Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream a little dream of CB

I had a dream... was originally inserted into the "Fugue dreams" blog entry, but seemed to digress too far afield. It's related thematically, but seems less cluttered in a separate post. Apologies to our readers (both of you) for any confusion.

Anyway, we said to ourselves, "Selves," because GF suffers from referring to ourselves in the plural third person, which makes us almost as inFURiatingly pretentious as the bunny sock-mafia (emphasis on the fur) - "selves," we said, "one day, Commander Bunny will find this blog. And if he hasn't already blown a gasket and leaked varmint sauce all over the internets, let's insert a disclaimer, shall we?: All things considered, we luv da bunnyman's work.

Hard to believe, hmm? After all, look at the snark content of Tales of Radio Paranoia. Sure sounds like a h8r, amirite?

But occasionally CB can be brilliant... when the puppet master doesn't confuse himself with the puppet, and start acting like Anthony Hopkins in Magic, or Cliff Robertson in The Dummy (classic Twilight Zone).

When the bunnyman is at his best - which means, not pretending a 10 watt AM signal makes him King Of All Pirate Radio, and not alienating everyone who's actually independent minded enough to call him on his bullshit about using a basketful of dirty socks to f4g up the For Rabbit Nuthuggers - some of his audio editing voodoo is freaking brilliant. It influenced some of our own programming style - ironic, considering that one of RP's remixes seemed to provoke his latent fear of unanticipated social encounters with other species. But we'll cover that in another Tale of Radio Paranoia.

Meanwhile, give a listen to the WBNY short from 2007, I Had A Dream, 8:30 minutes of rabitty goodness, the sorta weirdness we luv. There's probably a streaming audio version on the Internet Archives, but the URL eludes us at the moment. If anyone else knows, please post it in a comment or e-mail us.

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