Thursday, April 26, 2012

HERETIC DENIES EXISTENCE OF COMMANDER BUNNY: Murphy thanks JTA "for taking out the trash"

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Evil Anonymous Voices of Treason

"Commander Bunny is not real," declared Belfast, NY, mail drop manager John T. Arthur, a veteran of the U.S. shortwave pirate radio scene.  This astonishing news, posted in a recent commentary (Analysis of an FCC Visit) on the Former Rabbit Nuthugger's website, shocked his disciples and confounded DXers.

But, he warned, "The bad attitude is still out there," gesturing toward the ramshackle hutches and festering mounds of cecotropes surrounding the FRN,  a potential breeding ground for myxomatosis reinfection.

"Thanks for taking out the trash, JTA," said FRN propaganda minister Pat Murphy, as the last vestige of the Lagomurphic infestation was eradicated. "Needed to be done for a long time."

We interviewed several sage observers of the tumultuous radio hobby for their reactions:

"Thank God, maybe now JTA will stop mailing those WBNY fridge magnets with gay porn on them."

Matt Purphy
Burger King Rabbit Griller

"No, no, no, Commander Bunny is only mostly unreal."

Miracle Max

"Oh, great, what the hell am I going to do with all these 'Commander Bunny: FCC Snitch' bumper stinkers?  Oh, well, if he isn't real then it isn't possible to expose him, insult him or destroy pirate radio.  So that's a good thing."

Stop Sign

 "He must be real.  I just slept with him last night!"

Coney Twentytwelve
Nude QSL Model

"Commander Bunny is as real as that Alaska bridge.  My dummy Kracker and I can see him from my house!"

Sarah Palin


Super Genius

"Okay, JTA, I'm only giving you two more chances to deny me.  And you couldn't tell me this before I spent all that money on Lucifer's Testicles and browsing gay porn for my fridge magnet QSLs?  And spent Easter weekend on a cross?"

Commander Bunny


  1. how come winston got a qsl and i didn't?

  2. You monkeys are STILL working overtime to DESTROY pirate radio!!

    NEVER have I seen such TRASHY people in the hobby, NEVER!!

    We have successfully rid the FRN of all bad monkeys and non-worshippers of all things Bunny!!

  3. Thumper said...
    how come winston got a qsl and i didn't?

    Because Thumper was naughty and has bad karma.

    Also, if you're going to sneak in referral links, how 'bout sharing? And I don't mean carrots.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bunny declares a jihad, mentions my name/nym/misinformation, and my blawg stats suddenly get all excited with teh new visitors!

    I wish to thank the Unfunny Bunny for the unintentional google revenue.

    P.T. Barnum, misattributed or not, knew a few things about unforeseen benefits of hyperbole.

    Silly Bunny, he steps in it *every* time.

  6. C'mon Thumper, you guys just have to share. If Pat sent a QSL package to each of his sock puppets, he'd cause a paper and fridge magnet shortage.

  7. Bad attitude? Why would a supporter of a Dime Dropping FCC Snitching Sock Puppet Master say that there is still a bad attitude out there? When a member of the Circle of Jerks ignores the facts and can't remove his lips from the Bunny Butt, how can tell if there is a bad attitude out there?

  8. Maybe he meant to say he had a bad taste in his mouth?

  9. him eat those brown m&m looking things
    someday he might notice it's rabbit shit
    unless he to is a sock or

  10. JTA's the newest meatpuppet.

  11. And here I thought "taking out the trash" meant hauling boxes of unwanted WBNY QSL cards to the curb.

  12. If Commander Bunny isn't real, who keeps sending out such great QSL packages?

    In other news, I've started selling a new WBNY T-Shirt for PIRATE OPS ONLY. Send your full name and address to:
    PO Box 1
    Belfast NY 14711.

    For faster shipping, include the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

  13. I am very disappointed that Commander Bunny has continued to use sock puppets on various forums. He has even gone to great lengths to imitate me, even though anyone who knows anything about this hobby realizes that I am a real person and I am not a sock. Despite what the fraudulent posts on the fansome radio network web site says, I never requested or received a reception report from WBNY or any of his radio stations. I am an active shortwave listener from the Hampton Roads area in Virginia and have never heard any broadcasts from any station with any bunny hosts.

  14. Winston suckpuppet
    April 27, 2012 9:44 PM
    never heard any broadcasts from any station with any bunny hosts. --
    what no studio monitor

  15. Winston you are just a sore loser.....just one of many ruining pirate radio for all of us REAL pirates!

    All this sock puppet crap is ruining pirate radio!

    PROVE your not a sock puppet; send naked photos of yourself (men only) to:

    Po box 1
    Belfast NY

  16. Beans Suckpuppet is into homo porn

    but thats common knowledge

  17. That pic of Murph should be the face of constipation.

    I can see the posters now......

    "Constipation,it's not an illness, it's a lifestyle."

  18. You'd look constipated too if your diet consisted of cecotropes and you crapped out Lucifer's Testicles.

  19. Funny, after JTA "took out the trash", there's hardly any posting going on at the FRN.


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