Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Funnies - Princess Deatrice style!

Guise Faux has yet to return from setting up a new station in Berserkistan. Our own Princess Deatrice posts the Sunday Funnies from the UK where she's celebrating the Royal Wedding.

Doesn't her hat look lovely!

Say it, bitches... her hat looks lovely! Don't make us Morris Dance on your ass, 'cuz we'll do it.

Sunday Funnies with Princess Deatrice

Hello, Darlings! We could scarcely break away from champagne, endless parties with the Royals and snoggling with our dearest heart, Gwynplaine. He's not much to look at, I'm told, and such a joker, but what do I care... I'm quite blindly in love!

But duty calls and Father Poet tells us that our good friend Kracker wishes all to realize that "bitches don't know 'bout his 1337 h4xx0r skilz". We have no earthly idea at all what that means. But we're told that ever since Kracker snitched out another pirate while having a tantrum during the infamouse Summer 2008 pirate war, he's become quite repentant and developed a sense of humour and humility about himself. Well done, good sir! This week's Sunday Funnies are dedicated to Kracker, a true madman of the airwaves and never more deserving than now of this special Tale of Radio Paranoia.

kracker said...
"goof ball... why escalate schit, this makes you of a higher caliber? Try actually thinking about it man, whats this prove? I had hoped you were more intelligent than this. Son, I am disappoint very disappointed. so you gonna take me on too? You gonna beat everyone up in cyber space? guess what man just because you win a gold medal in the special Olympics doesn't mean a retart is me your no longer retarded. Because thats exactly what cyber piddeling is, now if you want to play hard ball lets hack each others sites.. That will really prove something.. Good day"
From: The Crystal Ship blog

He's even famouse on /b/...

Blog of the Now: Princess Beatrice's Hat!

Subtle, nuanced wit of the Now: (If only we could be half as amusing... oh, yes, we already are.)


  1. Something more I expected; yes?

  2. "we're told that ever since Kracker snitched out another pirate while having a tantrum during the infamouse Summer 2008 pirate war, he's become quite repentant and developed a sense of humour and humility about himself."

    Dea dahhhling ... I know your eyesight is poor, but not sure how you missed this one: All the info Industry Canada needs in one neat, compact package. I guess old habits die hard.

    And that Kracker ... such a charmer. But you can tell he misses that jailhouse lovin soooooooo much.

  3. Kracker regularly gets pissed off at people, mostly for no intelligent reason. The RJI link is no different and certainly doesn't make the guy a pirate.

  4. ahhhh ... someone deserves to be outed becuase they can't prove they are a pirate ... because, well what idiot can prove they are a pirate??? Or an aborted pirate, as was the case here. Isn't that the same "logic" that led to the spore "incident"?

    BTW, Kracker was clearly told that this person was not a ham, and intended to use the tx in the pic for pirate transmissions (I have seen the screen shots of the confrontation). But he left the post up anyway.

    If it smells like a rat ...

  5. "Kracker regularly gets pissed off at people, mostly for no intelligent reason."

    True, bless his pointy li'l haid, and thank Bob for that or we'd soon run short of lulz.

    "The RJI link is no different and certainly doesn't make the guy a pirate."

    I learned awhile ago to never assume I or anyone else knew who was or was not a pirate. I've received unexpected QSLs directly from ops, not via any mail drop, and in some cases was surprised to realize that these guys were not "merely" listeners. One of those was an op whose identity and location were exposed by Kracker during one of his frequent tantrums.

    But that's free speech. Kracker is free to do his thing. We're free to ROFLMAO over it.

  6. okay ... I think I've got this figured out.
    Free speech people like free radio because it provides a backup in case of a government crackdown. We should defend those who out pirates because it is also free speech, and drives people from the hobby, and reduces the number of free stations ... wait ... I've lost it again ...

  7. Kracker is just a reject from the CB band,where this kind of KKK crap and red neck hill billy BS is the norm.I imagine we will be reading about him one day in the paper after he finally TOTALLY loses it and guns down 35 immigrants in a grocery store and then blows his own brains out.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA where he is free to roam the streets. In any other sane country they would have double tapped this piece of shit at birth.

  8. This is a man with some fine qualities, none of which are redeeming. And on top of being a complete loser, he revolves his free time around getting blitzed and arguing with people on the internet, and then proceeds tells them that arguing with people on the internet is like winning the special Olympics. And as a testimony to his vast intelligence, apparently doesn't realize that he is doing so himself.

    Well, happy liver failure!

  9. Looks like he decided to play the 'child molester' card on me already-
    New eQSL from Radio Jamba Dumas?

    Makes ya wonder where else he can go now; he can't spell, and he's now used up his 'big gun'.
    I say it's 'projection'.

  10. Brown Nose the PirateMay 7, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    Krackwhore's FRN comment on May 7, 2011, 1624 UTC shows how clueless he is. He wrote:

    "bwahahaha your funny, so now your trying to expose a pirate op nice work."

    Nice try, "pally". Sounds like he's lost some more memory retention brain cells. Krackwhore posted these photos of himself online. This happysnap of the court jester on a throne was posted to the FRN in 2009 by the goon hisself, along with some photos of hisself sitting on a beer keg. This was December 2009. Either he or a mod later deleted the photo, but one of Krackwhore's own friends circulated copies of the pix for the lulz.

    Since the summer 2008 "pirate war", the only person who's exposed pirates (yeah, plural, more than one) is Kracker himself.

  11. Anxiously waiting my next dose of Radio Paranoia! C'mon dude, let's get krackin'!
    It's been more than a week!

    I'm addicted. Starting to shake a little...

  12. Kracker sitting between the Underpants Gnomes? They've outsmarted him again.


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