Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serious Business

"Good my lord, will you see the players well bestowed? Do you hear, let them be well used; for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time: after your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live."
- Hamlet

"Blogging is FAR from dead. If you have the slightest hint of a personality and you can write, then it's a great way to attract new prospects."
- Keith Baxter ("Is Blogging Dead?" - Affiliate Radio)

"I don't care how many hits your shitty blog gets a month. Fuck Google Analytics. And besides, bloggers aren't real writers. Sorry, I just don't respect you."

- Anonymous, FTW

While RP waits for BNtP to recover from grazing through Evil Elvis's psychefarm (i.e., rehab) and finish that damned Fest report, we're pondering the significance of yet another blog about radio, particularly one dealing, at least in part, with a niche hobby - pirate, clandestine and radio oddities.

However, because some influential folks take this niche hobby very seriously and may misinterpret the intent of this blog, I want to take this opportunity to procrastinate a little longer before committing to a mission statement because the combined effects of a muscle relaxer, pain killer, chamomile tea, Gershwin's American In Paris and two hours of fuzzy static while trying to catch an ID on 6925 AM are... zzz...

(Note for the benefit of our tiny handful of early lurkers: Yes, the original version of this post sucked and has been completely revised. It still sucks but in a less sucky way now.)

Favorite mashup of the now: Megadeth Vs Katy Perry - Peacock Of Destruction (Mashup Mix), (ArtQuakedoom95)

Blog of the now: Hipstercrite, natch, for Lauren Modery's SXSW 2011 jibber jabber. I started reading Hipstercrite during last year's SXSW and she's a good read, just the right mix of self-deprecating humor, compassion and snark.


  1. Great to see a sense of humor and much needed in a hobby that's all about fun to begin with!

  2. My first confirmed reader! Time to get drunk and celebrate.

    Heeeyyy, wait a second... Anonymous! You're the one who wrote that sign about bloggers not being real writers!

  3. HEY! Thanks for the shout out!!! :D

  4. A visit from the hipster goddess! I'm not worthy!

    Srsly, thx. You've gotta do something with your Hollyweird anecdotes, like those encounters with RB. They're like a not-quite-jaded, post-punk Dorothy recalling what *really* happened behind the curtain in Oz.


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