Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dishing With Dea: Lightning Strikes Weiner

From Radio Paranoia
Dishing With Dea

Only time for bits and pieces, darlings! Like the White Rabbit, I'm late!

Bad Andy sez he's pulling his web info and YouTube videos related to the Corsair. Cites "FCC moles" lurking on "blogs" or some such trifle. Honestly! As Guise Faux all-too-often reminds the RP staff, we're trolls, not moles. There's a difference, darlings.

On the one paw, sounds to us like pouting. On the other paw, BA has worked quite hard to master his craft and he's earned the right to share the information with, or withhold it from, whomever he pleases. Such is genuine anarchy, which we support. Meanwhile, the rest of you rascals had better copy those schematics and videos whilst you may. (GF hints he'd actually buy a Corsair if BA offered one for sale, but I advised him to not hold his breath. He hasn't done much to court their favour. Besides, he's quite ghastly when he turns blue.)

John Lightning of Radio NewYork International exclaimed Sunday he'd finally found a Weiner he could mangle without fear of retaliation. We're not certain we wish to know any more details. Should you, and assuming you missed his live programme on WBCQ's Area 51 block Sunday night, the audio file should be available soon. JL is quite the card. Perhaps we at RP are too thick in the skull and skin to be offended by his comments, as some are. Why, look! He even managed to persuade some celebrity or politician to pose for a promotional photograph!

Continuing 24 hour bandscans to check for apparent skeds of utes indicate a continuing risk of QRMing various official comms between 6900-7000. We'll try to post an updated bandscan soon. Meanwhile the mid-May scan is available here.

Is Prime Minister Palpatine blaming blogs for the decrease in pirate radio activity? Or is he crediting a spike in blogging to the non-existent propagation? One never quite knows with the Empire. Quite a challenge to interpret it.

And, in response to some helpful information and links from "phlegm" on the FRN, including a link to a map to show locations of FCC monitoring stations, derived from Google maps, the Prime Minister sez:
"You won't find this kind of stuff anywhere else (unless they steal the links)." -- The Prime Minister

Well... perhaps. Unless KC2DWQ (aka "Dr. Who" - no, not the MAC one; the Tardis chap) took a time machine trip back to March 2009 to post the same info on QRZ. Darn those nibbly hamsters, always gnawing content retroactively from the Fabulous One's hutch. (

We also note the PM keeps referring to unspecified "internet sensations" and "haters" and longs for the good old days. And don't we all. If only he'd been more successful in employing his considerable expertise in diplomacy to influence CB and His Hareness's sock drawer to turn down the angst volume from a deafening 11 to a merely brain-numbing 7 or so.

Rumour has it Commander Bunny sez he's scurrying back down the rabbit hole until wabbit season is over. We're actually rather sorry to hear that. We do enjoy his programmes. Oh, well, if we must we suppose we'll go back to scraping content from the bountiful supply of other kooky radio personalities for amusement. Between Alex Jones lamenting the current Bilderbergers Swiss soiree and Glenn Beck's usual leaky tear ducts there's enough melodrama to go through a skid load of tissues a week.

Another shortwave pirate "bust," this one a Colorado beacon. Per the Fabulous Rabbit Nestlings:
"A number of months ago a 20-30mw Pirate beacon was busted by the FCC it was the famous ECHO beacon on 11002khz...location was in Colorado.

"The FCC agent who was very kind said the monitoring Station in Maryland picked up the beacon...there was no complaint filed..."
'Til next time, darlings, pray for sunspots. Or sacrifice whatever harmless, innocent creature you fancy on the upcoming Summer Solstice. We plan to offer a couple of liters of Denali Moose Tracks on the miniature Antennahenge in our garden.

Dea Fauxnette is a sight-impaired but sharp-eared correspondent for Tales of Radio Paranoia. Don't try to sneak anything past her. She heard you coming before you got started.


  1. Didn't we already establish that there was really only ONE active pirate, anyway? And now he's taking his ball and bat and going home due to this immense lack of appreciation. Pshaw.

    Paranoia is indeed the name of the game, but I don't see how these more vociferous HF 'rebels' could be so easily intimidated by so few.

    For the silent majority out there: long live free radio, broadcast PRUDENTLY but don't be intimidated by rumors and innuendo, your audiences support you, and shall not report you.

    This will not do, this will not do!

  2. Lack of appreciation? That is not the real reason CB is quitting. He is cutting and running in order to avoid a just retribution for something he has done.

    They don't make rabbit holes this deep.

  3. @Anon#1: Interesting point about "HF 'rebels' (being) easily intimidated by so few." After nattering privately with several veterans of the scene, some of whom date back to the 1980s, one comes away with the impression that internal paranoia has produced a far more severe chilling effect than anything the FCC could do.

    @Anon#2: "Retribution" is an interesting choice of words. Like "karma" - another of those terms one hears with peculiar regularity in the U.S. pirate radio scene - the concept of retribution is subject to misinterpretation.

    It isn't retaliation, revenge or judgment. It's more akin to basic Newtonian physics: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Another analogy is one which Father Poet might appreciate: Perhaps it's the confirmation of dialectical materialism. Thesis and antithesis lead to synthesis, which in turn produces its own contradiction.

    If there's one thing RP appreciates, it's absurdity.

  4. It isn't retaliation, revenge or judgment..

    It was posted on another pirate blog and it's worth repeating here. Make no mistake. It's not revenge we're after. It's a reckoning.

  5. Dead reckoning?

  6. Oh you silly kids, next you'll be saying that newspaper nagnates are turning a blind eye to yelow journalism, electronic phone and voicemail eavesdropping.

    Droppin' a dime on an old pirate nemesis must surely be something we'll laugh about, after we've finished paying the FCC fines, amirite?

    Where will it end?

    Oh, the humanity!


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