Monday, April 1, 2013

Bidding war over FRN domain may be won by Family Radio Network

by Pheme Ossa

Radio Paranoia learned late Monday that the apparently abandoned FRN - formerly the Free Radio Network - is the target of a bidding war for the desirable three-letter top level domain.  As of last week insiders say the high bid was held by a syndicate formed to pool the resources of the HF Underground, Free Radio Cafe, and a consortium of shortwave pirate radio operators and fans from Lula, Georgia to Poutine, Canada.  The domain has an estimated market value of $500, but in a bidding war may reach into the thousands of dollars.

However by Monday a new front runner emerged, indicating the Family Radio organization plans to obtain the domain for an unspecified high-four-figure sum.  The goal, according to an anonymous source, is to relaunch the FRN as the Family Radio Network and "purge the domain of the fetid remains of the stinking hutches of hell."

The FRN has been dormant since the annual Ides of March outage, an esoteric religious ceremony observed by domain owner John Cruzan.  The 2013 domain outage marks the longest recorded continuous period of hermetic worship by the domain owner, reportedly an effort to ward off the too-familiar Spring tornado curse.  While the history of the annual ritual is shielded from outsiders, it appears to derive from Discordianism and features sacrifices of mystical butthurt gathered from the shed rabbit fur of Pat Murphy's annual histrionics and presented as a burnt offering to troll goddess Eris.

Pirate radio fans who actually give a single dry turd about the history and heritage of the FRN, which was relevant for a few minutes over a decade ago before Pat Murphy socked up it, are urged to support the HF Underground, Free Radio Cafe and Alfa Lima coalition in a bid to purchase the domain and give it a decent burial.  Show your support with PayPal donations, ad click-throughs or, if strapped for cash, just keep doing what you've been doing - positive support for the hobby.  In other words, the exact opposite of whatever the hell Commander Buttmunch did that killed the FRN.


  1. What's not common knowledge it that Mike's surgery is sex reassignment surgery. He's been undergoing the procedure for quite a while now, masquerading it as prostate procedures.

    While we can all understand his psychological problems, we also think that it's appalling for him to use his addiction to sexual surgery as a way to get sympathy from the pirate community.

  2. Although it brings up images of another dry turdster, this latest post just makes me PMLOL.

  3. Questions:

    Has Pat surpassed his past quota of manic spew blogging within a 24hr. period?

    Has the current demise of the FRN killed others will power?

    What will the Blowing League do in the meantime without the sanctuary of their abusive environment?

    The answer: Who cares, or better yet, thank god the history of pirate radio has revealed that it's the community at large that decides the direction of the hobby not some mentally ill has-been and his blind followers.

  4. Like "The Thing That Would Not Die", the FRN is now back up. Perhaps "Winston" can now post to wish Pat luck with his perported upcoming surgury?

    Meanwhile, angry ravings from Jamba-land reveal a possible fracture within the ranks of The Bowling League. Could there be any connection?

    "Tuesday, April 2, 2013
    LArry U suK : attn: Cosmikdebris

    Fuck you you little bitch Mother Fucker..
    Posted by kracker at 8:11 PM"

    Poetic, as always. Perhaps the kracker harbored fantasies about becoming the new owner of the FRN?

    1. Would you want to own that creaking wreck of a website?

      The Kracker-CB thing is probably some private betrayal, like CB getting Kracker's sister drunk and then humping her, or something.

  5. Wow! Does Krack-Up kiss Commander Bunny's butt with that mouth? Also, I think, I'll pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, pour a glass of soda, and park myself in the old recliner to watch this fight!! Schadenfreude, indeed!!

  6. Poor, dumbshit Pat. He didn't even notice the date on the latest RP post, and makes a fool of himself railing about it on the FRN. What a moron.

    He also shows, once again, that he can't keep away from this site. I bet he visits here more than he does the FRN.

    1. Considering how often the FRN is down, that's not difficult to imagine. Plus, RP generally more entertaining to read. The FRN is only entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way.

  7. I see the Commander put up another post talking about others revealing true identities, while attempting to reveal others' true identities. Wow, what a flippin' hypocrite.
    And this latest steaming piece of blog post coming from a jackanapes, whose ego allows him to snitch out other free radio activists and to create posting personalities out of thin cotton (the fabric of his life!),without removing the speck from his eye.
    I guess living in a bunker kind of skews your view of reality, especially when there are so many lips stuck to your bottom. You ignore the truth to peddle the lies and try to play the victim, when you were the one caught with their paws in the cookie jar numerous times.
    Besides, anyone in the know really knows who is behind the curtain. They are just not sure which name he is using this week.

  8. Actually, the lips stuck to his bottom now, are few.

    I'm sure he misses the many that used to be there.

  9. My feeling is that there never were any lips stuck to his bottom. He put on good shows in the day and was a respected elder of the pirate group. Now that the sock puppet abuse got out of hand and the illness of an old friend (to many) is apparent, they're content to turn a blind eye to the embarrasments that are occurring. Anyone who still posts on the FRN likely feels this way. Others that got tired of it left for the HFU and FRC.

    It's just a hobby.

  10. Was the date on this post too subtle?

    Commander Butthurt manages to get it wrong on every try. He'd do better flipping a coin.

    Regarding Pat Murphy's latest round of accusations, Pigmeat never asked for our real names and we never asked for his. The vast majority of people in the pirate radio hobby respect one another's preferences for pseudonyms and aliases - even when we actually know each others real names - and for keeping their personal lives separate from the hobby.

    The notable exceptions have consistently been the Lagomurph and his homunculus. They enjoy being "famouse" and seem to labor under the misapprehension that everyone else wants to be famouse too. Those two drop dox quicker than a prison bitch drops his diapers.

    We've given plenty of clues to our real identities, but Murphy can't take a hint. The only thing the bunnyman seems to take is umbrage. He's a glutton for the stuff.

  11. I am hearing a cry of compassion for the Commander. I find it hard to empathize with a man, who has gone out of his way to make life miserable for other pirates. He has snitched out his rivals, used sock puppets on his personal posting playground to harass and berate other free radio advocates who have called him on his braggadocious behavior, and insult these people through the dragging of their family members through the mud for his own personal satisfaction.
    Perhaps, if the Commander had remembered it was a hobby, before acting like free radio is his own personal fiefdom, I would show sympathy for his situation. Those who can not act mercifully should not expect to be shown mercy.

    1. I wrote the "it's just a hobby comment".

      Overall, I fully agree with you. However, I'm not sure I would interpret what I wrote as a "cry of compassion". I think my statements are likely true from the perspective of those that were/are friends.
      I'm not one of those friends and was never on the receiving end of the abuse. Since what happened in the past did irritate me greatly, I'm just trying to move on and remember that it's just a hobby.

    2. Obat Penggugur Kandungan Paling Manjur

  12. Family Radio, Eh? I can only imagine the Regan/Green Pea Soup scene from Exorcist breakin' out when confronted with Holy Water, Working DNS, or a server that actually managed some uptime.

  13. Dear "Commander" Murphy,

    I enjoyed your recent blog post about "conspiracy theories" (DON'T CLICK WITHOUT A PROXY!)

    I enjoyed it even more when I read the original on, a site from which you seem to have been stealing-- uh, I mean, copy-pasting the content (even the image) for most, if not all, of your recent political blog posts, adding a few lines to try to stoke the fires of "pirate radio war", and running them without attribution.

    I know how sensitive you are about matters of plagiarization, since you once spent about two months leveling a baseless charge of such against myself, so I thought I'd be helpful and look up the definition for you, since you don't seem to understand what it is:



    1.Take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own.
    2.Copy from (someone) in such a way.

    I am also informing about your activities. I am sure they will be delighted with your unattributed redistribution of their articles, regardless of what their rules say about syndication and attribution. I'm sure they'll understand that the "usual rules" on this, as well as anything else, are not to be applied to Commander Murphy.

    And pirate radio folks-- that'll help explain the recent, seemingly manic activity on the Lagomurph's blog:
    it's a lot easier to steal content than to create it yourself. One could do it all day (and he does).

    1. So, it's actually a plagiarism conspiracy?

      I guess we need to run all of Murphy's post through the plagiarism checker before reading!

  14. Thanks Poet. It was obvious that his posts were too literate considering his intellect (or lack thereof).

  15. How is everyone doing? Due to browser problems I haven't been able to post here since January.

    I understand my Stalker has popped his cork?

    Poet, most of the Stalker's content is stuff he grabs off the web. I don't know how many times he's run the SNL skit "Sean Connery on Jeopardy" on his non-Bunny stations over the years?

    I've never been stalked by a guy before. It's ............ ummmm........odd.

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