Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dishing With Dea: April gossip galore!

From Radio Paranoia
Dishing With Dea

Hello, darlings! Guise has left me to my own devices while he dashes off to Berserkistan or some such place to advise a new programme director on news coverage of recent unpleasantness. Seems they've lost their last three to abduction, firebombing and defection to comparative safety in Libya. Must keep things in perspective, mustn't we?

And that naughty Brownie is late again with his "Fester" finale. Something about on a tout essayƩ. But, honestly, darlings, we very much doubt he's tried everything. We saw him pass up a chance at a liaison with the cutest Siamese twins - acrobats! no less, formerly of Cirque du Soleil - while carousing with Fifi in Marseille. Oh, that Fifi. She shows up in the oddest places. (Often in the arms of ravishing women, so we hear! Shhh...)

Meanwhile, we'll share a few snippets that have come across the wire since last we dished with you.

According to GH of DXLD (11-16, 20 Apr 2011), AB reports a confirmation that our dear friend at WEAK was indeed knocked up by the FCC this February last. All confirmed by Ragnar's podcast as well. We'd already heard it through the vines almost immediately, all very hush-hush you know, and kept quite mum 'til it was resolved. Apparently just a verbal warning, no NAL, and we're glad of that. Still, he's done and we're quite shattered by the whole affair. He was (and still is) a true blue friend of free radio and shall be missed.

Speaking of which, do we sense the devious hands of K in this recent piquant bit of humour on memegenerator.net? Seems some rascal is trying to make AB famouse, hmm? Alas, memgen is down at the moment, apparently a mudkip infection, but we did capture a hint from Google. If any of our treasured readers manages to snare a copy of the "Courage Dwight" variation for AB, please do share!

And speaking of famouse, we're told that naughty K inadvertently made an owie when he made an outie of another pirate during the summer 2008 pirate war! Yes, indeed, apparently in his state of miff and hiiiggghhh spirits he exposed another operator by real name and address? No!?! Li'l Dea, say it isn't so! Yesss, darlings, per AB, an audio recording has K ranting about having access to real names and home addresses obtained from an ebay shipping list for CB memorabilia, during which fit of pique he exposed another pirate. We certainly hope it's all a terrible misunderstanding. When we know more, so shall you, dear ones. Meanwhile, K, take heed the words of Falstaff, himself a sometime carouser and braggart: The better part of valor is discretion. One never knows for certain who is a fellow airwave buccaneer, so...

Finally, dear ones, our sources at Fabulous Rabbit Neverland tell us that CB promises to swear off his addiction to dirty socks, but implores please-please-puhLEEZ don't blame LW or PM for his misdeeds. Well, Dea is nothing if not forgiving and oh-so understanding of creative geniuses. Little long-eared maniac, we still adore you. Now, scurry off to the vet for your myxomatosis booster before we change our minds.

'Til next time, darlings, keep the ionosphere warm for us!

Dea Fauxnette is a sight-impaired but sharp-eared correspondent for Tales of Radio Paranoia. Don't try to sneak anything past her. She heard you coming before you got started.


  1. The act of exposing identities of individuals in this hobby, whether ops or dxers, was the same behavior that got Radio Bob in trouble and ultimately removed from the FRN. Funny how history repeats itself! I’d like to believe the redemption statement, but action will tell, not words.

  2. One Word: Fifi!

  3. It is ironic when people become the very thing they once demonized. In this case, it's the classic example of self-pwn.

  4. Ya know,Radio Bob was reigning FRN moderator when he pulled his hijinx.

    Irony truly reigns in Pirate Land.

  5. https://groups.google.com/group/alt.radio.pirate/browse_thread/thread/37a7059170432589#

    The most recent reply may (or may not) be of interest.

  6. To Bob Smith ,(owner/operator Newport News on E-bay) You should really use a proxy next time you harass someone . Is selling Commander Bunny T-shirts that important ?? Or profitable ?

  7. Bob seems to have worn a lot of women's clothing.

  8. The idea of Bob in those dresses makes me pop a boner.


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