) and elsewhere. (For example, there is also an MG.)



  20. One question remains:

    How many people have sent in complaints to the FCC about J. Michael Graves in retaliation?

    If The Bunny/Pat M./Mike Graves can shut down The Crystal Ship with just ONE complaint, it causes one to wonder how fast WBNY would get The Knock if all of Graves' victims were to contact the Feds.

    Maybe it's time to send in a metaphorical Seal Team Six to take out Osama Bin Bunny and return the SW pirate scene to its pre-Mike Graves martial law state.

  21. Hi Kai:

    Thanks for the mention, but what was done to me was extremely minor compared to what has happened to Poet and many others. (I was actually more upset when one of my friends got busted than about anything that happened to me.)

    Personally, I agree with you about things that should be posted publicly. But there are some cultural differences here that go well beyond pirate radio.

    It always interesting to hear the views of people from a pirate community that actually works together ;-)


    A quick search on frn for Mr. Mike shows 25 posts and that your account is still active. If you cannot access it, perhaps they have just stored your name for future puppetry.

  22. Anon #20:

    Very, very bad idea.

    First of all, this would be lowering yourself to his level. Retaliation may have a short term emotional appeal, but who wants to live the rest of their life knowing that they sunk as low as Bunny?

    Secondly, so we out Bunny. Then he targets whoever he thinks is responsible. So then we take out Kracker and a few of the Blowing League regulars like Bad Andy, the axis or Yukon Jack. Then Bunny loses it and drops the load on the FCC. And pirate radio becomes a footnote on the FCC field page.

    We need one less rat, not one more.

  23. @ Terry
    I've emailed them twice and they won't send me the password to get back in (Yes, I forgot the Gawddamned thing), so they are either being dicks or the software is too creaky or whatver other bullshit excuse sysops think of....

    I second the "sic the FCC on the rabbit" notion, though it might cause a nark-out war, where pissed off OPs nark their "enemies" out.

  24. It is impossible to "sink to bunny's level" unless you throw in online and offline stalking and harassment of the target and the target's family.

  25. I am willing to sacrifice myself to get rid of the Bun. I'll narc him out and he can come after me.

    In fact, I am willing to show up on his doorstep so he can take all the shots at me he wants.

    If I have to take the heat from Micheal Graves, I will do so just to get rid of his Nazi ass and save everyone else. I don't fear old men on drugs.

  26. I'm quite heartened that many of the "lurkers" have responded here, HFU and Free Radio Cafe, in support of those would would be made victims of the 'Cabal.

    Previous palls of silence discouraged me into believing that non-acerbic pirates might leave the scene, or be too discouraged to remian.

    Anger is the obvious response, but for the health of the community. the only thing to do -- in the safety of numbers -- is support those who understand what the hobby's fun is all about.

    Be safe, be prudent, but never ever be intimidated by the likes of these guys again.

    Keep on rockin in the free (Radio) World ;-)

  27. At the risk of sounding like Droopy Dog...

    I haven't deleted any comments on this blog entry - yet. But I'm opposed to any suggestions, in earnest or in jest, that real-life reprisals might be appropriate.

    There's nothing to be gained by sinking to the muddy level of Kracker's threats of real-life stalking and physical violence.

    If you feel that strongly about it, you're free to go online with your own blog or on-air.

    And you can take lessons from the cannibal hamsters on 14313 and their various websites and blogs. Nobody does bored-middle-aged internet warriors and radio tuff guys quite as well as those fellows.

    I can't think of any grievances related to pirate radio that can't be resolved peaceably or prankfully.

  28. Here's some nice snaps of J. Mike


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