Sunday, April 8, 2012

Man In Bunny Suit On Cross Would Like To Come Down Now

GOLGOTHA, Easter, 8 April 2012 - A Hampton Roads, VA/OBX, NC, man in a bunny suit who spent the better part of Easter Sunday transmitting secret messages while hanging from a crucifix to which he nailed himself on Friday would like you to know that he's only going to put up with your lack of fealty and shenanigans for another hour or two before he has a good mind to come down and not send you any gifts.

"The Passion of the Lagomurph" by Thomas Kinkade, his final painting

"I spent the better part of March tweaking my Grenade transmitter, mounting my Super Loop antenna atop this crucifix, dying eggs, weaving baskets, hand-crafting grass from organic materials," said the clearly peevish man in the tattered pink fuzzy costume, "not to mention countless hours browsing gay porn sites and printing photos of nude men on refrigerator magnets... and the best you can do is 'Decent signal into WNY for a change.'?"

"I must say, this is going to put a serious damper on my enthusiasm for some of you after I'm resurrected," the man intoned carefully and deliberately, wanting you to understand the full extent of his disappointment with your failure to log his Easter weekend shortwave pirate radio broadcasts. "Ppbbbt! Ppbbtt!" he added, trying to use his tongue to dislodge a bit of pink fuzz that had fallen onto his lip.

Meanwhile, Thomas Kinkade, famed 'Painter of Light' and 'Pisser of Pooh', was resurrected Sunday after his unexpected death Saturday, April 7.

"It's a family tradition," explained Jesus. "Every year we have the pick of two assholes, one of whom gets the Paradise ticket with me."

Said the Risen Son of God, "It was an easy choice this year. Kinkade made a lot of grandmothers and great aunts happy."

The Messiah added, "We received lots of affidavits extolling the virtues of the fellow in the bunny suit, but upon investigation they all turned out to be his own sockpuppets. Besides, my Father, The Holy One, Blessed Be He, takes a dim view of fellows who fondle Lucifer's Testicles. His ticket is for the southbound train."


  1. you should have had a old fashioned southern cross burning

  2. Love it ! Happy Easter Hallaluyah Praise be to Pat, next year I would like to play the role of the Roman soldier that thrusts his spear into his.......

  3. @Anon - "thrusts his spear"...

    We suspect the bunnyman would leak tears of self-pity, like a sad, soggy piñata.

  4. Looks like the lack of control Pat once had over the hobby is showing again with his Winston sock puppet reappearing and the new blog

  5. I see that "Winston" got a WBNY QSL and posted the lovely picture. Does his puppet master go to trouble of sending a reception report as "Winston" to the maildrop address and then wait for JTA to send back the report and then he sends back the QSL to "Winston"?

    Or does he just open up the sock drawer and put the QSL in there?

  6. Far be it from us to quibble over Winston's appreciation of fridge magnets with photos of nude men frolicking or wearing bunny ears and cotton tails.

    Commander Bunny expended a great deal of time and effort perusing photos of nude men and carefully selecting just the right ones for QSL packages that would enhance his lifestyle image. Undoubtedly he has many others closeted away for future occasions.

  7. Commander Bunny expended a great deal of time and effort perusing photos of nude men and carefully selecting just the right ones for QSL packages that would enhance his lifestyle image. Undoubtedly he has many others closeted away for future occasions.

    he is a homosexual likes little boys too

  8. didn't Pat use porn against Radio Bob?

  9. Aonon queried: "didn't Pat use porn against Radio Bob?"

    Not sure whether funny bunny indulged his fondness for artistic nudes back then.

    However the Lagomurph was credited with a rather ominous misuse of the Bunny Numbers broadcast in 2002, implying a death threat against Radio Bob.

    Pat Murphy quickly deciphered and logged that transmission, which means he couldn't possibly be Commander Bunny since Murphy had a firm rule against logging one's own stations. And we know what a stickler he is for ethics.

  10. By Commander Bunny Kracker, Beans, Thumper, Cosmikdebri, Mosby, Ed Burns, Bouncer (& sundry other sock-puppets not yet fully identified) | April 16, 2012
    Its called “PLAGIARISM” and its LYING about your words Commander Bunny Kracker, Beans, Thumper, Cosmikdebri, Mosby, Ed Burns, Bouncer (& sundry other sock-puppets not yet fully identified) . But then you are so good at LYING and misrepresenting things it just comes natural for you. Got caught red-handed AGAIN.
    Liar-liar-pants-on-fire- Commander Bunny Kracker, Beans, Thumper, Cosmikdebri, Mosby, Ed Burns, Bouncer (& sundry other sock-puppets not yet fully identified)!!!


  11. Dwelling on a mistake? Dont.
    Arguing conclusions in your head? dont.
    Feeling insecure about yourself? stop.
    complaining to others about your sad life? shut up!

    You made a mistake, you might repeat the mistake... it might take you a few times to learn from the mistake but when you do, you will feel open and wiser.

    So the scenario is stressing you out.. continuing this thought process is just going to confuse you. Live it out and see where it gets you.

    Feeling insecure? Do something about it by doing things you love, whatever that is, and do a lot of exercise you will feel better about yourself. Focus, study, meditate.

    Shit happens in life. Dont dwell or complain about how it is.. talk to one or 2 friends ( your closest) the ones you can trust most about what your options are..

    Im sick of all the complain whores out there. Take this advice and you might actually get yourself somewhere outside of this stupid bubble no one can pop.

    it would be icing on the cake if the bunny and buddies would shove their heads further up their asses and inhale deeply and end the bullshit once and for all the pirate(free radio)community would be a better place if they did

  12. The Commander deserves the vitriol; I wish he would give up and get another hobby, then ruin that one somehow. (I don't know how you could fuck up stamp collecting or R/C airplanes, but Mr. Murphy will show us the way.)

  13. does that mean i have to doing broadcasts from my r/c airplane

  14. but i don't wanna stop flying my transmitter always someone messing up the fun :(

  15. Roman soldier:

    "Truly, this man was...

    ... one no-good son of a bitch."

    Use the spear again.

  16. Interesting to watch the behavior from those in the bunny camp including Pat himself

    The Alex Brains site appears to be using absurdity and misinformation in an attempt to create doubt and discredit ALL blogs.

    The recent FRN FAQ post from JTA looks more like a defensive reaction to the lack of activity on their site than a rebuttal.

    Pat’s WBNY blog has degraded to mostly retaliatory posts. The weight of his past actions has not left his shoulders and he’s back to playing both sides of the fence to confuse and discredit the internet blogs while providing information on his blog that can be discredited similar to the AB site. Nice tactic.

    What the bunny camp doesn’t understand is regardless of the FCC accusations and the events that surround them a number of pirate fans have had enough of Pat’s games and bs. Which is probably why HF Underground is doing just fine and is referred to as the ‘trash heap’ by Pat since he can’t stand losing control over people and the hobby that he sees as ‘his’.

  17. WBNY
    POET – Hmmmmmmm textbook perfect!

    Whoops! That Page Isn't Here - Hmmmmmm textbook perfect !

  18. That missing WBNY blarg rant is still available on Google cache. Apparently after publishing it the Lagomurph suddenly realized that, once again, he was posting his own diagnosis.

    Not to mention plagiarizing Radio Paranoia blargs from April 2011:
    Fugue dreams

    The Bunnyman has managed to surpass Sam Vaknin himself in paranoia, dissociative and narcissistic disorders. At least Vaknin has enough self awareness to write coherently about his psychiatric disorders. The Lagomurph seems completely unaware that he's writing about himself in his jabs at others.

  19. Lagomurph - sounds like some kind of disease

    maybe if we all take antibiotics it will go away

  20. Anon observed: "Lagomurph - sounds like some kind of disease..."

    Myxomatosis is the disease. Terminal Lagomurphia is the result. Lulz is the cure.

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  23. Sorry, but we find Jerry's shenanigans neither interesting nor the least bit humorous. Spitting poison fails to be funny and adds nothing to a decent and daring hobby that will certainly carry on without the juvenile tomfoolery.

    While we may respect what reasonable contributions Jerry has made in the past, ignoring his feeble attempts at raising shackles helps keep our blood pressure manageable. Even if it’s all a joke, it’s a vicious one that we live well enough without. Life should be a joy, we don’t care what Buddha said.

  24. Well said Uncle Albert!

  25. Now that his old friends have been poked and prodded into finally coming to his defence, Bunny is starting back on the warpath.

    I wonder how long til the busts start again. (Funny how they stopped when Bunny was confronted.)

    Fact is, jta's post left out some pertinent facts.

    - Bunny tryed his damnedist to get NRS busted by reporting him to local hams and the CBC. Guess this doesn't count, lol.

    - Bunny has repeatedly posted ops names, addresses and other personal info on the frn. This should have been sufficient to get an immedaiate ban on any site that actaully supports free radio (and not just a few geezer's tired and frail egos).

    - Bunny threatened, openly and on his own blog, to report to the FCC anyone who relayed Poet's show. Doesn't take a genious to realize that if you are capable of openly threatening it, you are capable of doing it.

    Yes, many of us don't have the experience of jta or AY. Doesn't mean we're stupid though.

  26. The Master of the UniverseApril 20, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    What goes around, comes around.

  27. ....and when you start to feel the consequences of your actions don't cry like some whiny-ass oldie

  28. That's the way it should be.

  29. Towel Lee said

    Ya wanna get high ?

  30. Well it is 4/20.

  31. ☻/




  32. Did Pat/Jerry/CB get confused again?

    I see that Pat reported getting a QSL from Radio Strange Outpost 7.

    And it looks like Commander Bunny started to report the same thing on the WBNY blog. Although the link to that WBNY page does not appear to exist any more.

    I hope Winston gets a QSL from them for his April 13 reception.

  33. Can I be Frank here? No? How about...
    Commander Bunny
    Pat Murphy
    Jerry M. Graves
    J. Michael Graves
    Bill O. Rights
    RF Burns
    John Murphy
    The PotUS?
    King of the Pirates?
    Then who the hell am I supposed to be today?
    You have Me all confused now.
    I'm about to panic. My hare is turning grey.
    My ballz have shriveled up to little BBs.
    Thanks alot asshats.

  34. Pat's problem is a simple one.

    When you have a lot of work done on your prostate,you end up with an erection problem a barge load of Viagra can't cure.

    I'd be a mean old coot,too,if my tallywhacker gave out on me.


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