Monday, May 23, 2011

Crapture weekend

Crapture weekend seems to best describe May 20th-22nd, 2011, at least from the limited perspective of radio aficionados. Harold Camping's prediction for a May 21st rapture didn't match the timetable of El Señor. The HFU experienced down time and the FRN upped the ante with major fail. Apparently only their web servers were eligible for the Pearly Gates. And propagation still sucks. Once again we couldn't hear even the faintest trace of a carrier from WBNY's mighty Grenade or Corsair.

But first, our best wishes for a speedy recovery to those in the Joplin, Missouri area, which was devastated by a deadly tornado over the weekend. Joplin is where the server for the FRN is located, which probably explains why the site went down Sunday. We also hope FRN site owner John Cruzan is doing well.

Speaking of the Fabulous Rabbit Nuthugger's personal vanity site being down, we noticed that after a temporary outage in the HF Underpants site Saturday, the bunny mafia was so excited it/they/he couldn't decide which socks to wear for dancing on the HFU's grave. One of RP's sekrit squirrels inside the FRN spied a thread crowing about the HFU's outage that was first attributed to the Prime Minister, (probably a bit of carelessness in the heat of preparing some crow au gratin) which was deleted and replaced by the same post from Officious Pus Release, which was also deleted and finally replaced by Commander Bunny's post declaring "I SHUT DOWN THE HF UNDERPANTS!" "I SHAT MY OWN UNDERPANTS!" We're guessing the first two socks had too many holes for the bunnyman's Holy War against the Underpants Gnomes.

Only a rage comic can do justice to how the bunnyman must feel now that his personal cult site is as dysfunctional as the loopy fur between his floppy ears. But we all know rage comics always end the same way: FFFFFUUUU-

Fortunately, His Hareness still has his own hutch where he keeps fans updated with useful information.

El Señor Major, The Big Mister, The Great Ineffable One, has His own unearthly timetable - and it ain't UTC. So WYFR is back to reruns, with occasional sheepish sounding updates from an announcer (no word from Bro Camping as of Sunday). We at RP don't take much pleasure in pot shots at the Bro. We listen to his programs occasionally and for all the recent fuss, we find him to be somnolent at best and, at worst, no more guilty than many other prognosticators in sleuthing the sooth about the grand finale. (Note to self: Work in a Fin de siècle joke - that dream Saturday night about a shark riding a unicycle through the ocean must bode well for our destiny as the next Nostradamus.)

  1. Predict Furpocalypse
  2. ???
  3. Prophet!!!
'Til next we meet, brethren, this monkey's gone to heaven. And if Kim Deal is there to play and sing, it will be heavenly!


  1. Happily, John Cruzan has communicated that he and his family are safe and unharmed in Joplin!
    FRN founder safe

  2. Excellent commentary by Father Poet on his blog today: FRN founder safe. He's far more tactful than I would have been had I written more directly on CB's dissembling.

  3. Excellent news about John!

    I recall in previous years when CB would proclaim (in a now deleted FRN thread) "I'm going back underground!" when the minions were not properly supporting him due to a perceived "nasty attack".

    CB - it might be time to go back underground again. Continue to produce and air your fine quality shows, but your self-induced angst is getting tiresome for the rest of us.

  4. @Guise
    Well, I didn't mean to be...


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