Sunday, March 6, 2011

3's & 7's at the FRN

So much abuzz on the shortwave pirate radio scene over the past few weeks it's not easy to choose a starting point between the just completed Fest, wars, rumors of wars, friends getting knocked up and leporidae dissembling. Let's begin with the bumbling bunny, shall we?

Our old friend BNtP tells us that despite Billo fronting a show of bravado on the Furry Rodent Nutwork ("Ah ain't skeert" declares Billo, from the Ted Kaczynskiesque Montana one-holer he calls home, "ain't been no FCC busts since nigh unto nineteen ought '98!"), secretly the rabbit is running scared over rumors of FCC enforcement actions... as many as four ops getting The Knock within a year. We're told that Commander Bunny is frightened out of his fur, begging listeners not to log WBNY shows until after the broadcast is complete... but not frightened enough to curtail the usual confident self promotion for logs of his QRP signal (fortunately his usual crew of leg warmers will pitch in with assurance that, yes, his signal can be heard outside the confines of his hutch).

So, Fabulous Rodent Nuthuggers, which is it? What are you hearing privately about the FCC that has fallen on deaf ears on the For Rodents only Network? According to sources, ComBun has been privately warning pirate ops since February 24 that real-time logs might endanger WBNY, while as of February 27 Billo and Pat* publicly declared "All is well"?

We also hear the myxomatosis carrier is spreading one of his favorite diseases - hysterical slander - north of the border, in an attempt to infect our Canadian friends. Is that the smell of Beans burning? Moron that... pardon, more on that later.

What happened to that spirit of camaraderie and pirates looking out for one another... oh, wait, this is the rabbit we're talking about. And it's all about the rabbit, isn't it? As the song goes:

"Lie, lie to my face
Tell me it ain't nothing
That's what I wanna hear
Take the lie to the grave
That's what an old friend told me
Look what it did for him"
3's & 7's - QOTSA

*Oh, BTW... your socks are showing.


  1. You, sir, are and idiot.

  2. I guess that graphic explains all those logs that 'Beans' posted of 'Billo'. Seems that WBNY and Radio Free Speech are almost the only two stations that he can 'hear' from his 'South Dakota' QTH.

    My world has been shattered since I discovered that I have spent too much time talking to a guy who has spent way too much time talking to himself. "Furry Rodent Network" indeed!


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