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Radio Paranoia's Best & Worst of 2011

"...anybody can do one of these lists. There's no objective standard as to what the 10 best are." --NPR's wimpy way of saying top 10 lists suck.

"Top Ten Lists Suck. A Lot."
--Michael Hodson, Go, See, Write

by Guise Faux
Illustrations by Dea Fauxnette

We already knew we sucked and we're ruining pirate radio. That was our driving force throughout 2011. Just ask Commander Bunny.

But when National Public Radio told us at the end of December, just as we were drafting our Top Ten list for 2011, that our Top Ten list for 2011 already sucked even before we'd published the damned thing, well... it just gave us the excuse we needed to take a few weeks off. After all, if you can't do a thing well, do it late.

Pheme Ossa took an indefinite leave of absence to work the Ron Paul campaign. We suspect she's doing it ironically, especially since she's wearing her Goldwater '64 campaign t-shirt. Last I looked, I spotted at least three of her sockpuppets on the comments sections on the Ron Paul and Alex Jones sites. She claims it's necessary to defend against the NSA and Mosaad sockpuppets. And I thought I was paranoid.

To cover the Consumer Electronics Show, Brown Nose the Pirate requisitioned an El Dorado convertible and a pint of raw ether "for the Caddy's carburetor". On Friday the 13th he Tweeted: "You know what's great about CES? No, seriously, do you? Because I can't remember a thing."

Last we heard from him was a voice message late Saturday night: "Turn it up!" he screamed. "Just as high as the fucker can go! And when it comes to that fantastic bit where the rabbit bites its own head off, I want you to throw that fuckin' radio into the tub with me!"

We hope he has a good attorney. We also hope Vegas hotels all have GFCI's in the bathrooms.

Before we headed off for Umbrage Island for a sanity break, Dea whipped out the "obey" poster for Commander Bunny in the now-classic Shepard Fairey Roddy Piper style. And if you don't grok the original reference (nope, not Obama, although he clearly is a reptilian), then you've never been forced to kick ass because of an unexpected shortage of bubblegum.

Now that we're back and caught up on comments since the December 25th blog, we surmise that you bastards really love gossip, rumors and scandals. And we love our readers for that.

Rather than a Top Ten list - mostly because we can't think of 10 really significant events from 2011 that are relevant to pirate radio - we're going with a Best & Worst list. In the end, most events were both the best and the worst of 2011.

#1 Best & Worst of allll tiiime!
Was there any doubt? The manic meltdown of WBNY's Commander Bunny dominated the North American shortwave pirate scene throughout 2011. To steal a phrase from the late, lamented Passport to World Band Radio, nothing has provided hour after hour of amusement like the Bunnyman's 2011 antics. Commander Coney & His Lost Planet Sockpuppets earn the Tales of Radio Paranoia top spot for being, simultaneously, the best and worst of 2011.

Rampant sockpuppetry. Forgetting which alias said what to whom, followed by frantic revisions on the FRN. Lying about perceived enemies. Fantasizing about pedophiles under every Canadian woodpile like he'd barely escaped the clutches of some bizarre fantasy cult. Manic blurt-blogging with increasingly frantic incoherence (at one point hitting a record high four paranoid blog posts in a single day). Misogynistic cyber-stalking. Harassing and repeatedly dropping dox on "enemy" ops and listeners alike.

Throughout 2011, it wasn't a question of what the Lagomurph would do next; it was what wouldn't he do next? Whether under his two best known pirate radio pseudonyms or his best known "real" name, he left no stone unturned and no bridge unburned in his desperate pursuit of enemies, real or imagined.


Worst of the Worst - Tales of Radio Paranoia
...for noticing #1, and blogging about it.


Worst Waste of Tax Dollars - FCC targets HF pirates again
Confirmed knocks and/or written or oral warnings included WEAK and The Crystal Ship. That follows on the heels of at least three warnings in 2010 (one confirmed by the station operator, two unconfirmed).

Actual impact on shortwave pirate radio activity? Hard to estimate. Available data is biased, although not necessarily deliberately. The traditional bastions for North American pirate radio logs - the FRN and Free Radio Weekly e-mail newsletter - tend to be dominated by ops and listeners from a smallish geographic region. If you stick a compass on the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and draw a 500 mile diameter circle, you've probably encompassed 85% of the pirate stations and listener logs reflected in the FRN and FRW. But does that mean 85% of all N. American ops are within that circle? Don't bet on it.

Reference: DIYmedia: Anti-Pirate Enforcement Plummets in 2011


Worst Toadying to Media Tyrants - Anti-Pirate Legislation
Nope, not anti-pirate radio. But the misguided, corporate-schlong-sucking SOPA/PIPA legislation (temporarily allayed last week) threatened to be even more menacing than anything the FCC might cook up. Because media megaliths have the lawyers and clout to arm-twist the courts into actually prosecuting and penalizing people for pirated media-ware.

SOPA/PIPA and related efforts may rank even higher than renewed FCC enforcement because it potentially affects not only broadcasters but programmers, bloggers and anyone actively involved in free radio. So far FCC penalties are a pittance compared with the potential fines for pirating intellectual property - music, movies, etc.

Relevant references:
Positions of US Representatives (SOPA) and Senators (PIPA):
House: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Oh Internet: The Death of Megaupload, The Beginning of Web 3.0
"Frightening is the fact that Megaupload was hosted in Hong Kong- how did the US government manage to black out a site based in the other side of the planet? Perhaps even more frightening is that the take-down was performed without the help of the SOPA or PIPA bills written specifically for this purpose. It seems that the United States government already has the tools to impose its will upon foreign websites."

Salon.com: Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure
"Less than 24 hours after the SOPA victory, the Government seizes one of the world's largest websites with no trial"
Dimnet Tries To Be A Hedge Against DNS Censorship
Slate: Stop SOPA/PIPA
Motherboard: Dear Congress - It's Not OK to Be Stupid About the Internet
Motherboard: Break in Case of Censorship

Also see stories linked to: “Firefox Add-On Bypasses SOPA DNS Blocking”.


Best & Worst Cruise on de Nile - The FRN Capsizes, Travels Backward in Time.

And nothing of value was lost.

The Free Radio Network, with online roots dating back to the pre-web BBS era, missed opportunities to relaunch and reinvent itself at critical times during 2011. Numerous outages throughout the year could have been taken advantage of to rebuild the venerable site on a more robust platform and more stable servers. Instead the site followed Pat Murphy's lead in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Opportunities were squandered and longtime participants were alienated as Murphy seldom missed a chance to underscore perceptions that the FRN had become little more than his personal vanity site and a roost for the two dominant cliques.

Those perceptions were reinforced in December 2011 when the FRN faithful relocated to Free Radio North America on Google Groups. A quick peek at the group stats told the tale: early membership was mostly the Bowling League, Pat Murphy and a few veteran listeners who'd managed to remain neutral throughout the previous years of nearly continuous bunny-driven drama.

"They've actually sent the FRN further back in time. I honestly had no idea that was possible," quipped a waggish veteran of the US shortwave pirate scene, on the FRN cabal's abandoning ship for the Uselessnet reefs.

Google Groups, for those who haven't visited, is little more than tarted up usenet, one of the oldest and lamest incarnations of the interbutt. Throughout the previous decade uselessnet degenerated from merely a pile of fresh shit that was usually burning due to continuous flame wars, to fossilized dinosaur scat. No topical subdivisions within a group. No way to attach images, let alone the multi-media goodies available with newer implementation of phpBB like the Free Radio Cafe.

Dr. Who-Me? invites you and your socks to board the Fucktardis
for a journey back in time to the ass end of the interbutt.

Usenet manages to be even less secure than the FRN in terms of member privacy, although the Free Radio North America group does seem to manage to mask member IPs. That, at least, is a small improvement over most radio related uselessnet groups. But member e-mails are easily visible (click on the highlighted ellipses, or three dots in the partially masked e-mail addresses). And if those members are using the same nicks or e-mails they've used elsewhere on uselessnet, chances are their IPs have been recorded in the headers on rec.radio.whatever.

If you subscribe to the theory of Environmental Determinism, you know where this is heading. If it looks like uselessnet, farts like uselessnet and talks like uselessnet, eventually it'll degenerate into just another uselessnet pile of poop. For a peek at the fun times ahead, just Google the hilariously rabid-rabbit frothing from Murphy's various aliases back around 2006 - particularly "Bouncer" (bobsmith6955@yahoo.com) from Newport News, VA.

With a little luck, the FRN might be able to offer a work-release parole deal for Italian cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino. Reportedly he's now negotiating for the role of Quint in a remake of Jaws.

How did the FRN become a salvage case? The short version:
  • Failure to upgrade to a more reliable, contemporary platform.
  • Slowpoke servers.
  • Annual outage as domain registration lapsed.
  • Rampant, abusive sockpuppetry by former admin Pat Murphy.
  • Murphy's repeated misuse of access to personal information to harass perceived enemies.
  • Murphy's censorship of unapproved logs.
Meanwhile the HF Underground has offered a genuine sanctuary for free and generally friendly loggings and exchanges of information and opinion since 2008, on a more contemporary and stable platform with reliable servers. Ironically, the single notable flame war on the HFU, a couple of years ago, turned out to have been instigated by Murphy under one of his many sockpuppets.

And John Poet of The Crystal Ship stepped up the game by launching the Free Radio Cafe in the spring of 2011, offering an even more advanced phpBB platform that accommodates Flash videos and larger file sizes for direct uploads of graphics such as SSTV and QSLs. If there's been any rivalry at all between the HFU and FRC, it's been of only the friendliest sort. And Poet launched with a written commitment to respect member privacy, ops and listeners alike - something Murphy repeatedly demonstrated he would never actually do, regardless of his claims on the FRN.

While Cosmikdebris, on the Free Radio North America Google group's "What is this and should we care?" introductory statement seemed to extend an olive branch, he didn't make a convincing case for any real reconciliation. In fact, an objective, detached reader might be tempted to ask why any reconciliation would even be desirable, let alone necessary?

But we're not detached. Unless a detached brainstem counts.

At the risk of seeming to nitpick his good intentions, statements such as
"It's become increasingly evident to me that there are distinct disadvantages associated with the message board mode of operation for a community like shortwave free radio."

"Some people need to have their own board and their own hugbox. I don't have any problem with this. The three message boards have all been to various extents poisoned by the actions of one or more of their members or admins."

indicate there's little common ground. It would require quite a stretch to compare the occasional snarky remarks on the HFU and FRC with the years of abusive tirades and slanders perpetrated by Commander Coney & His Lost Planet Sockpuppets, as well as by the perpetual presidential wannabe's thuggish veep candidate.

So when Cos sez

"...I would love to see some kind of magic software be created that actually linked up the loggings sections of each of these three boards..."

it begs the question "Why?" The web is huge and diverse. For every hobby there are many completely independent and unaffiliated websites and blogs. There are plenty of good networking options for those who want them. But there's usually a very good reason why most participants on hobbyist and niche websites and forums prefer one over another, and may not want to be associated in any way with other sites despite sharing common interests. Murphy demonstrated that by trying to fuck up the HFU with his "RF Burnz" and "lovemyradios" sockmonsters. Same way he alienated virtually the entire European pirate scene.

Fact is, some twains don't need to meet. Rivers run just fine without having to hold hands or cooperate.


Worst Diagnosis - Damn You, Xenu!
The DSM eliminated Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Crap. There goes another perfectly useful disorder. Maybe L Ron Hubbard was right about psychiatrists.


Best Goodfella News - Ragnar Bounces Back
Downside: In 2011 Ragnar put the popular Pirates Week podcast on hiatus while he recovered from carp 'n' grumble syndrome. I have long personal experience with that malady and sympathize completely.

Upside: In December 2011 Ragnar announced the launch of his new show, spotlighting classic pirate radio. So far I've listened to the first two Hall of Fame Spotlights. While I enjoyed hearing those classic shows, I'd like to hear more of Ragnar's narrative, perhaps some documentary style commentary to put the era into context. If he has time, editing some historical narrative into the existing HOF Spotlight shows would make 'em even better. He has a knack for it, a cheerful, friendly voice and an admirable ability to navigate the treacherous pirate waters and tempestuous personalities. In other words, the antithesis of Tales of Radio Paranoia.


Worst Use of Radio
How important is radio? Important enough even the well financed drug cartels use radio.
"Mexico drug cartel Zetas have their own radio system"

Meanwhile, the murders and mutilations of Mexican journalists and bloggers at the hands of drug cartels should serve as a reminder that internet "anonymity" is not as safe as some may believe. This reinforces the concept of compact low power radio as a tool for regional communication in waging news, views and propaganda wars. In other words, true clandestine radio, not the entertainment oriented pirate radio we can afford to indulge ourselves in throughout N. America... at least until the drug war crosses our borders.

Related NY Daily News story on drug cartels using radio.


Best Occupation of Free Radio?
Unfortunately I was unable to find any specific documentation or names to quote. But reportedly low power FM was used at some "Occupy" movement locations. Besides supporting non-violent anarchy, occupiers also helped contribute to the reminder that radio remains an essential tool of free speech. Whatever your thoughts about the Occupy movement - especially some of the wannabe hippie goofiness and disjointedness - it was a good thing if only because it provided an excellent example of exercising the First Amendment "right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Update 1/26/12 - found a few references for LPFM at "Occupy" events:
Occupy Fayetteville Facebook page
"Madison community groups find a voice in low-power FM radio"


Worst Best Move
WBCQ moved from 7415 to 7490, reportedly to avoid QRMing official comms on 7416. On the downside, WBCQ is barely audible now on 7490. On the upside, some pirates are making noises about reclaiming 7415, which has a legacy as a pirate freq predating WBCQ. I still have some old copies of Passport from that era.


Best Worst Prophecy
WYFR and Harold Camping, May 21 and October 21. The world didn't end - OR DID IT? 'nuff said. For reasons I cannot fathom, I just can't bring myself to a proper sense of ire over harmless old Brother Sominex. Besides, his Open Forum provided plenty of fodder for pirate spoofs.

Note: Jennifer Waits of Radio Survivor wrote the most balanced articles on this issue. Read 'em if you're actually interested in the WYFR saga.

Now, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, thank you for calling and sharing, and shall we take our next call?


Worst Ruiner of Pirate Radio
Propagation. Or, rather, lack thereof. Once again, ManBearPig failed to produce sunspots. I'm super serial. And the year was riddled with Coronary Mess Ejaculations or "solar farts" as the phenomenon are known in the scientific community.


Best Retrospective on Curmudgeonly Radio Personality
Okay, it's actually a rerun of a Slate article from 2009. But it's damned good reading. Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen's excellent retrospective about radio legend Jean Shepherd resonates both humorously and poignantly now in context of a certain US shortwave pirate radio personality.

"Like a lot of fine-tuned performing artists, Shepherd increasingly exhibited the whole range of symptoms common to the aging diva. He became paranoid and resentful of imagined rivals..."
--Donald Fagen, for Slate

Best Creative Radio Paranoia
Just barely edging out Commander Bunny's WBNY "Three Ring Blogger Circus" production for 2011, Gabrielle Chana (aka Gail Chord Schuler), wants you to know that radio is being used to harass and destroy her, and the obscure objects of her desire: Brent Spiner, Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughy, Gerard Butler, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Vladimir Putin.

Be warned - the Jesuits have already destroyed Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Princess Diana; possibly Kim Jong Il as well. (Note: Substitute "the gray aliens" or "the Communists" or "trust-fund bitches" for "the Jesuits" and you'll have a summary of her manifesto, as well as Commander Bunny's.)


Worst Omission - Who The Hell Do I Have To Piss Off To Make This List?
Finally, we are disappointed that neither Tales of Radio Paranoia nor WBNY's blog made Salon's 2011 hack blogger list. Alas, Katie Roiphe edged us out with a year-end blitz of boorish blarging. She even managed to surpass Commander Bunny in misogyny, if not in self-parody.


Okay, your turn. What's your Best/Worst or Top Ten list for 2011?


  1. First entry in my "Biggest Disappointments of 2012" list - I see the HOP Bunny pic and think "Hey is that 3D"??? Get out the spex and nothing, oh well.

  2. Well done, my friend!

    (And to think that you've done it all using only one "sock-puppet"!)

  3. Best of 2011

    This blog destroying the grip that Pat Murphy had over the hobby for way too long.

    Worst of 2011

    Like you really need to ask?

    Thank you Guise Faux for giving us a place to anonymously voice the BS and say enough is enough.

  4. Thank heaven for the Faux family blargh for steering my daily attention away from that crazy pirate radio drama.

    I suppose the HD radio/iSuckbiguity, Klear Channel/iFartRadio korporate nonsense are all hardly worth a token mention alongside the Commander Pat-My-Bunny deranged dysfucktional hutch of cards. He is certainly a credit to his feces.

  5. Pat Murphy and the BL relegated to Google's version of usenet?

    There is justice after all.

  6. I enjoyed the Commander's clueless stupidity as he tried to figure out who Guise Faux really is.

  7. Overall, well put. There is one thing I want to mention, though, that I don't entirely agree with: knocking Usenet. The potential of Usenet for communication within the SWL and pirate community is pretty good, IMHO. Referring to this post on alt.pirate.radio from back in May, the poster has a good point: Usenet is not under the control of any one person (or rabbit). If used correctly, anonymity is realtively assured. By 'if used correctly', I mean the following:

    1) Don't use Google Groups. It'll put your posting IP address in the headers, as well as your actual email address. Find a free Usenet server (it must allow posting as well as reading) to post through. Avoid ones that require account signup; if there's one that supports SSL (secure) connections, even better.

    2) You'll want something to handle reading and posting to Usenet; I'm in agreement with the alt.pirate.radio post that Mozilla Thunderbird does make for a good Usenet client. It's also great for email, especially if you use Gmail and hate their web interface. Runs on Windows, OS X, and *nix, so chances are your computer can handle it.

    3) Configure Thunderbird for your free Usenet server (remember to not use personally-identifiable information when doing this, so lie through your teeth when it comes to things like your email address and real name) and make a couple of test posts to alt.test. Check the headers of your post to alt.test to make sure that your free Usenet server isn't including any identifying information such as your IP address, etc. If it is, choose another server and try again. Hint: news.aioe.org would make a good first choice.

    Note that I'm not saying that Usenet isn't antiquated, supplanted by newer methods of communication, and generally irrelevant in today's Interwebnets two-point-eighty-six or whatever it is we're up to - but there are some advantages to it that we as a community may be able to take advantage of if we were to choose to do so.

  8. "Throughout the previous decade uselessnet degenerated from merely a pile of fresh shit that was usually burning due to continuous flame wars, to fossilized dinosaur scat."

    Ahhhh, the Good Ol' Days!


  9. I thought this was another well written article by Guise Faux. My only problem with this piece is the CB picture.
    Now the Rabbit Cult will stare at it and suddenly hypnotically start singing ,"Ah, I might as well hop! Hop! Might as well hop! Go ahead hop. Hop! Go ahead, hop!", while bowing before the image of their Fearful Leader.

  10. nice job guise faux!! another good one, thanks!!

  11. Thanks, all, for visiting and commenting. Enjoyed the long break but the draft of this article was getting stanky after aging in the bin since December.

    John Poet said...
    "(And to think that you've done it all using only one "sock-puppet"!)"

    Only one? Damned dryer must have eaten our other sock again.

    Steve McWeed said...
    January 24, 2012 5:32 PM
    "I suppose the HD radio/iSuckbiguity, Klear Channel/iFartRadio korporate nonsense are all hardly worth a token mention..."

    Corporate Fear Channel Fradio was in the running for the 2011 list. MW DXing is hardly worth the effort anymore, unless the goal is to log Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh, ESPN and Fake Snooze on as many different frequencies as possible.

    But anti-piracy legislation like SOPA/PIPA is far more threatening right now. This is the wrong way to go about protecting intellectual property.

    Anonymous said...
    January 24, 2012 5:37 PM
    "Overall, well put. There is one thing I want to mention, though, that I don't entirely agree with: knocking Usenet. The potential of Usenet for communication within the SWL and pirate community is pretty good, IMHO."

    Excellent point. I greatly oversimplified the privacy issues with usenet. I recall some usenet privacy tricks from many years ago, but haven't kept up with current methods. Thanks for the correction.

  12. tales of radio paranoia really tickles my funny boner
    another great blarg post

    m d mac

  13. @ A naughty mouse, 1/25/12 7:55pm

    You have a way with words.

    We may need to consider adding troll-hair covered ticklers to our official Tales of Radio Paranoia pogie bait, along with t-shirts, coffee mugs and fridge magnets.

  14. troll-hair covered ticklers

    you would do that for me
    aww thats nice
    i didn't know you cared

    ; )

    m d mac

  15. I see Pat has removed from his blog the link that points at kracker's blog. It probably means nothing, but it's interesting to speculate. Kind of like "Kremlinology".

  16. Anonymous said...
    Kind of like "Kremlinology".

    Da! The Lagomurph is well schooled in Minitrue and the art of the disappearing Komissar.

    By the way, does the Gargle Gropes version of Uselessnet permit indefinite edits/deletions, or is a post more or less permanently etched in the ether?

  17. Guise Faux à dit:

    "By the way, does the Gargle Gropes version of Uselessnet permit indefinite edits/deletions, or is a post more or less permanently etched in the ether?"

    Nope, it's perma-ether. Not even a grace period for correcting typos, IIRC. It's just like real Usenets, only with a crappier, more snoopy interface.

    Also: things of great importance: this.

  18. Thank you, Guise Faux, for helping us get our hobby back.

  19. I see the campaign is starting on the WBNY blog. I wonder if Pat is going to start selling t-shirts again, and "incidentally" collecting personal information on a whole new set of naive followers.

  20. Quantum M Butt Rocks !!!

  21. Of course, when Commander Murphy uses the device from "Doctor Who", it is called the Retardis!

  22. come on Guise!! have some fun with the buuny/krackwhore campaign for president!! you'd be the one to make the most fun of it for us!!!

  23. I understand the Gingrich guys are secretly funding the Bunny/Krackwhore campaign. Murphy makes Newt seem rational and sane by comparison.

  24. A Nanner Moose posited:
    "Murphy makes Newt seem rational and sane by comparison."

    Murphy makes Ron Paul seem rational and sane by comparison.

    Of course, Guise agrees Paul is the bee's knees. A single glance at his wild-eyed stance makes voters fall under his Hypnotoad trance.

    Speaking of whom, we see Commander Bunny is supporting Ron Paul. We admire such moxie. We may lobby on behalf of the Lagomurph to head up the FCC under a Paul administration.

  25. Guise Faux said...
    Speaking of whom, we see Commander Bunny is supporting Ron Paul. We admire such moxie. We may lobby on behalf of the Lagomurph to head up the FCC under a Paul administration.

    make it easier for him he has the names and adresses of the ops

    damn guise thats sick humor ;)

  26. have some fun with the buuny/krackwhore campaign for president!!

    It might be time to give this a rest.

    With the FRN smoldering, we won't have to see the endless campaign posts like we did in '08. It's part of his station style, so let him keep that part of the hobby for himself and his blog.

    There's plenty of other interesting personalities around the hobby that would get a kick out of being satirized.

  27. Some young minds in the dorm room may find the whole krack-bunny, monkey-ape, fake campaign schtick amusing, that is until whatever foreign or inflammable chemical enhancement reaches half-life.

  28. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    have some fun with the buuny/krackwhore campaign for president!!

    It might be time to give this a rest.

    With the FRN smoldering, we won't have to see the endless campaign posts like we did in '08. It's part of his station style, so let him keep that part of the hobby for himself and his blog.

    There's plenty of other interesting personalities around the hobby that would get a kick out of being satirized.

    February 1, 2012 4:09 PM

    give it a rest WHY! after all the years of making victims out of various free radio ops and dxers
    give it a rest there is no reason to give it a rest until


  29. "With the FRN smoldering, we won't have to see the endless campaign posts like we did in '08. It's part of his station style, so let him keep that part of the hobby for himself and his blog."

    He's free to keep it.

    The rest of us are free to run negative attack ads!

  30. Even prior to knowing of the Sock Puppet Scandal, this longtime listener/op had grown tired of the silly presidential campaign. I wanna say this was late 07, perhaps early 08? Seriously, we're gonna write-in CB for pres? Mickey Mouse gets more write-in votes while sparing us the email spam and incessant FRN posts anyway!! Thank Guise we don't have to sit through another bogus campaign that does nothing but stroke the ego of one narcissistic individual.


  31. drop dead commander murphy and paul mc'krackwhore!!! no one cares and no ones voting for you! stupid idiots!!!!

  32. I take it you guys aren't interested in being on the 'Transition Team'!

  33. Just to remind everyone who might be new to all of this: Murphy wants your personal information. If you decide to buy a t-shirt or other campaign items, your address and everything else you supply will be stored away, to be used against you if Murphy or krackwhore ever decide that they don't like you.

    This doesn't just mean making you famouse on their Google group or in broadcasts, it means making threats of bodily harm to you and your family, harassing phone calls, visits to your home, and whatever other mayhem that they might think up in their drug-addled so-called minds. If you are an op, this includes snitching on you to the FCC or to any other group that might be induced to track you down.

    Be warned!!!

  34. WBNY, JTA, and Captain Ganja inducted into the NASPR Hall of Shame. who'd have thunk?

  35. The Board of Directors have voted.....

    What's wrong with this picture? A collective group that supports defiance of authority, control and organization would have a 'Board of Directors'? Not that having a website dedicated to recognizing pirate stations is bad, but anyone can see the humor and irony in this. As long as individuals are recognized as being representatives for the hobby they will have control and influence over the hobby.

    Power is not what you have, it's what you give!

  36. Oh, hey - guess who's back?

    I, for one, look forward to the next nine months of watching ComBun's 'vote for me' schtick be run repeatedly into the ground. Again. Because, you know, if it was funny the last 56834902682436 times, it'll sure as hell be amusing on this iteration!

  37. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh, hey - guess who's back?
    February 9, 2012 3:58 PM

    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

    nothing to see there
    move along move along

  38. up down up down same old same old
    nothing different same shitheads will still be running it the same old way

  39. Anonymous said...
    "up down up down same old same old
    nothing different same shitheads will still be running it the same old way"


  40. Don't sweat it Mr. FURBAL,

    Not everyone can be gullible and stupid enough to fall for your bullshit.

  41. I see the Murphy sockpuppet "Winston" is already polluting the FRN with logs of his own shows. The site has only been up for a few hours, and the old crap starts immediately. I don't understand why Cruzan even bothered.

  42. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...
    "up down up down same old same old
    nothing different same shitheads will still be running it the same old way"


    February 10, 2012 4:15 PM

    you are a (_0_) cockwad

  43. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "you are a (_0_) cocked"

    Can't come up with anything better than that? What an asshat. It's really easy hiding and being a coward, isn't it. Come on, you can do better than that.

  44. Yikes, I can hear the panties bunching!

  45. panties in a bunch

    when a party or subject begins to act in an anally retensive manner; stupid hoe bags that try to front when they styles ain't fly.

    Damn bitch, why you gotta be gettin' your panties in a bunch?

  46. he be gettin'his panties in a bunch !

    Pat Murphy
    posted February 11, 2012 14:18
    I just find it hilarious that the wannabe's put "FRN" in their search engines. They claim their better and hipper and blah, blah, blah, but they actually put "FRN" so folks would be fooled (those who dont' know) into coming to their pitiful websites.

    If they claim to be an "alternative" so much, why would they want to mislead people into thinking their site was the real "FRN"?

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    the same old shit see

  47. He must be talking about post-tags. Some posts, particularly on tcsshortwave.com, which are talking about the FRN, are tagged 'FRN' since that's one of the subjects. Obviously he doesn't understand the concept of "keywords" or post-tags... but seems to have heard of "black-hat" SEO methods--- which is rather fitting in his case.

    Well, he's not much on these internets, we knew that already.

  48. John, I was asked about this also. Sounds like someone's badly explained "google dorking" to Jerry and per usual, he has no grasp of what's being described.

    It's also something the current FRN board software can't pro-actively capitalize on, metadata and SEO strategies, the way newer content management software is designed to. It is what it is.

    Also, to get spidered by google to stay associated with a given set of keywords...your site has to actually *stay up* for a while, or the keyword lottery in search engines then begins to favor the next most familiar site. No gaming going on.

    PROTIP for the Bunny crowd: the FRN actually staying UP for a while will trend FRN search results back to the actual FRN. Work on that, fellas.

    But you know the fundamentals are usually lost on everyone except the folks trying to keep that ship afloat.

  49. "the folks trying to keep that ship afloat."

    or should it be "the folks trying to keep that sh*t afloat?" LMFAO!!!



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