Sunday, April 17, 2011

Radio Paranoia Sunday Funnies

Guise Faux is snoozing late. Our own li'l Dea Fauxnette is posting today's column. She doesn't see too well so pretend these are good, m'kay?

Tales of Radio Paranoia Sunday Funnies

This one goes out to father Poet. Testify, Father, testify! Darn those socks!

(With apologies to John Cox for our remix of his original cartoon. Darned pirates. No respect for copyrights.)

This one's for Ragnar, who seems like a dog person. No good deed goes unpunished, buddy!

And last but not least, for Peerless Leader himself. There's no bawwwness like show bawwwness.

L'il Dea ain't no h8r, who luvs ya baybee, c u l8r!


  1. OMG!

    I think I peed just a little-



  2. Exxxxxcellllllllennnntt!

  3. Finally! I thought I was being ignored on this site.


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