Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A Valentine's Day Plea
by guest correspondent Lana Del Radio

"Hi, baby, it's me. Happy Valentine's Day! Have you missed me? Oh, baby, don't be that way... it's me, your radio bunny, Miss Radio! You know, as in 'Do you or don't you Miss Radio?' And I'd be like, 'Oh, what don't I do!' You used to love that joke. Okay, okay, please don't hang up. I know, I know, you got that restraining order and I'm not gonna talk long, I just wanted to say..."

Did he hang up on me? He did NOT hang up on me! I'll cut myself, I swear I will...

"Hi, baby, me again. I think we got disconnected. Okay, I know sometimes I get crazy. My shortwave signal is kinda fickle, and sometimes I get drunk and behave like a myxomatosis infected rabbit on krack. My FM is mostly same ol', same ol' Classic Rock. Remember that Meat Loaf song we made out to, "Paradise By the Dashboard Light"? Yeah, great song. I don't play that anymore, it's too long. Mostly my FM plays the same Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top songs I've been playing for 30 years. And my AM is like, all, 'Nyah-nyah-nyah, Obama stinks.' 'Yakkity-yakkity-yakkity, liberals are dumb.' 'Weep-weep-weep, ah jus' luv mah country an' ah fearz fer it!' 'Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, Occupiers are just spoiled trust fund bitches.'

"But I can change, lover, just take me back, I can..."

Did he hang up on me again? He's in there with his fancy web radio bitch, I just know it. I will kill them both! No-no-no, I want to cut myself...

"Do not hang up on me, you bastard! Okay, wait, I didn't mean for it to come out that way, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, you know how kooky I get sometimes, you used to love that about me. Just wait-wait-wait... hey, baby, lover, let me play my new radio theme song for you. Do you like it? It's a big hit... well, on the internet, anyway. I think maybe a local college station played it once. Then they went back to playing that edgy Tom Petty and Springsteen stuff."

Okay, you're rambling, girl, get it together, focus... okay, I'll cut myself just a little... ooohhh... okay, that's better.

"I was just a little hurt that you didn't call me on my special day. World Radio Day, silly! Oh, you never heard about it? What about the Radio Netherlands article? Oh, you didn't hear it because RNW discontinued their broadcasts to North America. Well, what about this Shortwave America blog post? Or this Engineering Radio blog post? Oh, you don't even read articles about radio anymore? What about the e-mail reminder I sent you? My Facebook and Myspace posts? Oh, you're on Google+ now, okay. Or my IM? Oh, you didn't see it? You're on Twitter now, oh... well, what about my post on Google Groups? Oh, you wouldn't go near Uselessnet unless you were behind seven proxies, okay."

Think, radio, think... I've got to win him back. I need him to need me! Without his fawning adoration, and indulgence of my occasional... okay, frequent, temper tantrums, I'm nothing. Oh, I know what'll work...

"That blood on my wrist? Oh, that's nothing - just some routine staff cuts. Hey, did you like that huge unsolicited QSL package I sent, with the t-shirt, ball cap with the LED doodad on the visor, refrigerator magnet and bumper stickers? You like the 'Property of Radio Bunny Dominatrix' logo? See, I posed for you wearing the bunny ears and leather bikini and coax tail sticking out of my...

"Does she let you tickle her rectifier with a cat's whisker? Does she let you shove your big, hot 6L6GC in her socket?"

"Oh, you didn't receive it? Well, okay, I'm just gonna stick them in your mail slot now. Well, yeah, silly, I'm right outside your door now! Okay, the package won't fit. I guess you'll have to open the door. No, no, no, I know, the restraining order... just open the door a crack and I'll slip the package inside. No, no, I won't come in, I'll just, y'know, wait here. I'm good, I'm calm."

Don't screw this up, Miss Radiopants, be cool, be cool...

"Okay, thanks. See, I can be reasonable! Here's the package and... what's that in your hand? Is that an iPhone? Is that the Pandora app?!!? YOU BASTARD, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU BOTH!!! YOU'RE MINE, DAMMIT, MINE!!!"

Oh, that was stupid-stupid-stupid. Okay, okay, deep breath, Miss Radiopants, you can handle this.

"Baby, wait-wait-wait, don't close the door... this Pandora... she's cute, okay, if you like that boring, predictable high quality audio without the broadcast radio compression and limiting that interferes with the full dynamic range of the original recordings. But does she take requests and dedications? Does she let you tickle her rectifier with a cat's whisker? Does she let you shove your big, hot 6L6GC in her socket? Does she cut her entire staff and replace them with automation, like Jackshit FM? Because I do, baby, I do... all for you. Oh, come on! Work with me here! I'm doing the best I can, what with corporate domination of AM and FM, and poor propagation on shortwave!"


  1. tickle her rectifier with a cat's whisker? oooo kinky ;)

    did a interbutt search and found
    a interesting FRN
    wonder if they use sockpuppets
    Female Racing News

  2. Somebodies got some good carrots !

  3. Female Racing News? Sounds like a great way to meet future crazy ex-girlfriends.

  4. What's the difference between these two questions:

    "What Radio Did you start your listening hobby with?"


    "Favorite Shortwave Receiver"?

    The first question was posted 2/12 on "HFU: The most-viewed, reliable, blazingly fast, respected, and loved Pirate Radio site on the Net"


    The second was posted 2/15 on "FRN: The most-ignored, unreliable, blazingly slow, unrespected, and unloved Pirate Radio site on the Net"

    It's great to see Pat trying to imitate HFU!!

  5. I am confuddled. Can someone please explain to me how the NA Hall of Fame inducted a known FCC snitch? Are they idiots? morons? blackmailed? self-destructive? suicidal?

    If the attempt was to "rehabilitate" Jerry, it has backfired horribly. Instead, I now consider the "Board of Directors" to be "bunny stool". Way to dig your own hole guys.

  6. I LOL'd at the two "meh" ratings on this column's Zeitgeist.

    But Lana Del Radio didn't. She pouted. At least I think she pouted - hard to tell with those collagen lip injections. I told her "Chin up, kiddo. Consider it a sign you're pissing off all the right people." She brightened up from suicidal to extremely mopey.

    Artists. Can't live with 'em, can't cash in on 'em until after they're dead.

  7. Anonymous said...

    What's the difference between these two questions:

    "What Radio Did you start your listening hobby with?"


    "Favorite Shortwave Receiver"?

    you were expecting m&m's no doubt

    piss in their cheerios they deserve it

  8. Hey Guise

    Is BNtP going to the fest this year? What are the details of his assignment?

  9. Indeed, BNtP plans to cover the event from the relative safety of the nearest bar. He's going incognito, disguised as a paunchy middle aged white guy with a scruffy beard.

  10. He's going incognito, disguised as a paunchy middle aged white guy with a scruffy beard.

    For deep cover, make sure he practices falling asleep in public.

  11. falling asleep in public.

    been there done that my passengers on the plane didn't see the humor in it ;)

  12. Brilliant. The ability to strategically nod off during those seminars will provide the perfect cover.

  13. weinerfest
    will krackhoe make jay a happy man this year

  14. I feel neglected. I didn't get a Valentine telling me to jump off a bridge from JerryMike/MikeJerry/Pat/Thumper/Beans/Winston or any other sockpuppet or Krackwhore!! Waah!! Life sucks, LMFAO!!!

  15. OOOOPS, forgot to mention that I'm


    No A-none-a-mouse here, ya always sees where it comes from!!! Man up, and try it some time JerryMike/MikeJerry/Pat, and whatever other sockpuppets you hide behind, Wimpie!!! LMFAO!!!!


  17. i thought it was

    well by god don't jump

  18. from fearless blogging

    That Talking Box et al done...........

    He thinks I don't know

    He thinks I've forgotten

    He thinks he's got away with his crime

    He thinks wrong, so so wrong

    I do know

    I didn't forget

    He has done wrong, so so wrong

    He will account for all his wrong

    He will pay a dear price

    The future, his future will see to that.

    it could be for the butthead himself you never know

  19. "Talking Box", hmm? Sounds like the church confessional.

  20. whoopie bunny made it to newzealand what you want a fucking cookie

  21. So what he made it to New Zealand ! You think he was some newbie who just bought a radio and realized the earth is round.The guy didn't say he liked what he heard now did he ??

    Someone is trolling me thinks.Got him good.

  22. It's a little-known fact that ComBun did, in fact, invent propagation. So, y'know. He's got that going for him, too.

  23. "whoopie bunny made it to new zealand"


    Bunny you realize everyone knows it was a relay? DOH! We knew you'd claim all the glory. Perfect plan. Rabbit = so predictable.

  24. Well, kids, ya know ol' bunnyman, he crouched in tha hutch smokin' carrots goin' "LOL U JELLY?"


  25. oh i can feel the love
    it's weinerfest

  26. you would think if pirates are at winterfest the man would also visit the fest they could possibly get the bad ones weeded out

  27. The man works WITH the bad ones. Standard infiltration and manipulation techniques.

  28. Free Radio North America Google Groups:

    View profile
    More options Mar 2, 7:42 pm

    I sent John a reminder just two weeks ago, and he thanked me for reminding him! All the more reason he needs to turn this over to Cos and stop holding on.


    John has every right to hold onto what is his Pat and hopefully he has enough instinct to know when someone has ulterior motives as well.

  29. Oh look. winston-sock is posting bunny logs again.

  30. It's hilarious that combun has "Just because you can build a website, doesn’t mean you aren’t an idiot. Does it Corq?" on his latest blog posting, meanwhile he's got his google analytics code (UA-16287565-3) appearing as plain text because he didn't correctly add the script to his site.

  31. "WBNY makes the trip to New Zealand". I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, I really wish he would just stay there.

  32. Anonymous said...

    "WBNY makes the trip to New Zealand". I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, I really wish he would just stay there.

    March 4, 2012 11:50 PM

    i don't think that is the down under he is looking for

  33. I need to hear all the inside information about the WeenerFest. WeeeenerFest is more important than ComBun's Australian relay making in to New Zealand.

    Somebody please write something about Jerry, Jay and WeeenerFest. And make it hilariously libelous. Include Scarf Man, George Zeller, and you-know-who's wife as required to forward any plot points. Skip the raffle.

  34. New Zealand, hmm? Probably where the bunnyman became reinfected with brain damaging myxomatosis.

  35. do you think they had cookies at weenerfest

  36. What's interesting is how little has been mentioned about Winterfest this year before and after the event.

  37. you wasn't susposed to notice that it was a secret slob thing

  38. "Atlas Shrugged" sucked. Ayn Rand was a deluded narcissist who couldn't write her way out of a paper bag.

    But I still wish I was cool enough to be on the FRN.

  39. all it takes is your name address phone number credit card number social security number etc
    you need to know how to kiss ass too

  40. the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling

  41. Naw.......just a decade old illusion that's finally come to a proper end.

  42. false alarm it's just the particles from the sun

  43. There's no Solar Storm!

    I turned on my HAARP a couple days ago in an effort to jam the Mad Rabbit.

  44. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS0T57GOwPo

  45. Ah, the bunny tales tune. Have you seen the Bunnycides app? It features a very special variation of the Grenade. Not sure what frequency that is but apparently the crystal wasn't trimmed quite right.

  46. I think the grenade exploded from high SWR - he tried to use it with a pair of rabbit ears as the antenna.

  47. I noticed that the FRN is once again accepting members; this may be too little too late. I wonder what kind of personal information you have to supply to be accepted?

  48. "Is your I.P. address based in Newport News, VA" is the only question.


    Sorry, to any FRN newbies who might actually be "real people who aren't Pat Murphy"-- but as long as you're new on THAT site, you'll always be suspect. Get out now.

  49. Once again, Pat Murphy shows how obsessed he is with the HF Underground website. I bet he refreshes the page every few minutes. Possibly because people (real people, not sock puppets) actually post there.

  50. http://shortwavepirate.info/WBNY/?p=3271

    Fuck you, Murphy. I have no idea what Alex did to you, but whatever it was that post was *entirely* inappropriate and inexcusable. If you're ever in a situation where taking your own life is more appealing than living, please don't ignore the voices telling you to do it.

    Screenshot (kinda large) of the post in question saved for posterity at http://i.imgur.com/sprDq.jpg .

  51. Murphy's been wearing that buttplug for several years and Alex was only peripherally involved in the incident that put a bone up the Lagomurph's butt.

    It dates back to the WBNY programs around 2006 or so with the backward message and the fallout from there, especially when the bunnyman alienated the entire Euro scene. It'd take a whole blog post just to clarify the timeline.

  52. I didn't hear the recent anti Vranes broadcast, but I do remember when Beans posted his mp3 on the FRN of the susposed original broadcast years back. While listening to Pat's 'offair' recording it struck me that the recording was made not from a distance, but more like a recording made from a transmitter with a dummy load next to a receiver which I guess was a poor attempt to hide the fact that Mike was the author of the program and the fact that it was made using a synth voice instead of his Bunny style.

    How ironic it would be that down the road the original Karma broadcast revealing Pat's bs on the FRN would make him flip out especially since it had a similar production.

    I say let it rip Guise, the more scoop the better!

  53. Bunny attacking a woman was so horrible, yet he can encourage a person with mental issues to commit suicide, and hardly anyone cares.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people in the US?

  54. The Bunny and his crew are still reeling over the death of their Supreme Leader,Jay Smilkstien,of Mount Kisco,New York.

    What you're hearing is the rattling of sabers in the hutch,as the Bowling League members begin to battle it out for the title of the Belle of Kulpsville.

  55. Has the Great Guise been effectively silenced by the furry one? Has the once great whisperinyourfear been reduced to "cutsie" posts?

    Stay tuned for more details

    or not

  56. Naw......no need to beat a dead rabbit too hard....just enough to keep the flies away

  57. The Louisiana Snatch

    After a circular cut around the anus, grasping the head with a quick downward whipping motion, you end up with a steaming pile of entrails on the ground and a cleanly gutted bunny ready for dressing. How cute is that!

  58. Guise Faux à ecrit:

    "Murphy's been wearing that buttplug for several years and Alex was only peripherally involved in the incident that put a bone up the Lagomurph's butt."

    Guise, I (for one) would really like to hear the details of that incident. There're bits and pieces of it that I'm aware of, but not the whole thing by any means. My attitude is that at this point anything that serves to chronicle the sheer extent of the Lagomurph's behaviour is a good thing - I notice how he's trying to play nicely on the FRN now that registrations are open again, so making sure that any new people can see Pat Murphy's actual behaviour is probably a good thing.

    Oh, and there's another tasteless WBNY post about Alex up at http://shortwavepirate.info/WBNY/?p=3281 ; screenshot is at http://i.imgur.com/5x4rJ.jpg . Figure I may as well document these things so that he can't go Stalin on them after the fact. Incidentally, comments appear to be open on his blog again. What a fascinating development...

  59. fuck the rabbit drop dox on the piece of shit and get it over with
    take his boys down with him while your at it

  60. And now for today's episode of ComBun Makes An Ass Of Himself: http://i.imgur.com/Ha7kn.jpg

    Keep on keepin' on, Lagomurph. What you are doing to yourself just makes it easier for everyone else to sit back and point at you as being a sterling example of 'that guy'.

  61. Wir haben eine neue sock puppet, Herman der Deutschen!

  62. The Bunny's somehow unaware of the scope of incitement laws being broadened thanks to recent incidents cases of provocation the internet.

    I sure hope he never ends up on the wrong side of those.

  63. The Bunny really needs to learn that an apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to mark omissions and possessives of nouns and pronouns.

    Camera's ?
    Plea's ?

  64. Naw......no need to beat a dead rabbit too hard....just enough to keep the flies away

    March 26, 2012 9:05 AM

    smells that bad does it
    then bury it

  65. Wir haben eine neue sock puppet, Herman der Deutschen!

    March 28, 2012 6:43 AM

    Sie sind der saugen Marionette für das Kaninchen

  66. http://i.imgur.com/FbXCa.jpg - today's shitbaggery.

    Of course, nobody's expecting the rabbit to grow a pair and actually step out from behind his keyboard. That would mean having to not act like a petulant adolescent, which likely isn't anything he knows how to *not* do.

  67. I am hereby sorry to inform you all that starting tomorrow our site along with many other sites dedicated to pirate radio will effectively be closed down by the FCC stemming from a new mandate to remove all websites and forums dedicated to teaching and discussion of radio transmitters used for pirate and other illicit radio activity or face harsh fines and manual removal of such websites by force.

    The site will remain open for a short time until the FCC replaces it with a large banner telling everyone why it was closed with a link that will bring viewers to the FCCs new rule mandate page with articles on thought crimes, devious behavior, and general mischief and the punishments one would receive if they commit such crimes.

  68. Do something for April, Guise Faux!

    Rock on,

    The Man in the Moon


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