Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pirates of LazyTown

While pondering our recent bout with troll's remorse by consulting with the 4chanizens of /adv/ (because the best place to seek advice about antisocial behavior is among fellow trolls, amirite?)*, we visited /mu/ and /tv/ for the first time since last year and were reminded that many Anons are very creative folks.

If you don't lurk there often you probably have a negative impression of Anonymous as portrayed in mainstream news media, which tends to focus only on the more aggressive trolling of some /b/tards on raids. But Anons are often amusing, intelligent, inspiring and occasionally even challenging in debate (toughens ones sensitive hide against trolling and gratuitous negativity). It's particularly fascinating when you consider the effort they put into participation that will never gain them any individual attention or a cult following, and which will vanish into the 404 ether within a day at most. In some ways it's like shortwave pirate radio: the noise can make it difficult to sort out complex messages; and unless it's recorded, it vanishes into a haze of speculative anecdotes that occasionally misinterpret the zeitgeist.

We followed an extensive meta-humor thread on /tv/ Monday morning that was hilarious. It consisted of one Anon uploading a couple dozen spoof movie summaries written in the style of comedian Yakov Smirnoff's broken Russo-English ("In Soviet Russia, radio listen to YOU"), while the rest of us looked on in appreciative amusement. A couple of fractured tales about the Beatles battling ABBA were also very funny. We swiped this one, a spoof of the children's already creepy and bizarre TV show LazyTown, as internet pirates:

We are the Pirates

All the people of LazyTown were make a lazy.

Suddenly, Pirates made their danube across the ocean!

"Don't make your lazies!" shout Captain Pirate, "Join us in our piratings!"

The Pirates jumped into LazyTown and began to Pirate!

"It's nice to make pirate!" say Stephanie, and she turned to a Pirate!

Soon, all the Lazys stopped making their lazy and turned to Pirates!

The Pirates all went over to Computer.

"Of Computer to a new type of piratings!" say Sportacus, and he insert a disc through the Computer and began to extract the internets!

"Is goodly to extract many internets!" say Stephanie, and she made a stealing from many movies!

The music notes began to danube around, as the pirates owned the whole of internets!

Suddenly, the internet companies noticed that the internet was being made extracted!

"Our internets are being extracted from LazyTown!" boam the people who want to go internets.

The internets made 404 of their error.

The people were annoy at no internets, and made a sending nuke to LazyTown.

"Maybe we should have not made our stealings their detection!" shout Captain Pirate, as the nuke to collide LazyTown and a boom.

-by Anonymous (LazyTown photo remix by BNtP)

Audio of the now: On /mu/ we found an original music critique thread that included a few links relevant to our interests: experimental audio and sound collages. In particular we liked the industrial noise collages in Pray, Repent, Receive by solo artist Cretin Dilettante (aka Dustin Sheehan). This sort of thing isn't for every listener, but if you appreciate the sound design that goes into the soundtracks for movies and some dramatic TV shows (imagine the foley and sound design work of a David Lynch film minus Angelo Badalamenti's music) you'll probably enjoy it. We also liked the more accessible musical sensibility in Anklebiter by daszwolftehaus. It's his only piece currently on SoundCloud but we hope he'll pursue more of this melding of music and ambient noise.

Video of the now: At Lazytown, YOU ARE A PIRATE!!!

*/adv/ was split about 50/50 on whether RP should ease up off the bunnyman. We'll see. Pretty much depends on the bunny mob's own fondness for melodrama, which is often too lulzy to ignore.

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